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May 29, 1797 Discussion of Launching of Frigate United States George Claghorn Josiah Fox Letter, discusses launching Frigate United States.
July 19, 1797 Regarding Algerian Frigate Josiah Fox James P. Catheart Letter, discusses Algerine Frigate.
March 26, 1798 Request to repair defects on frigate United States [not available] Joshua Humphreys Request that Humphreys have the defects on board frigate United States repaired in a short time and will as little expense as possible.
June 6, 1797 Discussion of Frigates United States, Constitution, & Constellation James McHenry Tench Francis Letter, asks for estimate of Frigate United States; discusses Frigates United States, Constitution and Constellation.
September 22, 1797 Sickness on the Frigate United States George Gillaspy William Simmons Discusses the medical situation onboard the Navy frigate U.S.S. United States. And personal matters in his friendship with Simmons and Hagner.
March 23, 1798 Request for Estimates of Defects in Decking of Frigate United States James McHenry Joshua Humphreys The captain of the frigate United States reported that the seams of its deck are opened. Humphreys is to survey the problems and write an estimate of the repairs costs.
March 31, 1798 Orders for Captain John Barry, commander frigate United States War Office Captain John Barry Instructions in reference to the laying in of the frigate United States.
June 7, 1797 Request for Estimate to Complete Frigate United States Josiah Fox Tench Francis Letter, asks for estimate to complete Frigate United States.
March 2, 1797 Transmission of Commission for Commander of Frigate United States John Stagg Captain John Barry Transmits to Barry his commission in the Navy of the United States, as commander of the frigate United States [1st of the original 6 frigates of the U.S. Navy].
May 27, 1799 Frigate United States Must Embark for Charleston from the Delaware Benjamin Stoddert [not available] Announces readiness of frigate United States, which can take a company of artillery to Charleston, but the men must embark from the Delaware.
March 31, 1798 Relocating the USS United States James McHenry Captain John Barry Asks the commanding officer on board the USS United States to relocate the frigate so it will no longer block traffic of merchant vessels.
March 26, 1798 Order to Commence Repairs on Frigate United States James McHenry Joshua Humphreys McHenry gives approval to begin repairs to frigate preparing ship for sea to police U.S. waters against French or other privateers.
March 31, 1798 Present Location of Frigate United States Impedes Movement of Merchant Vessels James McHenry Captain John Barry The frigate United States is blocking the coming and going to merchant vessels. McHenry suggests that it be moved to either one opposite the rope walks or some other place as soon as possible, unless to do so would be risky.
March 20, 1798 In response to House resolution, request for quantity and descriptions of materials remaining at the Navy Yard in Philadelphia after fitting frigate United States. [not available] Joshua Humphreys House of Representatives passed resolution requesting information on materials and apparatus left after fitting frigates United States, Constitution, and Constellation. Requests quantity and descriptions of materials remaining at the Navy Yard in Philadelphia after fitting frigate United States.
March 23, 1798 Report of frigate United States defects and request to repair [not available] Joshua Humphreys Captain John Barry of frigate United States reports seams are opened and oakum loosened. Humphreys is asked to oversee an estimate of repairs.
December 23, 1796 Report on the frigate "United States" Joshua Humphreys James McHenry Report on the state of the frigate "United States," now building in the port of Philadelphia. The frigate will likely be deployed to the Mediterranean to protect U.S. commerce against the hostile Algiers government and Barbary pirates.
April 10, 1800 Launching of the Frigate "President" W. W. Buchanan Samuel Hodgdon Buchanan discusses the launching of the frigate "President" and encourages adoption by the Army and Navy of a new form of tourniquet.
April 18, 1798 Regarding cannon from State of New York to be loaned for frigate United States [not available] John Jay Captain John Barry will proceed to New York to examine cannon on loan from New York state for frigate United States.
March 19, 1798 Request for frigate cannon from War Office to Governor John Jay of New York [not available] John Jay Iron for 24 pounder cannon for frigate United States found unfit. Request for loan of cannon procured by New York from foundry in Connecticut.
February 21, 1797 Twenty Four and Twelve Pound Shot for the Frigate United States James McHenry John Harris Harris should deliver to Mr. Humphreys, the naval constructor of the frigate "United States", one 24 and one 12 pound shot for the use of the frigate.
June 29, 1797 Hearth for the Frigate "United States" James McHenry John Harris "Please to deliver Mr. Francis the Purveyor the hearth for the frigate 'United States'."
February 8, 1798 Certification of payments; subsistence of Lieutenant John Halloway of the frigate United States William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $96.60 is due Lieutenant John Halloway of the frigate "United States", being for his subsistence from July 24, the date of his appointment, through December 1797.
July 3, 1798 Orders to Take Frigate United States to Sea with Instructions Benjamin Stoddert Captain John Barry Announces preparation of frigate United States to go to sea under Barry's command. Encloses specific instructions. Fears actions of French and requests readiness for any enterprise, expressing confidence in skill and bravery. Establishes mode of communication with the use of flags near the Capes of Delaware.
December 21, 1797 Certification of payments; men of the Frigate U.S.S. United States, commanded by Captain John Barry William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $772.47 is due the Officers, Petty Officers, Seamen and Marines on board the frigate "United States" commanded by Capt. John Barry, being the balance of their pay from the commencement of their service through November 1797, which sum is to be William MacRea, Lieutenant of Marines.
October 10, 1797 Medical update from the frigate U.S.S. United States George Gillaspy William Simmons Personal letter from Gillaspy, Surgeon's Mate, to Simmons. Gillaspy notes that he has not been well since he last saw Simmons. Mentions medical situation on the Navy frigate U.S.S. United States. One fellow has died. Gillaspy surmises that Simmons has heard about his fate. The old fellow gave several severe jerks. Gillaspy remains very weak, is unable to walk, speak, or eat...still tormented. He...