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October 14, 1793 Letter from James Seagrove Creek Indian Agent, to Henry Knox, on Georgia efforts to undermine peace with Creeks James Seagrove Henry Knox From Fort Fidius, Seagrove laments that his failed efforts at achieving peace with the Creek Nation are entirely owing to the unruly conduct of the people of Georgia. Reports that there are two expeditions on foot against the Creek towns; one party from Green County and other from Washington. Suggests that Georgia Governor Telfair is encouraging this activity. Expresses hope that the...
May 10, 1794 Georgia militia attack friendly Indians Captain Richard B. Roberts Henry Knox Reports to the Secretary of War that Georgian militia have attacked friendly Indians.
August 7, 1794 Blank Muster Rolls and Pay Rolls for Georgia Joseph Howell Constant Freeman One ream of blank company muster rolls and one of pay rolls have been forwarded to Freeman through the hands of John Habersham of Savannah.
June 13, 1794 Delay in Settling the Account of Lt. Staats Morris Joseph Howell Staats Morris The reason for the delay in settling Lt. Morris' account was his desire to receive an extra allowance that required the sanction of the Secretary of War, a situation that was exacerbated by the late calamity in Philadelphia.
January 2, 1794 Indians attacked by whites Captain Richard B. Roberts Henry Knox Letter to the Secretary of War regarding the attacks upon the Creek nation by a party of whites in Georgia.
November 15, 1794 Pay, Subsistence, and Forage of the Troops in Georgia Joseph Howell Constant Freeman James Seagrove is charged with funds to complete the pay, subsistence, and forage of the troops in Georgia under the command of Lt. Col. Henry Gaither as well as Capt. James Armstrong and the men under his command. .
March 10, 1797 Act of Congress William Simmons Henry Gaither Encloses copies of a 3 March 1797 Act of Congress "To Ascertain and Fix the Military Establishment of the United States"
February 16, 1796 Payment to Captain Theodore Sedgewick, 2d Sub Legion United States Theodore Sedgwick Joseph Howell Captain Sedgewick requests payment of $120 as his pay for months of October, November, December 1795.
August 7, 1794 Blank Muster Rolls and Pay Rolls for Georgia Joseph Howell John Habersham Samuel Hodgdon will forward to Habersham, Collector at Savannah, one ream of blank muster rolls and one of payrolls to be forwarded to Constant Freeman, Agent for the War Department at Fort Fidius.
September 22, 1793 Letter from James Seagrove Creek Indian Agent to Governor Telfair on Creek wishes for peace and request that Governor stop Georgia Militia disruptions of peace efforts James Seagrove Governor Edward Telfair Reporting from Fort Fidius on the Oconee, Seagrove says he is receiving expressions of friendship from the Creeks. Peace with the Creeks on terms of equal justice is the policy of the Federal Government and hopefully it is the wish of the people of Georgia. Seagrove says he will leave for the Creek Towns the next day 23 September 1793. Asks that Telfair put a stop to militia interfering with his...
January 11, 1793 Report on Creek Indian Affairs, hostility in south Henry Gaither Samuel Hodgdon Reports activity among forts in Georgia, Alabama, and Florida, between Mr. Seagrove and Major Habersham. Arrived from Fort Fidius and St. Mary's. Discusses paying the troops. Refers to James Seagrove, Creek Indian Agent, and Lieutenant Van Allen, and a doctor. Reports on Indian wish to live in peace. Mentions Wellbanks and St Augustine. Reference to General Washington talks, the Secretary of War...
February 27, 1796 Account Current for Ensign Hugh McCall, Paymaster at Fort Pickering Hugh McCall William Simmons A three-page listing of the accounts of Ensign Hugh McCall, paymaster.
July 12, 1794 Request for Information on Guidelines for Travel Frederick Dalcho Joseph Howell Request for information regarding rules for travel expenses. Galcho traveled often to obtain information as pay master and the distance between posts on the frontier was extensive and through savage country. Galcho cant obtain receipts for his travels because the inhabitants of the frontier are largely illiterate.
October 17, 1797 Notification of Closed Account William Simmons Surgeon's Mate Thomas Farley Simmons searched records in Office prior to the arrival of Farley's letter and was able to close Farley's account. Farley was exonerated from every charge.
July 11, 1794 Counterfeit Bank Notes Constant Freeman Joseph Howell Freeman not yet received money from Supervisor. Bank notes from the Branch Banks of Baltimore and Charleston had been counterfeit in "this state". Freeman can not discern the counterfeit marks. Requested Treasury obtain bills of exchange from Bank of Charleston to obviate the difficulties regarding counterfeit.
October 8, 1794 Receipt of Letter on Payment of Mr. Minon Captain Thomas Martin Joseph Howell Details on who the money in account belongs. Twelve dollars of which Martin received from Richard Call.
May 9, 1794 Indian nations in Georgia Constant Freeman Henry Knox Letter from Constant Freemn, agent for the Department of War in Georgia, regarding various Indian nations in that reason.
June 1, 1797 Vouchers Passed to Hugh McCall's Credit Hugh McCall William Simmons Major Freeman has directed McCall to enclose to Simmons all the vouchers that have been passed to McCall's credit.
May 30, 1797 List of Muster and Pay Rolls to be Forwarded John Habersham Constant Freeman Habersham transmits the muster and pay rolls of the various military units under his supervision.
October 1, 1793 Letter from Timothy Bernard [Barnard] from Oakmulgee on peace efforts with Creek Nation Timothy Barnard [Bernard] James Seagrove Timothy Bernard [Barnard] reporting from Oakmulgee, addressed to James Seagrove, Creek Indian Agent, at Ft Fidius on Oconee. Has sent written correspondence to Warrior King of Cussetahs and spoke with White Lieutenant of Oakfuskees. Has asked White Lieutenant to gather heads of lower towns to explain matters on frontier of Georgia. Reports that Cowetas stole horses and shot at whites and killed...
June 14, 1793 Georgia's Militia Activity against the Creeks Henry Gaither Henry Knox Gaither reporting to Secretary of War Henry Knox, notes that Georgia Militia Major General Twiggs crossed the Oakmulgee River and laid out a fort. Most of the command mutinied and returned. Gaither has heard reports of families killed by Indians in Franklin County [northwest of Augusta near SC], but cannot confirm veracity.
November 23, 1797 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Ensign McCall William Simmons Hugh McCall William Simmons request more frequent pay estimates from Ensign McCall. Simmons also directs McCall to disburse funds received from John Habersham to Capt. Webb and Lt. Cobb.
June 30, 1794 Explanation of Practices of Paymaster General Constant Freeman Joseph Howell Impossible to follow instructions from comptroller due to state of troops and militia, however Freeman made it inadvisable to pay out any money without taking duplicate receipts. Duplicate copy of receipt rolls and letter to Comptroller enclosed. Requested decision of Howell on issue of promotion and increase in pay. Request that all future remittance of money be in the smallest denominations....
April 19, 1794 Delay in the Pay of Lieutenant Staats Morris Staats Morris Joseph Howell Lieutenant Morris expresses to Howell his distress at having not been paid for seventeen months, a delay that has so exhausted his feeble resources that he has been obliged to seek credit from the contractor.
January 1, 1794 Indians attacked by whites Constant Freeman Henry Knox Informs the Secretary of War, from Georgia, that an unfortunate event on December 28 has destroyed hopes for peace between the United States and the Creek nation. The Bird-tail king and eight of his town were treacherously attacked by a party of whites, killing two Creek Indians.