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May 2, 1792 Recommending William Mumford to Knox [not available] Henry Knox Letter recommends bearer, William Mumford, who had been employed in public service in Rhode Island but is now out of work.
August 19, 1798 Candidate for Appointment in the Army Bezaleel Howe Alexander Hamilton Howe makes his case for an appointment in the Provisional Army.
September 4, 1798 Contract between Wolcott and Brown for manufacture of muskets [not available] Elisha Brown Articles of agreement between Oliver Wolcott and Elisha Brown of Rhode Island for manufacture of 1000 stands of arms or muskets, complete with bayonets and ramrods and fit for service. To be made after the Charleville model and delivered at Providence Rhode Island.
July 10, 1795 Goods and Invoices Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Forwards invoices and returns and summarizes the state of the stores, particularly goods intended for Indian tribes.
January 17, 1797 Report From Committee of Claims on Petition of Cherokee Chief Widow Dwight Foster House of Representatives 4th Congress, Second Session. No. 73. Request for provisions and compensation by widow of Scolacuttaw, or Hanging Maw. Widow claimed John Beard and other armed men attacked her home and killed her husband. Committee of Claims expressed difficulty in advising the House of Representatives action due to mutual hostilities between Cherokees and settlers of Tennessee. Policy for future...
February 14, 1792 Wilkinson discusses crimes in the village of Cincinnati James Wilkinson Henry Knox Letter, discusses violence against civil magistrate in Cincinnati.
December 26, 1793 Barbarous and Treacherous Murders William Blount Henry Knox Blount reports on the murder of two peaceful Cherokees by villainous North Carolinians who tried to transfer the blame for their barbarous acts to the people of the territory south of the Ohio. It is important to note that no citizens of North Carolina have been killed by Indians since the Treaties of New York and Holston.
January 21, 1799 Explains Nominations who did not Pass James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Encloses list of names submitted by the General to the Senate. Comments on several men who have not accepted the nomination or were not approved. Intends to follow guidelines for ranks by schedule.
1792 Great Worth of Yourself and Your People William Blount Piamingo Governor Blount, governor of American territory south of the Ohio River and Superintendent of Indian Affairs, assures Piamingo of the appreciation of the United States for the Chickasaw people and his hope that they will join the impending campaign against the western Indians.
September 8, 1795 Copy of Letter from David Henley to Oliver Wolcott on Indian Affairs; conduct of militia; commercial dealings with Indians David Henley Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Henley reports that he has forwarded accounts of John Overturn, agent for Indian supplies, has forwarded goods to Chickasaws and Choctaws . Henley is critical of the militia; acting without orders; trying to draw their 25 cents, and instances of misconduct. Henley has clarified militia pay. Abuses commited in the district are great; has confirmed this with affadavits of disinterested persons....
December 12, 1795 Report of the Secretary of War of the measures taken for opening a trade with the Indians. Henry Knox [not available] Details on allocation of funds to be expended to foster trade with Indians along with speculation on why peace with Indians occurred. Pickering felt that none of the Indian tribes would benefit from the trade agreements forged with the U.S. Believed that trading posts needed to be established on the Mississippi river.
December 4, 1795 Supplies and Payment Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Arrival and departures of several detachments. Noted happiness in paying for horses destroyed during transport. Notification that he has drawn on Hodgdon to discharge various expenses. Requests instruction on method of payment of workmen under superintendence of Andrew Elliott. Enclosed list of Indian goods supplied by J. Deadrick.
1792 Pleasing Proof of Your Strong Friendship William Blount Chiefs & Warrors of the Choctaw Nation Blount, Governor of the territory south of the Ohio River and Superintendent of Indian Affairs for the Southern District, assures the Choctaws of the friendship of the United States and encourages young Chocttaw warriors to join the impending campaign against the western Indians.
September 13, 1792 Notification of Divide in Cherokee Nation John Sevier William Blount Sevier invited to join council held in Cherokee nation in town of Chota. At council Sevier was notified that the five lower towns had declared war on United States, J. Watts heads party. Hostile Indians plan on attacking frontier settlements. Assurances that every other part of the Cherokee nation is happily at peace with United States. Special note on Indian town names and names of chiefs...
January 21, 1799 Names Which May or May Not Be Sent to the Senate James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry provides a list of names developed by the Generals and either sent to the Senate, not sent to the Senate, or postponed by the Senate.
March 7, 1792 List of Insufficient Vouchers Joseph Howell Richard Harrison List of insufficient vouchers for the account of William Stevens, agent in the 6th Regiment of Artillery.
May 5, 1792 The Stealing of Horses by Southern Indians William Blount Henry Knox Governor William Blount describes for Knox the many instances of horse stealing in the South and the potential for discord that the stealing of white men's horses by southern Indians has produced.
March 5, 1789 Return of Pensions Paid to Invalids of Rhode Island. Jeremiah Olney Henry Knox Return of pensions paid to invalids of Rhode Island.
October 30, 1790 Estimate of Expenditures for Construction of Frigates of Various Tonnage John Foster Williams Henry Knox Knox solicits an expert to provide one of many estimates for the cost of constructing frigates of various tonnage for Navy. Foster notes that Knox may be a better judge of the cost of the guns and the warlike stores. Recommends that timber be cut in the fall of the year of construction.
February 1, 1796 Invalid Pensioners from Virginia Timothy Pickering John Hopkins Timothy Pickering, acting as Interim Secretary of War, encloses a list of invalid pensioners from the state of Virginia for September 1795 - March 1796 to John Hopkins, Virginia's Commissioner of Loans.
October 1792 An Abstract of Indian Affairs Shaw [not available] Shaw discusses affairs with the southern Indians and the machinations of the Spaniards to turn the Indians against the United States.
August 1, 1799 Invalid pensioners from Virginia James McHenry John Hopkins War Secretary encloses list of invalid pensioners belonging to the State of Virginia, with the monthly allowances to each, to the Commissioner of Loans in Virginia.
January 16, 1797 Rights of Indians James McHenry Dwight Foster Indians and Indian warfare; describes 1706 treaty with Chickasaws; United States responsibility to Indians; mentions White encroachment.
July 3, 1794 Invalid Pension List Henry Knox Nathaniel Appleton List of invalid pensioners, including name, rank, monthly allowance, time from which the pensions are to commence, and the amount of pension.
January 22, 1801 Invalid Pensioners from Virginia Samuel Dexter Unknown Recipient List of invalid pensioners belonging to the state of Virginia, with the monthly allowances to each for the period from September 5, 1800 to March 4, 1801.