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August 31, 1795 Letter from the Commandant at Fort Le Boeuf Charles Martin William Simmons Letter from Charles Martin, Commandant at Fort Le Boeuf, to William Simmons, War Department Accountant. Image not available, citation only.
November 14, 1794 Commanding officer at Fort Le Boeuf Arthur St. Clair Alexander Hamilton Letter from Governor Arthur St. Clair of Northwest Territory, regarding the post which has been established at Le Boeuf by the state of Pennsylvania, which St. Clair believes is of critical importance. The present commanding officer there is a "prudent Man, and a good officer." St. Clair is worried that the command will soon go to Captain William Miller, who is "strongly in the Interest of the...
August 29, 1795 Block Houses & Garrisons at Franklin & Le Beouf Thomas Mifflin Timothy Pickering Pending approval by the Pennsylvania State Legislature of the cession of land, Governor Mifflin gives his support for the erection of block houses and garrisons at Fort Franklin and Fort Le Boeuf.
July 1, 1796 Transportation of Supplies Isaac Craig James McHenry Enclosed receipt of S. Lewis for troops stationed at upper posts of the Ohio river. Mentioned that A. Wayne expected the arrival of the Indian goods which were not at "this post". Wayne ordered a store house and block house be built at Fort Le Boeuf. Vouchers mailed under cover addressed to Hodgdon.
July 26, 1797 Statement of Powder at Various Places Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Statement of the quantity of powder at various places.
August 18, 1796 Accounts and New on Fort Charles Martin William Simmons Extra money due to death and desertion, request to pay troops. No news from Martin's Quarter, men busy building fort and road from LeBoueuf to Pisque Isle.
April 18, 1795 Justifying a Garrison at Presque Isle Thomas Mifflin George Washington Governor Mifflin lists five justifications for establishing a garrison of state troops at Presque Isle while keeping the federal troops at Fort Le Boeuf. He views this as the best means of defending the frontier and maintaining peace with the Indians.
October 16, 1795 Request for Relief or Winter Clothing and Construction Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Notification that the term of active duty for Joseph McCutcheon and the men under his command will expire in January, and wish to be relieved or furnished with winter clothing as none of the men at Fort Le Boeuf have appropriate uniforms for the upcoming season. Discussed expenditures for new buildings being erected under Colonel Butler.
January 20, 1797 Purchase of Land Isaac Craig James McHenry Purchase of lots at Le Boeuf underway, notification that Hodgdon received request to facilitate payment since transaction will take place in Philadelphia.
January 13, 1797 Muster and Pay Rolls Isaac Craig William Simmons Enclosed muster and pay rolls, noted enclosed of Maj. Toamy. Additional rolls from Fort Franklin, Le Boeuf, and Presque Isle to arrive soon.
April 13, 1798 Abstract of Provisions Issued Over Six Months Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry List by post of provisions issued between December 1, 1796 and May 31, 1797.
August 1795 Erection of Posts at Franklin and Le Boeuf Timothy Pickering Thomas Butler Pickering alerts Colonel Butler that Governor Mifflin has given his approval for the erection of posts at Franklin and Le Boeuf and urges haste in doing so in order to have them completed before winter.
August 14, 1795 Provisions and Housing for Supplies Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Disappointed with quantity of provisions delivered by Gen. Wilkins, since beef on hand was in state of putrification. Craig was forced to purchase goods from trading boat to avoid embarrassment. Craig noted the transport of supplies from Fort Franklin to Fort Le Boeuf and state of disrepair of fort. Advised building store house at mouth of French Creek.
April 28, 1797 Transportation of Provisions Isaac Craig James McHenry Cavalry equipment and Indian goods to be transported to Fort Washington by Van Rensselaer. Informed McHenry that Wilkinson ordered blankets to be sent forward to Detroit and discharged artificiers employed at Presque Isle and Le Boeuf.
January 10, 1797 Extract of a Letter from the War Office to Major Craig James McHenry Isaac Craig Purchase of two lots for government at Le Boeuf did not warrant attention from Executive. Authorized payment for land.
April 25, 1795 Opposing the Town at Presqu' Isle Timothy Pickering Thomas Mifflin Pickering responds to Governor Mifflin's declaration that a town is needed at Presque Isle to provide a garrison for state troops to supplement the federal garrison at Fort Le Boeuf. He lists the reasons he opposes this action. He discusses the difficulty of manning both posts.
January 20, 1797 A Deed in the Name of the President For Lots 37 & 38 Near Waterford Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Most eligible lots for erecting barracks at Le Boeuf were lots 37 and 38 located in the town of Waterford. Land lots went up for auction by commissioners Gen Irwin and Wilson, Craig sought to purchase them from the state of Pennsylvania for the United States.
November 4, 1795 Payment Due Troops, Construction, Hospital Stores Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Troops all located at Presque Isle, Le Boeuf, and Fort Franklin therefore mustering them at Pittsburgh must be postponed. Money due troops at Presque Isle requested. Expenses related to construction increased Quartermaster's Department expenses, all hospital stores on hand sent to Fort Washington.
June 27, 1794 Fort Franklin Beseiged, Etc. Ebenezer Denney General William Irvine This is Denney's report from the western counties of Pennsylvania, particularly from Fort Pitt and Fort Franklin which he describes as being beseiged.
August 7, 1795 Transportation of Mail John Park Samuel Hodgdon Craig advised that mail to Presque Isle should be sent by land and ordered the immediate purchase of thirty pack horses. Advised purchase was made under the assumption that money from Hodgdon would have arrived by mail. Park uncertain of how to proceed.
January 8, 1796 Accounts, Payment, and Request for Supplies Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed letter to Butler within letter, will be forwarded and accounts will be adjusted. Money lent to Capt. Lewis so he can continue on march. Gen. Wayne's baggage arrived with J. Sturgeon. Discharge of artificiers in Quartermaster's and Commissary's Department at Presque Isle, Le Boeuf, and Fort Franklin.
May 27, 1796 Enclosed Returns and Advice on Storage Isaac Craig James McHenry Enclosed return of stores at the Quartermaster's and Ordnance Department. Other financial documents enclosed. Advised sale of Kentucky boats and construction of store house at Le Boeuf.
January 16, 1801 Delayed Arrival and Promotion of General Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Mail just arrived from the East, delay due to impassible conditions of the Susquehanna. Cannons of varying weights have arrived, destined for Presque Isle or Le Boeuf. Carriages for cannons to be made at Le Boeuf. Discussed the General's desire to remain head of the army rather than take promotion to be head of War Department.
August 26, 1796 Transportation of Whiskey and Purchase of Land Isaac Craig James McHenry Enclosed return of commissary stores at Fort Washington. Noted stores of whiskey at Fort Washington; navigation of Allegheny river as impossible and therefore whiskey cannot be sent to Le Boeuf. Land for block house and barracks at Le Boeuf determined. Land up for auction by state of Pennsylvania and Craig, Gen Irvin and George William request the lots.
July 7, 1797 Articles Sent to Le Boeuf Lost on Sunken Ship Isaac Craig James McHenry Whiskey on hand to be returned. Copy of invoice of sundry articles sent to Le Boeuf sent to Hodgdon. Articles were on board a ship traveling up the Allegheny River which sunk, all articles lost.