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1790 [An estimate of the expenses of scouts and rangers, for the protection of the frontiers lying along the Ohio, the Cumberland settlements, and the settlements upon and between the forks of Holston and French Broad rivers, for the year 1791] Henry Knox [not available] An estimate of the expenses of scouts and rangers, for the protection of the frontiers lying along the Ohio, the Cumberland settlements, and the settlements upon and between the forks of Holston and French Broad rivers, for the year 1791. Five men or Scouts to be averaged for each county, and the number of counties of division being estimated at 22.
March 1, 1789 Treaty with Creeks and Cherokees Richard Winn Henry Knox A treaty will take place with Cherokee Indians on the upper war-ford of French Broad River, in vicinity of Swananno, North Carolina. Supposes that Creek Indians will also treat.
November 28, 1785 Old Tassel's Map of Cherokee territorial claims The Tassel [not available] This document is a copy of the map drawn by Old Tassel to support Cherokee territorial claims at the Hopewell Treaty.
April 15, 1789 Talk of Badger, Cherokee Headman, about Treaty Badger Andrew Pickens A copy of the talk of Badger in representation of Cherokee headmen and warriors. Discussion of white prisoners. Fear of Mr. Ballow frequenting their land. Requests return of land. Encloses strand of beads as token of friendship.
December 8, 1788 McGillivray's influence; war on Georgia; Creek-Cherokee alliance Richard Winn Henry Knox Winn encloses and discusses McGillivray's letter and suggests that if the Indians don't come to the treaty, they mean war; will come down in great force on Georgia. Reports that a fort between the French Broad and Holston Rivers has been attacked and taken by Cherokees and Creeks. Ten were killed and thirty taken prisoner. War goes on between North Carolina and Cherokees. Believes that Alexander...
September 5, 1800 Disposition of Charles Wright's Pay, Etc. Edward Wright David Henley Wright asks that the one hundred dollars owed to the late Lieutenant Charles Wright be paid to his order despite the policy that prohibits sums less than five hundred dollars to be handled in this manner. He adds that he had a tiring journey from Knoxville and was detained eight days due to the high waters in French Broad. Sundry officers with their troops have arrived at Fort Wilkinson recently.
October 12, 1793 Long Sufferings of the People William Blount Henry Knox Blount reports that a large body of Indians has invaded the district of Washington resulting in losses of life and property. General Sevier has been ordered to pursue the invaders and perhaps ease the long sufferings of the people of the district.
September 5, 1800 Report from Edward Wright from Fort Wilkinson Edward Wright David Henley Reports on status of accounts, travels of officers, and the health of himself and family.
January 20, 1791 Settlements at the Yazoo John Armstrong Henry Knox Lieutenant Armstrong expresses his misgivings regarding the settlements by a number of "adventurers" on the Yazoo territory that seem to be contrary to the President's proclamation requiring the sanction of the government before such settlements could be authorized.
June 15, 1795 Extracts from a Conference Held with the Creeks in Savannah James Seagrove William Blount Lists proceedings of various treaties between Indian tribes and between tribes and United States related to hunting ground rights.
June 7, 1789 Seek to Establish Treaty with Cherokees Andrew Pickens [not available] Efforts to settle all disputes were thwarted when the Cherokees didn't show up at the appointed meeting spot, and they had to go meet the Creeks. Refers to line established at Senica.
June 15, 1789 Delay in Cherokee Arrival, Delayed Treaty Talks Andrew Pickens Headmen Cherokee Engagement with Creeks prompted commissioners to leave French [broad]River without settling treaty with Cherokees. Bad white men said words against Cherokee nation due to their absence at meeting location.
March 10, 1789 Meeting Arrangements for Another Peace Treaty Chiefs & Warriors of the Cherokee Nation Governor Samuel Johnston Chiefs of the Chicomogies in the Cherokee Nation sought to arrange a peace treaty meeting with U.S.
August 27, 1790 Instructions to Governor Blount Regarding the Treaty of Holston Henry Knox William Blount Henry Knox instructs Governor Blount on the President's policies on Indian affairs in the territory south of the Ohio River, especially regarding the Cherokee Indians. He also requests that Blount renegotiate the geographical boundaries of the treaty, and provides detailed instructions on the desired results. He tells Blount about the attack on Major Doughty's party by a small band of Indians,...
March 13, 1798 Enclosed Instructions for Pursuing Treaty with Cherokee Indians James McHenry [not available] Comformably to orders of President Adams, McHenry lays before the Senate, (addressed to Vice President Thomas Jefferson), detailed instructions on how to pursue treaty negotiations; copy of instructions to George Walton and Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Butler, Commissioners; Talk of President Adams to Chiefs and Warriors of Cherokee Nation; journal of proceedings of commissioners appointed to hold...
September 6, 1790 Documents for William Blount Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Enclosed documents for Blount, new governor of territory ceded by North Carolina. Details of location included. Includes proclamations by President Washington concerning Indian treaties.
August 30, 1796 French movements on the frontier Zebulon M. Pike Thomas Pasteur Concerning French movements on the frontier and their relations with Indians.
February 11, 1784 Murders in the Cumberland Gap Alexander Martin Joseph Martin Governor Martin (of North Carolina) directs an investigation into murders committed in the Cumberland Gap. He states that if Cherokee or Chickamauga Indians are responsible a military expedition will be sent into their nation to obtain "satisfaction" unless they surrender the murderers. Directs that squatters be ordered off Indian Lands. Discusses an agreement between Spain and the Delaware...
March 21, 1791 Campaign against Northwest Indians Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Knox writes St. Clair - Governor of Northwest Territory - regarding the government's Indian policies in the territory northwest of the Ohio River and the forthcoming campaign against the hostile Indian tribes.
November 26, 1785 The Headmen Produce their Map and Tassel Addresses the Commissioners [not available] [not available] Discussion on the boundaries. Colonel Richard Henderson called a liar in his dealings. Commissioners point out that Henderson is dead and say that the country believes it has long since been sold. Tassel says it may be too late to recover the land. Commissioners refer to claims of people settled at Nashville Tennessee and the Chickasaws. Tassel and Tuskgahatchee wish to postpone the matter if the...
February 17, 1798 Coalition of French, Americans, and Indians William Sargent Samuel Hodgdon Among the many topics discussed using his typically impenetrable handwriting, Sargent mentions a rupture in the settlements along the Mississippi and a probable coalition of French, Americans, and Indians above the Ohio.
April 13, 1794 French Expedition Against the Floridas Henry Gaither Henry Knox The French Sloop of War "La Casas," with 18 guns and 200 men is anchored off the coast near Gaither's fort, having sailed recently from Charleston South Carolina. There are reports of a recruiting post at Temple, up the St. Mary's River. Others report that the French claim they have sufficient force to take the Floridas. Gaither has taken defensive measures.
June 15, 1798 Order of Operations for Provisional Army; French Forces in Florida James Ross James McHenry Speaks of order of operations in the provisional army. Mentions French forces in Florida.
May 7, 1797 Expresses Concern about Attitude toward French William Hindman James McHenry Reports recent change of attitude toward the French. Expresses his own opinion about the French.
June 27, 1796 Summation of Conversation and Treaty with Great Britain over Land Holdings Anthony Wayne James McHenry Wayne recounted the discussion with Brackenridge and other Emissaries.