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April 1, 1797 Return of the Qurtermaster's Stores at Fort Fidius John Whitney James McHenry Return of the stores belonging to the Quartermaster's Department at Fort Fidius showing what is on hand or destroyed since the first day of July 1796.
July 1, 1797 Quartermaster's Stores at Fort Fidius John Whitney James McHenry A return of the Quartermaster's Stores at Fort Fidius in Georgia, 1st of July 1797.
August 19, 1796 Enclosed Letters, Directions to Proceed to Fort Fidius James McHenry Anthony Wayne Orders to direct commander of cavalry to proceed to Fort Fidius; Major Craig to send whiskey down Ohio to Detroit.
April 29, 1794 Delivery of Militia Payrolls Constant Freeman Joseph Howell Freeman recounted the contents of letter delivered in the care of Mr. Leagrove, transmitted by Mr. Dorsey from the militia at Fort Fidius. More accounts to be transmitted.
November 1796 Accompanying Troops on Their Way to Fort Fidius, Etc. George Gillaspy Samuel Hodgdon Gillaspy's baggage has been sent with Captain Eaton and he asks Hodgdon to keep it safe in his store until he arrives in March. He will accompany a detachment of troops traveling by boat to Fort Fidius and after his arrival at that place will proceed on to Philadelphia.
September 5, 1794 Pay, Subsistence, and Forage of the Officers at Fort Fidius Joseph Howell John Matthews The Treasurer has remitted to Matthews the sum of $1,111.88 to be paid to Constant Freeman at Fort Fidius for the difference of pay, subsistence, and forage of sundry officers.
March 3, 1796 Returns of Military Stores, Clothing at Fort Fidius Georgia Samuel Lewis Samuel Hodgdon By order of Secretary of War, Lewis encloses returns of military stores, return of stores in Quartermaster Department, and clothing at Fort Fidius Georgia.
March 3, 1796 Treat with the Creeks at Colraine James McHenry Jared Irwin Colraine is selected as the site of the treaty with Creeks over Fort Fidius because the troops at that place are sufficient to protect and give respectability to the negotiations.
February 10, 1794 Statement of Account for Regular Troops Constant Freeman Joseph Howell Constant Freeman enclosed account information for the payment of the garrison at Fort Fidius. Balance in hand of Freeman was not accurate due to advances made to Indian Department. Credit to account of Dr. Dalcho. Freeman requested money to pay garrison and also that the request be mentioned to the Secretary of War.
May 6, 1793 Letter from Major Henry Gaither to Secretary of War Henry Knox on Indian theft and murder Henry Gaither Henry Knox Major Gaither reports from Fort Fidius that white inhabitants are alarmed by Indians; gives account of stolen horses and murder of a family of six and the son of Mr Pere. Is receiving requests by inhabitants to call out the militia.
August 5, 1796 Order of President to Direct Dragoons to Join Lieutenant Colonel Gaither James McHenry Anthony Wayne Per request in letter dated 07/30/1796, McHenry inquired about the assemble of dragoons to march to the frontier of Georgia. Orders of President state the dragoons are to meet Lieut. Col. Gaither at either Coleraine on the St. Mary's River or at Fort Fidius.
April 1, 1797 Statement of Brass Cannons and Carriages Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Statement of brass cannons and carriages on books of intendant of stores
April 15, 1795 Payment of Captain Staats Morris William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that the sum of $375.34 is due Captain Staats Morris of the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers for his pay and subsistence in 1794 and 1795 and for his passage from Charleston to New York and horse hire to Fort Fidius, Georgia.
August 24, 1796 Pay for Georgia troops and other issues William Simmons Constant Freeman Notifies Freeman that the money to pay the Army troops in Georgia has been forwarded to Daniel Stevens, federal supervisor at Charleston, South Carolina. Discusses the accounts of several persons. Discusses premiums given to soldiers for the apprehension of deserters. Discusses the allowance due Ensign McCall for service as paymaster to the troops at Fort Fidius.
July 20, 1793 Raising of additional militia in Georgia, and controversy over Federal command of troops Henry Gaither Henry Knox From Fort Fidius, Gaither's correspondence includes two letters from Mr Bernard. Reports that Georgia Governor Telfair has published an order for raising 100 cavalry and 100 infantry militia, to be under Gaither's command. Gaither believes the numbers are sufficient; militia officers do not; nor are they pleased that a federal officer has command of these troops.
April 7, 1793 Letter from Major Henry Gaither to Secretary of War Henry Knox regarding murder and robbery at Traders Hill on St Marys Henry Gaither Henry Knox Gaither writes from Fort Fidius to inform Knox about the robbery and murder of two whites at Traders Hill on St Marys by Creek Indians. Notes the William Seagrove, presumably owner of the store, is demanding the murderers and the whole party concerned; the Indians are divided over the demand made by Seagrove. Timothy Bernard advises Gaither to stand his guard. Gaither has written to General Clark...
July 29, 1796 Request for Information on Pay of Soldiers Constant Freeman William Simmons Freeman requested information on Christopher Keppard, of Porteis Company, 9th battalion of artillery, discharged from Fort Wayne and John White of Peine's company of the same corps. Requested information on payment of soldiers for apprehending deserters. Mr. Whitney, Conductor of Military Stores at Fort Fidius made paymaster by Freeman due to sickness of Ensign McCall.
July 1, 1794 Request for Advance in Payment Constant Freeman Joseph Howell PRIVATE(Freeman received word from Capt. Roberts that a soldier and relation of Howell left the country and more information on his well being was unknown.) Freeman requested an advance of salary be sent to his brother in Philadelphia due to Freeman's absence from the fort the upcoming winter.
June 15, 1797 Account Current of Ensign Hugh McCall Hugh McCall [not available] [not available]
May 10, 1794 Indian relations in Georgia Captain Richard B. Roberts Henry Knox Offers intelligence to the Secretary of War regarding Indian relations in Georgia.
June 23, 1794 Arrival of Pay Abeited Desertion Frederick Dalcho Joseph Howell Money arrived at Fort Fidius for pay of troops. The late arrival was the reason many used for plea of desertion. Writing expressing dissatisfaction of men found outside barracks. Howell's assurance of regular pay assuaged men.
August 27, 1794 Instructions for Handling Pay Rolls and Receipts Joseph Howell Constant Freeman In the future, Sub-Paymasters are directed to express the sum in dollars for each name on the pay roll, and it should be expressed in the body of the receipt that the payment is in full and should specify the time of service.
December 17, 1796 Accounts of Hugh McCall Hugh McCall William Simmons Freeman submits the accounts of Ensign Hugh McCall, paymaster.
March 1, 1797 Report on the Creeks Benjamin Hawkins James McHenry Hawkins reports on the situation among the Creeks, their intentions, and their complaints. Also discusses the necessity of regulations for Indian traders
April 13, 1797 Clothing & Equipment for the Troops in Georgia James McHenry Samuel Hodgdon The infantry clothing and cavalry clothing & equipment for the troops in Georgia should be transported by water to Major John Habersham in Savannah. It will then be forwarded to Captain Henry Gaither at Fort Fidius. The artillery clothing is to be sent to Captain Abimael Nicoll at Fort St. Tammany in St. Marys.