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February 8, 1785 Regarding returns of Pennsylvania troops and the need to maintain presence at Fort McIntosh Josiah Harmar President John Dickinson Lt.Colonel Josiah Harmar encloses returns of Pennsylvania troops and reports to Pennsylvania President John Dickenson informing him of the likelihood that, upon abandoning the garrison, Fort McIntosh will be demolished by "Emigrators" to Kentucky.
February 6, 1785 Monthly Return for Pennsylvania and Jersey Troops at Fort McIntosh Josiah Harmar Richard Henry Lee A monthly return of Pennsylvania and New Jersey troops in the service of the U.S. at Fort McIntosh as of 1 February 1785.
March 28, 1786 Orders to take command at Fort McIntosh Henry Knox Nicholas Fish Orders from Secretary at War Major General Knox directing Major Fish to take command of the troops at Fort McIntosh on the Ohio River, pending the arrival of Lieutenant Colonel Harmar.
August 2, 1786 Conduct of troops, location of boats Henry Knox William North Surprised by intelligence of boats at Fort McIntosh as communicated by Captain Wyllys, Knox has certificate signed by Hamtramck that states the contrary. Requests observations on troops from North in the future.
May 16, 1795 Copies of Indian Treaties Timothy Pickering Anthony Wayne Duplicates of letters pertaining to treaty with western Indians that took place at Fort McIntosh, Great Miami, Fort Harmar, and Kon-on-daigua. Also enclosed document that must be authorized by the President.
April 2, 1785 Monthly return of the Pennsylvania troops in the service of the United States at Fort McIntosh. Josiah Harmar Jonathan Dickinson Lt.Col Harmar sends to President John Dickinson a letter enclosed with the monthly return of the Pennsylvania troops in the service of the United States at Fort McIntosh.
December 22, 1798 Hunters in the Woods Benjamin Hawkins James McHenry Hawkins notifies McHenry of hunters that have taken to the woods, and of the Chiefs' cooperation. Also discussion of the capture and return of Mr. McIntosh's runaway slaves.
April 14, 1786 Brigadier General McIntosh's account John Pierce John Wereat Discusses the details of the settlement of a Brigadier General McIntosh's account (for Revolutionary War service)
January 15, 1785 Report from Lieutenant Colonel Josiah Harmar to Jonathan Dickinson on status of troops, equipment and fort, and relations with Indians Josiah Harmar President John Dickinson Lt.Col Josiah Harmar reports to President John Dickinson on his utilization of Pennsylvania Troops at Fort McIntosh as well as the Indian reaction to the recently commenced United States treaty with Great Britain. Reports that Indians look to lands as their own, whereas Commissioners state that, having adhered to the King of Britain during Revolutionary War, Indians are a conquered people.
April 3, 1785 Type Undetermined, Josiah Harmar to Joseph Carleton Josiah Harmar Joseph Carleton Image not available.
April 1785 Type Undetermined, John Armstrong to Josiah Harmar John Armstrong Josiah Harmar Image not available.
July 1, 1785 Requests Guidance about National Military Uniforms and Customs Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Reports that the cockade they wear is the Union black and white, but postulates that it may be better to establish a national uniform. Requests direction.
June 25, 1793 Distilled Spirits to be Issued to Troops Alexander Hamilton Henry Knox Hamilton has concluded to have purchases of distilled spirits made on the accounts of the government for the use of the army.
October 22, 1785 Harmar informs Secretary at War of his orders to subordinates Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Lieutenant Colonel Josiah Harmar, Commander, First American Regiment, informs Henry Knox, Secretary at War, of the orders issued to subordinate officers prior to his departure from Fort McIntosh. Harmar is presently in Philadelphia to assist recruiting.
April 29, 1785 Requests Payment for Troops under Colonel Harmar Henry Knox Richard Henry Lee Asks that additional disbursements of troop pay be authorized, particularly for Col. Harmar at Fort McIntosh. Reports that the corps have been there 9 months with only 1 month's pay and if they receive their advancement, many may choose to reenlist.
May 29, 1786 no image available Scotash [not available] no digital image or hard copy available.
August 1, 1785 Monthly return of Pennsylvania troops, on the fitness of troops, Treaty of Wabash Josiah Harmar Jonathan Dickinson Josiah Harmar, Commanding Officer, 1st American Regiment, sends a monthly return of Pennsylvania troops to President John Dickinson. Harmar asks Dickinson not to hurry recruiting. By Harmar's estimate, out of a corps of 223 soldiers, "at least 50 men" are not fit to be re-enlisted.
December 5, 1784 Report from Fort Pitt, on Indian shore, Western side of Alleghany River Josiah Harmar President John Dickinson Harmar reports the arrival of troop detachments at Fort Pitt, his intentions for marching his troops down the Ohio to the Treaty at Fort McIntosh, and the numbers of troops in his command. Writes of problems with deserters.
June 25, 1793 Hamilton writes to Knox about distilled spirits Alexander Hamilton Henry Knox Alexander Hamilton informs the Secretary at War of his intent to furnish distilled spirits to the army via the quartermaster department.
July 15, 1785 Form a Company of Infantry to Attend Indian Treaties Henry Knox Nicholas Fish Congress directs that a company of Infantry be detached to Fort McIntosh to attend the Indian Commissions during the treaty being held at the falls of the Ohio and mouth of the Great Miami River. Fish is ordered to form a full company of Infantry from the recruits of the state, to be ready to march by the 25th. Fish must also make a return of camp equipage and other articles necessary for the...
May 1, 1785 Monthly return of the Pennsylvania troops at Fort McIntosh, and removal of vagabonds Josiah Harmar President John Dickinson Lt.Colonel Josiah Harmar send to President John Dickinson a return of Pennsylvania troops in the service of the United States. Harmar recommends David Duncan to Dickinson for the job of taking charge of Fort McIntosh after the retrograde of 1st American Regiment. Reports on the detachment of an officer and party to remove and destroy the improvements of squatters. "Understanding that several...
July 16, 1785 Reports Meeting with Indian Chiefs, Cornplanter, at Fort Pitt about British Treaty, Fort Stanwix Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Reports that 3 chiefs, 25 Indians of the Six Nations arrived at Fort Pitt wanting to speak to the commanding officer, so Harmar went to talk with them about a treaty. Cornplanter wished to get rid of Fort Stanwix, as it was too much work to maintain. Intelligence report detailing British efforts to subvert U.S. treaties with the Indian nations. Opines that U.S. treaties will have little weight...
March 24, 1785 Army Accounts Joseph Carleton Philip Audebert Joseph Carleton sends to Philip Audibert a request to verify the subsistence payment made to Michael Hilleson.
July 15, 1785 Secretary of War orders troops to escort Indian Commissioners Henry Knox Nicholas Fish Henry Knox, Secretary at War, orders Lieutenant Colonel Fish, Commanding Officer of the U.S. troops in New York, to detach one company of infantry to Fort McIntosh in order to accompany the Indian Commissioners during the upcoming treaty with the Southern Indians.
March 25, 1786 Arrears of pay Ebenezer Jackson John Pierce CITATION Only. Cited in Pierce to Jackson 04/15/1786. May have discussed the payment of arrears of pay and commutation to Brigadier General McIntosh. Jackson may have mentioned needing an allowance for his expenses.