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March 15, 1793 Pay of the Troops at Fort Washington Caleb Swan Joseph Howell Swan declares that he has dispatched $30,752.33 to Daniel Britt for the pay of all the troops, including the staff, at Fort Washington and its dependencies for August through December 1792. $1310 was sent to Capt. Isaac Guion at Gallipolis for the pay of himself and his detachment for the same period.
July 25, 1795 Explanation for not paying various militias William Simmons Ebenezer Sproat Articulates to Lt. Col. Sprout the reasons why he will not pay the militias of Marietta, Bellpree, and Waterford.
April 30, 1796 Ebenezer Sproat's Account William Simmons Ebenezer Sproat Discusses the settlement of Sproat's account.
September 4, 1795 Forwards claims for reimbursement William Simmons Richard Harrison Forwards Capt. De Hebecourt's claims for reimbursement to Richard Harrison.
May 8, 1796 Punctuality Respecting Quarterly Transmissions Caleb Swan William Simmons Swan pledges to be punctual in responding to Simmons' directions respecting the quarterly transmissions of his accounts and vouchers. He would have sent them sooner but the men who ply between Limestone and Gallipolis have the kind of reputation that prevents them from being charged with papers of importance.
January 26, 1796 Receipts for the Pay of D'Hebecourt's Detachment Francis D'Hebecourt William Simmons D'Hebecourt sends to Simmons the receipts for pay of the men of his detachment.
February 12, 1796 Receipt Rolls Received William Simmons Francis De Hebecourt Informs Capt. De Hebecourt in the Northwest Territory that the receipt rolls for him and his men have been received.
May 19, 1796 Submission of Receipt Roll of Detachment of Militia Francis D'Hebecourt William Simmons Sends receipt and rolls of detachment militia under his command.
April 10, 1792 Protection of Frontiers Winthrop Sargent Henry Knox Request for money to pay militia and spies employed to protect settlements from Indians. Enclosed copy of letter from Sargent to Wilkinson.
January 7, 1792 Defensive Measures Along the Northwestern Territory Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Secretary Knox believes that the defense of the frontiers demands instant attention and asks about defensive measures being taken in Kentucky, Muskinghum and Galliapolis, and Pittsburgh.
February 10, 1796 Muster and Payroll of D'Hebecourt's Detachment Francis D'Hebecourt William Simmons D'Hebecourt encloses muster and payrolls of his detachment of militia from October 1795 to February 1796. The money should be delivered to Messrs Wheelen & Miller in Philadelphia.
November 24, 1792 Necessity of Troop Readiness and Adequate Stores; Concern for Pay of Troops Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Knox warns Wayne not to construct anything that is not absolutely necessary to the comfort of the troops who should be instantly ready to march should the military necessity arise. All steps are being taken to ensure that the necessary stores are available to the Legion and that local citizens are adequately protected so that calling out State militias will not be necessary. Payment of the troops...
June 20, 1795 Enclosed Money Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Enclosed advanced money due Colonel Thomas Butler for use by the Indian Department. Money drawn for Francis D'hebecourt
March 25, 1795 Defense of Settlements and Rations Timothy Pickering Ebenezer Sproat Advised Sproat to seek advice regarding the defense of settlements from General Putnam if Gov. St. Clair is absent. Pickering enclosed his thoughts on the subject.
February 1, 1796 Financial Information Isaac Craig James McHenry Enclosed general return of stores and abstract of expenditures, vouchers sent to Treasury under cover of packets addressed to Sec. of War.
October 6, 1791 Request to Forward Letter John Stagg Isaac Craig Inquiry into missing clothing for Capt. Buell's company. Orders to forward enclosed letter to lieutenants of several counties.
April 28, 1797 Payment for the Scouts of Washington County Peter Hagner Francis D'Hebecourt Payment for the Scouts of Washington County made to John Davis, merchant of Philadelphia, attorney to Charles Green, substitute to Col. Sproat, attorney to the Scouts
June 19, 1795 Invoice of Stores, Attack on Ohio Mail Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Enclosed invoice for sundry articles requested with prices list. Report of an attack on the mail boat by Indians, the commander of the boat was killed.
November 24, 1792 President's Opinion on Frontier Protection Henry Knox Henry Lee Discussed President's opinion for protecting frontier using Block Houses and how to staff them. Updates on General Wayne.
January 1, 1795 Employment of Militia, Spies, and Scouts Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox Extended occupation of militia in Washington County for the protection of the settlers. Letter regarding the employment of scouts and spies via order by Col. Sproat was received, it was the first evidence St. Clair received of Sproat's authority on that issue. St. Clair assumed that authorization go directly through the executive authority of the Territory.
[not available] Draft Statement of the Account and Credit of Isaac Craig [not available] [not available] A draft examination of the accounts of Major Issac Craig. There are numerous edits on the document.
November 24, 1792 Increased Troops Henry Knox Lieut. Thomas Wilson Notification of letter from counties received and taken under advisement by President. Troops to increase in number for protection of frontier. Scouts and rangers to provide intelligence on Indians.
April 13, 1792 Updates on Officers and Contracts Isaac Craig Henry Knox Copy of oaths and receipts of Cummings and Butler. Routes and destinations of officers and boats. Notification that Craig contracted for the building of boats, received Knox orders to contract with Turnbull and Marnie.
April 6, 1793 Need for Scouts on the Frontier; Forthcoming Banners, Pay & Commissions Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Knox again emphasizes the need for scouts on the frontier. He defends the promotion of Lt. Col. Clarke ahead of some of the other officers. Silk standards left over from the previous war will be made available to the Legion for the coming campaign. The month's pay and commissions are being transported.
May 19, 1790 Regarding French colony on the Scioto Alexander Hamilton Arthur St. Clair Hamilton discusses the establishment of a French colony on the Scioto, headed by John Joseph de Barth. This is within the limits of the Manasseh Cutler and Winthrop Sargent purchase. Hamilton expresses support for this endeavor, stating that settlement should be from abroad rather than at the entire expense of the Atlantic population. Recommends troops for their protection and notes that Henry...