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November 5, 1792 Return of Persons Killed, Wounded, and Taken Prisoner William Blount [not available] A return of persons killed, wounded, and taken prisoners, from Miro District, since the 1st of January 1791.
October 21, 1786 Instructions and Rules for Inlisting Men in Virginia, Secretary at War Henry Knox [not available] Instructions from the Secretary at War to the senior officer of the troops to be raised by act of Congress in Virginia.
June 29, 1798 The Prospect of War, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon John Wilkins, Jr. Among sundry supply matters, Hodgdon discusses the prospect of war [with France} and hopes that Americans will conduct themselves like men determined to be free.
February 14, 1798 Money and I Have Become Strangers Jeremiah Fischer Samuel Hodgdon After a seige of nine months, Fischer finds himself so debilitated as to be rarely able to walk across the room. He and money have become strangers so he asks Hodgdon to settle his account. He has promised to pay a Negro Dunn on the morrow but, like all Dutchmen, Dunn's heart is rarely touched with the finer feelings of humanity. Fischer has not one dollar in his house at the present time.
November 7, 1794 Wheelin & Miller's Magazine at Frankfort John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Tench Francis informs the Secretary of War that Wheelin and Miller will receive in their magazine at Frankfort, free of expense, the [illegible].
October 1, 1793 Information on Negro Rebellion Henry Knox Henry Lee Secretary Knox was informed by Thomas Holt of Virginia that some Negros planned to "rise in rebellion." Conveys this information to Governor Lee of Virginia. Letter is partially illegible.
September 8, 1794 Fortification on Cape Fear River Nicholas Martinan Henry Knox Nicholas Martinon transmits the plans concerning the fort of the Cape Fear River, including details of the workers (which include several black men)
May 3, 1793 Deposition of James Aikin [Aiken] given to William Stephens, Mayor of Savannah Geogia, regarding the aftermath of robbery and murder at Traders Hill on St Marys James Aiken [not available] Copy of deposition given by James Aikin [Aiken], a resident of Creek Nation. Aikins left the Creek Nation when there was no probability of compliance with James Seagrove's demands to turn over the perpetrators of the robbery and murder at Seagrove's brother's store at Traders Hill, St Marys. Aikins notes that the Creeks planned to give up the plunder until Seagrove demanded the perpetrators....
May 22, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Richard S. Blackburn Simmons informs Blackburn to expect payment from Edward Carrington.
March 16, 1798 Orders for Lieutenant of Marines on frigate Constellation War Office Lieutenant of Marines Orders for the Lieutenant of Marines on board the frigate Constellation. Includes instructions for recruiting.
April 29, 1793 Extracts from depositions indicating likelihood of general war, construction and garrisoning of blockhouses, and measures taken to secure help from Governor of South Carolina Governor Edward Telfair Henry Knox Georgia Governor Telfair cites some depositions [extracts follow letter] which he says support notion that a general war is imminent with Creeks and Cherokees. Is building and garrisoning block houses. These he considers expedients until the President of United States General George Washington can better provide protection for the settlers. Plans to coordinate with governor of South Carolina...
March 13, 1790 Indian Attacks Henry Jones Jonathan Brown Details of Indian attacks and murders, fear of increase in hostilities the following spring.
November 25, 1797 Notification on Recruiting Account Frederick Frye William Simmons William Simmons informs Capt. Frye that his recruiting account is free from error.
February 1, 1799 Reports Navigation is Open; Will Send Shipments Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Pleased to learn that navigation is now free and that stores for lower posts can be forwarded. Ensign Cook's letter will be forwarded.
June 8, 1796 Captain Chapin discusses Indian affairs with Secretary at War Israel Chapin Jr James McHenry Letter, describes goods for Six Nations annuity; alludes to Treaty of 1794; discusses Indians and Indian life; informs re Britsh preparations to leave Niagara garrison; mentions free passage of boats.
April 20, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Peter A. Dransy Simmons informs Dransy to expect payment from Nicolas Fish.
February 26, 1794 Claims for Services of Negroes in the Rhode Island Line Joseph Howell Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Howell encloses a list of all claims for services of Negroes in the Rhode Island line, the amount of each to average about $330.
November 10, 1797 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Major Craig William Simmons Isaac Craig William Simmons informs Major Craig that all records are complete and subsequently passed to his credit.
April 21, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Nehemiah Freeman Simmons provides Freeman a balance of his account.
May 15, 1785 Resolution, Indian Commissioners Charles Thomson [not available] Appointment of commissioners for treating with Northern Indians.
May 15, 1799 Requests Inspection of Blocks for Cartouch Boxes Samuel Hodgdon John Harris The Secretary of War has requested the inspection of blocks made by Mr. Fraley for cartouche boxes. These must be distinctly boxed and free from cracks, and the must be properly sized.
June 7, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Robert Rowan Simmons informs Rowan that a warrant for his pay was issued to W. B. Grove. Simmons directs Rowan to submit an account current.
May 14, 1798 Cost of Fuel George T. Ross William Simmons Ross has asked for seven dollars per cord allotment for fuel even though the price has been as high as twenty dollars in Philadelphia. Ross therefore is not sure how much he is entitled to but Simmons should feel free to alter his allotment in whatever manner he deems just.
November 5, 1798 Account of Lieutenant Horatio Dayton with the United States Horatio R. Dayton [not available] Account for attending court martial at Trenton New Jersey upon Captain Lewis.
September 30, 1796 Misled by the Advice of a Gentleman George Pfeiffer Samuel Hodgdon Pfeiffer explains the fact that he overstepped the limits prescribed to officers as to the amount of baggage and stores allowed to go free. He was misled by the advice of a gentleman who has long been in the Army and ought to have known better. He advised Pfeiffer to lay in as large a quantity of stores as possible. He will be glad to pay the carriage himself for any small parcels that have yet...