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April 25, 1786 Colonel Willett's regiment cannot be paid John Pierce Marinus Willett Informs Colonel Willett that his regiment cannot be paid because a resolution of Congress when the regiment was raised required that New York first fill up its Continental quota, which condition was not met.
January 20, 1786 Settlement with a Continental Regiment John Pierce Henry Knox Discusses the settlement of the accounts of a Regiment from one of the states' Continental Line.
January 14, 1791 Land Promised the Men of the Virginia Line Henry Knox George Washington Knox references Resolves of the Legislature of Virginia regarding land promised to the officers and soldiers of the Virginia Line of the Continental Army. These resolves should be placed before the Congress of the United States.
May 2, 1800 Claim of Baylor Hill James McHenry William Simmons Letter to the War Department Accountant concerning a claim by the attorney of Baylor Hill, who allegedly served as a Captain of Cavalry in the 1st Virginia Regiment under the command of Col. Anthony White.
January 11, 1797 Not entitled to land William Simmons Robert Lyon Notification to Lyon that he is not entitled to land from the United States because he resigned his commission in the 6th Pennsylvania Regiment of the Continental Army in April 1778
September 15, 1790 List of officers and soldiers of the Virginia line on continental establishment to obtain titles to certain lands lying northwest of Ohio River Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Transmits list of officers and soldiers of the Virginia line on continental establishment to obtain titles to certain lands lying northwest of Ohio River between Miami and Sciota River.
May 6, 1786 Account of Colonel Dubois Joseph Howell Unknown Recipient Report of Colonel Dubois' account for his service in the Revolutionary War while commanding his regiment
October 31, 1788 Pension for Prince Negroe Captain Moses Cleaveland Joseph Howell Prince Negroe enlisted into the Continental Service in 1777, belonging to the Second Connecticut Regiment. He lost an eye and was rendered infirm. Asks that he be given a pension.
December 18, 1789 Letter from General Moses Hazen requesting settlement of charges as officer in Continental Army Tobias Lear Alexander Hamilton Lear sends letter from General Moses Hazen, who had been in command of the Second Canadian Regiment during the Revolution. Hazen is asking for a settlement of his charges against the United States as an officer of the Continental Army.
December 4, 1784 Certification of service John Pierce Unknown Recipient John Pierce's notes regarding James Wood's certification of the service of a Continental officer in the Revolutionary War
June 16, 1800 Received List of Military Land Warrants Samuel Dexter Samuel Coleman Acknowledged receipt of list of military land warrants issued by the Land Office in Virginia to officers and soldiers who served in the Virginia Line on Continental Establishment. List will assist with search required by War Department.
July 17, 1785 Settlement of Continental Accounts William Pierce Edward Carrington William Pierce asks Edward Carrington to have his Continental accounts settled with Andrew Dunscomb. Pierce, now a Georgia rice planter, inquires into the price of slaves in Virginia.
August 20, 1794 Delivery of Continental Stores Peter Hunt Samuel Hodgdon Transportation and delivery of goods discussed.
September 12, 1788 Request for compensation John Thacher Joseph Howell Is in hopes of obtaining compensation for the many hours of pain and anguish from wound received at Lake Champlain, 1776 while acting as Captain in Continental Army in Colonel Swift's Regiment under General Waterbury and commander of the Galley Washington.
August 8, 1786 Charge on account with United States Thomas Callender Thomas Clark Discusses a charge on General Thomas Clark's account with the United States for pay of the 1st North Carolina Regiment in the Revolutionary War
January 22, 1787 Error in settlements John Pierce Peter Manifold Since both Virginia and Pennsylvania have adopted Colonel Moyland's regiment, Pierce warns Captain Manifold that there has been a considerable error in the settlements that must be corrected.
March 17, 1796 Claims of Maryland Continental Soldier William Simmons Robert Goodloe Harper Advises Harper that the claims of John McNeal, a soldier in a company of Colonel Rawling's "Flying Camp" Regiment of Maryland Continental Army troops that was captured at the surrender of Fort Washington, cannot be honored by the U.S. as there are no returns of payments or muster rolls for the Maryland unit.
December 22, 1794 Account of John Steed Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for John Steed, late private in the 4th Virginia Regiment.
January 10, 1786 Pay Settlement with Virginia Continental Regiments John Pierce Henry Knox Discusses the settlement of the claims of officers of the Virginia Line from the last two years of the Revolutionary War
February 19, 1790 Pay Due to Family of Deceased Continental Officers Joseph Howell Henry Knox Discusses pay due to the heirs of deceased members of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.
January 8, 1791 Settlement of Colonel Wood's Account Joseph Howell Nicholas Eveleigh Report on the settlement of Colonel James Wood's account in regards to monies accounted to the Pay Office. Sent to the Comptroller of the Treasury.
May 4, 1790 Requests information on Colonel Ely William McClay Joseph Howell Letter to the Commissioner of Army Accounts pertaining to the compensation to Colonel John Ely of the 2nd Connecticut Regiment, particularly how long he received pay as a colonel in the Continental Army. Requests additional information.
January 4, 1786 Pay Settlements with Virginia Continental Regiments Joseph Howell Jonathan Smith Howell's answer to Smith's inquiry regarding the settlement of his "three months pay." Discusses the settlement with the "Virginia Line" - the Virginia regiments from the Revolutionary War
September 23, 1785 Pay of Continental Officers John Pierce Richard Henry Lee Discusses the pay of the officers of the Continental line who served on the general staff in the Revolutionary War in regards to the case of Bryan Bruen
May 6, 1786 Pay Office Business John Pierce A.W. Dunscomb Pierce discusses Pay Office business with Andrew Dunscomb, agent for the pay of the Virginia Continental Regiments