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August 9, 1798 Peter Schuyler's Inappropriate Activity at Indian Negotiations Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Alexander Hamilton Refers to the incident where Peter Schuyler inappropriately attended a negotiation with Indians at Fort Stanwix, bringing his own interpreter. His presence frustrated the proceedings and caused concerns of authority, particularly with Mr. Campbell.
November 23, 1784 Reports Offensive Conduct of Peter Schuyler at Fort Stanwix with Indian Treaty Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Unknown Recipient Oliver Wolcott, acting as an Indian Commissioner, forwards a complaint about the conduct of Peter Schuyler to an unspecified addressee. Addresses the impropriety and offensive conduct of Schuyler, who appeared at the treaty negotiations at Fort Stanwix with an interpreter. Schuyler gave liquor to the Indians to counteract negotiations and frustrate trading.
October 7, 1785 Regarding Numbers & Subsistence for Prisioners and Indians at Fort Schuyler Joseph Carleton Nicholas Fish Joseph Carleton, War Office, directs LtCol Nicholas Fish, Commander of New York troops, to provide an accurate number of prisoners and Indians being held at Fort Schuyler. Carleton needs an accurate count to provide subsistence for the detainees.
August 24, 1784 List of articles for commissioners Richard Butler Samuel Hodgdon List of articles for the commissioners traveling to Fort Schuyler to negotiate with the Native Americans
1784 Report that Peter Schuyler & Peter Rightman Will Not Be Allowed to Attend Treaty at Fort Stanwix Unknown Author [not available] Memoranda from an unknow origin that discusses the tension between U.S. Indian Commissioners and New York state Indian Commissioners. Formal direction for Peter Schuyler from Mr. Campbell, through the New York Governor, concerning the forthcoming treaty at Fort Stanwix. Both Schuyler and his translator, Peter Rightman, are denied attendance due to their previous distasteful behavior and offering...
May 10, 1796 Concerning western posts in New York James McHenry Philip Schuyler McHenry informs Schuyler that Captain Lewis, who is also delivering Schuyler this letter, is in possession of a dispatch relative to western posts in New York. Schuyler is instructed to send Lewis on the nearest and most convenient route to Quebec.
March 19, 1800 Error in Amount of Drawn Rations by an Officer William Simmons Philip Schuyler Upon examination of contractor's accounts for New York, Simmons found Schuyler drew rations twice on the same day. Error made by Schuyler charged to his account unless Schuyler can produce the original return receipts that prove the error was with Mr. Henshaw (contractor agent).
January 22, 1800 Dinner With the Schuylers Alexander Hamilton Angelica Church Hamilton expresses his pleasure at dining with Mrs. Church's parents, Philip and Catharine Schuyler, and his delight at being able to admire her portrait which he faced while at the dinner table.
September 7, 1784 Expenses to be incurred from anticipated troop movements Timothy Pickering Joseph Carleton Timothy Pickering sends to Joseph Carleton his appraisal of the expenses to be incurred from the anticipated troop movements.
April 29, 1799 Recommends General Schuyler to Adjust Claim for Magazine in Albany Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Recommends consultation with General Schuyler about the magazine at Albany. Requests that he be empowered to adjust claim as he has assisted well in the past.
May 1, 1794 Receipt for Schuyler's Funds Joseph Howell Nicholas Fish Fish has not been exonerated from the charge of two thousand dollars paid to Philip Schuyler so a receipt should be procured as soon as possible.
August 6, 1798 Personal Opinions on Appointment to Executive Office Philip Schuyler Alexander Hamilton Schuyler requested commission for distant relative. Gave negative opinions of McHenry and those who might lead the President astray in his recommendations for Quartermaster General and Commissary General.
August 9, 1798 Citation Only Philip Schuyler Alexander Hamilton Cited in Hamilton to Schuyler, 08/21/1798.
April 11, 1796 Route from Albany to Fort Erie Henry Glen Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Describes the 995-mile route from Albany to Fort Erie.
May 21, 1790 Report on the petition of Jacobus Wynkoop Joseph Howell Henry Knox Report on the petition of Jacobus Wynkoop, appointed by Major General Phillip Schuyler during the Revolutionary War.
July 1, 1798 Accounts and Letters James Richmond William Simmons Richmond has received the copy of the letter from Schuyler and enlistment records. He expects to submit full accounts shortly.
April 22, 1793 List of Materials Philip Schuyler Van Hyke Schuyler requested materials and supplies for boats and barges to transport items on Niagara.
June 29, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons James Richmond Simmons forwards a letter from Ensign Schuyler to Ensign Richmond.
May 20, 1791 Account of Frederick Perkhoff Michael Connolly Joseph Howell Letter to the Commissioner of Army Accounts concerning the pay of a soldier, Frederick Perkhoff, under the command of Schuyler.
June 11, 1787 Settlement for cattle taken Caleb Swan Joseph Howell Outlines the procedures for Mr. Greenfield to settle the matter of the two cattle which were taken for the use of the public in 1777.
December 11, 1794 Copper mining Jacob Mark Alexander Hamilton New York City merchant Jacob Mark writes that the directors of Schuyler's Copper Mine have raised sufficient bar to enter into contract for the delivery of 50 tons refined copper by the last of May next.
July 9, 1795 Appearance in Court Compromised due to Treaty with Indians Michael Houdin William Simmons Houdin is worried because General Schuyler has left to treat with the Indians and probably will not return in time to attend the court proceedings involving himself and Mr. Haringer.
October 8, 1797 Recruits for the western frontier James McHenry Henry Glenn Directs Henry Glenn to join Philip Schuyler in taking charge of a party of recruits for the western frontier.
December 23, 1794 Purchasing copper Edmund Randolph Alexander Hamilton Secretary Randolph writes that the Director of the United States Mint is of the opinion that it would be advantageous to contract for the 50 tons of copper offered by the Schuyler Copper Mine Company. The price should not exceed that of imported copper.
August 7, 1790 Schuyler discusses invalid pensions with Knox Philip Schuyler Henry Knox Letter, discusses Invalid pensions.