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March 6, 1793 Request for Information on Bar Iron Tench Coxe Henry Knox Cover letter regarding: Fear of all bar iron being used for ship ballast, Christie requests amount needed by the United States so it can be purchased before supplies are depleted.
August 22, 1791 Account of Gabriel Peterson Joseph Howell William Simmons The United States in account with Gabriel Peterson, late lieutenant in the 8th and 2nd Regiments of Pennsylvania.
August 25, 1786 Depreciation of money John Pierce Gabriel Allen Responds to the claim of Gabriel Allen respecting depreciation of money
December 7, 1799 Petition Peter Mildeberger [not available] Encloses a recommendation by multiple authors dated 12/04/1799.
September 25, 1798 George Salmon on Maryland's Congressional Elections of 1798 George Salmon James McHenry George Salmon surveys the impending Congressional elections of 1798 in Maryland for James McHenry. Salmon notes that "party spirit rages every where and with great violence." He also says that "parties [presumably party politics] are beyond anything ever before known." According to Salmon, "the election begins next Monday and disagreeable consequences may be expected" in Maryland. Salmon calls...
October 9, 1796 News of the Day William Vans Murray James McHenry Murray writes a breezy, friendly letter to McHenry, in which he discusses local politics, and general news.
July 27, 1786 Cited letter or document, Gabriel Allen to John Pierce Gabriel Allen John Pierce Cited in Pierce to Allen, 08/25/1786
June 3, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Campbell Smith Simmons informs Smith to expect payment from Samuel Lewis.
July 5, 1796 My Return for July 1796, Etc. Edmund H. Quincy Samuel Hodgdon Quincy transmits his return for July 1796 as well as the receipts for articles delivered to Jeremiah Hill and Gabriel Hale.
October 7, 1798 Report from George Salmon to James McHenry on Maryland's Congressional Elections of 1798 George Salmon James McHenry Salmon discusses the Maryland Congressional elections of 1798 with James McHenry. Smith's interest among mechanics and militia will surmount all opposition. All merchants and people of fortune made every exertion much to their credit. Salmon notes that all that was required of him was his vote and private support. He notes astonishment at the numbers who would not interest themselves, even...
October 13, 1796 Regarding an Election William Vans Murray James McHenry Murray writes of the election results for members of Congress, and fears what will happen if the next President is not a Federalist.
[not available] Names and appointments in the United States Army James McHenry Unknown Recipient Names and appointments in the Army of the United States
[not available] [Military Roster] Unknown Author [not available] List of names of soldiers under James Wilkinson.
November 17, 1798 Money Due Mr. Furman for the Completion of the Batteries Ebenezer Stevens Alexander Hamilton Fifty thousand dollars loaned by the Corporation for the repair and improvements of the fortification of New York was expended and Stevens request more money to complete the remaining tasks and purchase of materials.
November 29, 1798 Request for Money to Pay Contractors, Merchants, and Engineers Ebenezer Stevens Alexander Hamilton None of the contractors, merchants, or engineers have been paid for their work on the fortifications in New York City. Stevens requested money to settle bills or some arrangement for Mr. Furman or Stevens to discharge bills. Those employed are wanting of money immediately due to the yellow fever outbreak that occurred during summer/fall of 1798.
April 24, 1786 Widow applying for pension Jonathan Nicholson Joseph Howell The author is verifying the Army service of James Wilson whose widow is applying for government benefits.
February 23, 1799 Defense of New York and the Neighboring Islands Ebenezer Stevens Alexander Hamilton Stevens provides his suggestions for bolstering the defense of New York City and the neighboring islands.
August 11, 1788 Payment of men of German Regiment Joseph Howell Jonathan Nicholson Lists the men of the German Regiment who received certificates for balance of pay.
June 23, 1798 Condition of Anchors Unfit for Frigates, Extra Supplies With Pennock Captain Thomas Truxtun James McHenry Truxtun had purchased a small quantity of slops just before a shipment of them arrived from Philadelphia. The extra have been placed under the care of Mr. Pennock where they can supply other ships. Truxtun has also left extra lanterns with Pennock. The ventilators have not arrived. The ship Constellation has too deep a draught to go into southern ports without removing guns. The ship lost one of...
November 23, 1785 Preliminary Speeches by Cherokee Headmen at Treaty of Hopewell [not available] [not available] Tassel of Chota. Refers to red people as the original people of the the land. Presents beads as confirmation of friendship. Refers to encroachment by whites on indian land. Recalls past treaties, then introduces War Woman of Chota, who says she is fond of hearing of peace. The commissioners ask for the boundary lines and Tassel agrees to provide it the following day. Unsuckanail, of New Cusse...
November 26, 1785 The Headmen Produce their Map and Tassel Addresses the Commissioners [not available] [not available] Discussion on the boundaries. Colonel Richard Henderson called a liar in his dealings. Commissioners point out that Henderson is dead and say that the country believes it has long since been sold. Tassel says it may be too late to recover the land. Commissioners refer to claims of people settled at Nashville Tennessee and the Chickasaws. Tassel and Tuskgahatchee wish to postpone the matter if the...
March 19, 1791 Instructions to the Secretary of War George Washington Henry Knox Prior to his trip through the southern states, President Washington relays to Knox instructions regarding proposed operations in the territories northwest and south of the Ohio River, and approves of Knox's prior proposals.
September 2, 1794 Individuals involved in Whiskey Rebellion Alexander Hamilton George Washington Secretary Hamilton writes President Washington on the details of the insurrection in Pennsylvania, later known as the Whiskey Rebellion. Hamilton includes the names of dozens of individuals involved in the event in one way or another. States that they defend their actions as "constitutional resistance," which Hamilton rejects entirely.
March 11, 1791 [Instructions to Colonel Thomas Procter] Henry Knox Thomas Procter Commissioned Procter to act as an emissary to the Miami and Wabash Indians and provided detailed instructions on his role in getting the tribes to come to Fort Washington to negotiate peace. Public will pay for all "reasonable expenses" related to negotiations. Proctor will receive a bonus of $500 if he can persuade the Miami and Wabash Nations to a treaty at Fort Washington.
February 1800 Arrangement of Officers Regimentally Alexander Hamilton [not available] Enclosure - List of names of regiments in infantry with each man's rank.