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May 26, 1790 Settlements of sundry foreign officers Joseph Howell Henry Knox Informs the Secretary of War that he has examined settlements of sundry foreign officers made by the previous Commissioner of Army Accounts; states that it appears that no settlements have been made with any foreign officers who left the service prior to 1780.
January 15, 1784 Request regarding service of foreign officers Office of Army Accounts Hugh Williamson Copy of an unsigned letter, likely generated by John Pierce in the Pay Office, requesting information from Hugh Williamson concerning foreign officers.
March 17, 1784 Pay of foreign officers John Pierce Joseph Howell Discusses the entitlement of foreign officers to commutation pay and discusses other army pay accounts.
June 14, 1784 Foreign officers and pay warrants John Pierce Mr. Morris The Commissioner of Army Accounts and Paymaster General lists several foreign officers and the amounts of the pay warrants drawn for them.
September 29, 1790 Payment of interest to foreign officers Alexander Hamilton Pierre Charles L' Enfant Hamilton examined into the state of the provision for payment of interest to foreign officers and reports that he cannot comply with L'Enfant's wish. Funds have been appropriated for payment of that interest at Paris-end of 1788.
February 13, 1784 The Army's Foreign Officers Joseph Carleton John Pierce Joseph Carleton sends a list of Foreign Officers that served with the American Army to John Pierce.
January 20, 1784 Pay of Regiments and Foreign Officers John Pierce Joseph Howell Discusses pay of a regiment and foreign officers. Explains that a foreign officer with pay certificates for the troops is missing. Discusses the method by which agents are to distribute certificates to regiments.
May 26, 1790 Regarding pay of La Neuville brothers Henry Knox Joseph Howell The War Secretary requests information on the La Neuville brothers, foreign officers who left the service prior to 1780. Asks whether or not they had the depreciation of pay made good to them.
April 29, 1784 Regarding warrants drawn on foreign officers Unknown Author Mr. Morris List of foreign officers in the army who drew warrants for pay from the war office.
April 29, 1784 Concerning pay certificates John Pierce Mr. Morris Discusses the pay certificates of the named foreign officers and the pay of named officers of the Pennsylvania Line for travel expenses.
August 29, 1796 Foreign Affairs with France William Vans Murray James McHenry Foreign ministers appointment, conspiracy related to treaty.
March 4, 1794 Duties of Secretary of State Henry Knox Edmund Randolph Memorandum from Secretary Knox to Secretary Randolph discussing foreign inquires and the publication of official communications. Knox seeks delineation of bureaucratic responsibilities in matters of foreign correspondence. Argues that the Secretary of State ought to be the "national organ and not merely the executive for foreign commerce," and that therefore it is his duty to answer the inquiries...
October 29, 1797 State of Foreign Negotiations Charles Lee John Adams Refers to ongoing foreign treaty negotiations and forms of government.
June 12, 1798 Character Description of Officers on Board War Ships Stephen Higginson James McHenry Higginson felt current officers character was deplorable and ships should be manned by good officers who would add to the ships efficiency as a weapon of war.
June 1, 1797 Discussion of Foreign Affairs & Frigates James P. Catheart Josiah Fox Letter, mentions foreign affairs; discusses frigates.
April 18, 1794 Continuance of embargo upon vessels bound to foreign ports or places Henry Knox Arnoldus Vanderhorst Policy of exchange on vessels bound for foreign nations still in effect. Requests Vanderhorst will comply with the president's wishes as stated in previous letter regarding the use of the militia.
January 24, 1798 Circular to the Heads of the Departments on Foreign Policy John Adams [not available] Presidents request to Heads of Department for their opinions on foreign policy. Special notice to be given to relations with France which Washington believed are tied to relations with Spain, Great Britain, and Holland. Instructions on how to conduct themselves overseas and questions on how to proceed with alliances along with asserting political, economic, and military power.
December 14, 1798 Presidents Response to House of Rep. Address on Foreign Policy John Adams House of Representatives Adams acknowledged House desire to strengthen defenses and adopting policy that would allow for a quick rally of troops. Adams assured Congress he would remain vigilant to nations ideal of independence.
February 7, 1784 Pay of Continental Army Officers John Pierce Henry Livingston Discusses the entitlement of certain officers to commutation pay by act of Congress.
November 16, 1799 Needs of the Foreign Troops John De Barth Walbach Alexander Hamilton Lieutenant Walbach informs Hamilton of the needs of the foreign troops that are part of the dragoons of the United States. Letter in French.
February 25, 1790 Dollar Amount of Certificates Joseph Howell William Duer Commissioner of Army Accounts lists ten states and the appropriate dollar amount of certificates for each.
April 18, 1794 Embargo upon vessels bound to foreign ports Henry Knox Samuel Huntington President Washington has directed Secretary Knox to inform Governor Samuel Huntington of Connecticut of the continuance of an embargo upon vessels bound for any foreign port. Requests cooperation of militia.
March 26, 1794 Embargo Henry Knox Henry Lee Letter from Secretary of War, Henry Knox, which instructs the Governor of Virginia that Congress has just passed an embrago on all ships entering from foreign ports for the next thirty days. Knox hopes that the Governor will enforce this embargo fully and promptly.
April 2, 1794 Resolve of Congress during Embargo House of Representatives [not available] Resolve to continue embargo on vessels outbound for foreign countries.
November 27, 1800 Prosperity of New Nation John Adams House of Representatives Hopes current negotiations with France are fortuitous for the United States. Agreed with Congress maritime defense should not be relaxed in the current climate of foreign hostilities. Believed that profit of commerce is directly related to defense and that the U.S. would soon rival foreign economies.