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January 12, 1796 Pay of D'Hebecourt's Detachment Francis D'Hebecourt William Simmons D'Hebecourt informs Simmons that he will pay his men and send Simmons their receipts.
February 12, 1796 Receipt Rolls Received William Simmons Francis De Hebecourt Informs Capt. De Hebecourt in the Northwest Territory that the receipt rolls for him and his men have been received.
January 26, 1796 Receipts for the Pay of D'Hebecourt's Detachment Francis D'Hebecourt William Simmons D'Hebecourt sends to Simmons the receipts for pay of the men of his detachment.
April 14, 1797 Letter Citation Francis D'Hebecourt Peter Hagner Cited in Hagner to D'Hebecourt, 04/28/1797.
August 14, 1795 Letter Citation Francis D'Hebecourt William Simmons Cited in Simmons to D'hebecourt 09/05/1795
May 19, 1796 Submission of Receipt Roll of Detachment of Militia Francis D'Hebecourt William Simmons Sends receipt and rolls of detachment militia under his command.
August 14, 1799 Pay of Detachment Protecting Gallipolis Francis D'Hebecourt William Simmons D'Hebecourt acknowledges receipt of $1,993.27, being for the pay of himself and the detachment of militia under his command called into service for the protection of Gallipolis from October 11, 1794 until April 30, 1795.
October 20, 1795 The Rolls of My Detachment of Militia, Etc. Francis D. Hebecourt William Simmons Enclosed are the rolls of Hebecourt's detachment of militia. He has been power of attorney so asked to be paid the amount for two month's service and he will immediately forward the receipts of his men.
March 4, 1796 Cited Document William Simmons Francis D'Hebecourt Cited in D'Hebecourt to Simmons, 04/22/1796.
January 20, 1796 Cited Document Francis De Hebecourt William Simmons Cited in Simmons to De hebecourt 02/12/1795
July 6, 1795 Pay of Captain Francis Dhebecourt and Militia William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $1,933.27 is due Captain Francis D'hebecourt and a detachment of Militia under his command, being their pay for service in the defense of the settlement of Gallipolis, Ohio from October 1794 through April 1795.
April 22, 1796 Forwarding of Money for Pay of Militia Francis D'Hebecourt William Simmons Regarding directions to Mr. Wheelen and Mr. Miller to forward money of militia. Will set out to Gallipolis to pay men; receipts to be forwarded.
June 11, 1796 Receipts under examination William Simmons Francis De Hebecourt Acknowledges receipt of De Hebecourt's "receipt roll" which will be examined and any credit placed to his account on the War Department books.
February 10, 1796 Muster and Payroll of D'Hebecourt's Detachment Francis D'Hebecourt William Simmons D'Hebecourt encloses muster and payrolls of his detachment of militia from October 1795 to February 1796. The money should be delivered to Messrs Wheelen & Miller in Philadelphia.
September 5, 1795 Confirms receipt of pay records William Simmons Francis D'Hebecourt Confirms receipt of a letter from Capt. D'Hebecourt containing the pay records for the militia of Gallipolis.
June 20, 1795 Enclosed Money Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Enclosed advanced money due Colonel Thomas Butler for use by the Indian Department. Money drawn for Francis D'hebecourt
September 4, 1795 Forwards claims for reimbursement William Simmons Richard Harrison Forwards Capt. De Hebecourt's claims for reimbursement to Richard Harrison.
March 24, 1797 Payment for Troops Isaac Craig James McHenry Letter regarding claim of militia at Gallipolis for rations and provisions delivered by Doc. Petit. Craig will settle accounts with Capt. D'Hebecourt, but requests additional information on dates of service/disbandment of militia.
July 24, 1789 Certification for entitled land John Nicholson Unknown Recipient Certifies that George Francis was a sergeant in the 1st Pennsylvania Regiment is entitled to lands. Francis was discharged from service at the conclusion of the Revolutionary War. Francis places his signature on the document.
April 28, 1797 Payment for the Scouts of Washington County Peter Hagner Francis D'Hebecourt Payment for the Scouts of Washington County made to John Davis, merchant of Philadelphia, attorney to Charles Green, substitute to Col. Sproat, attorney to the Scouts
December 15, 1797 Supply Order for Tench Francis James McHenry John Harris Order for armaments and ammunition to be delivered to Tench Francis, Purveyor.
December 27, 1794 Money for Tench Francis Tench Coxe Alexander Hamilton The Commissioner of the Revenue writes that Tench Francis requires $35,000 cash for various government expenditures.
March 29, 1797 Permission for Tench Francis to Examine Cannon Balls John Stagg John Harris The Secretary of War wants Harris to permit Mr. Francis to examine and prove whatever number of iron cannon balls Francis thinks proper. He wants a number of them for a particular use and, if these answer, an order should be given for their delivery.
December 9, 1800 Settlement account of Tench Francis William Simmons Thomas W. Francis Settling account of Tench Francis, delayed due to the fire in the War Department
April 10, 1792 Account of Francis Bevier Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Account of Francis Bevier, surgeon's mate in the 7th Massachusetts Regiment, for pay.