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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
February 28, 1784 Accounting matters Samuel Hodgdon Robert Morris Payment of accounts.
May 24, 1784 Settlement of Forage Account Samuel Hodgdon William Irvine Hodgdon informs General Irvine that his forage account will not be settled until the whole amount of forage dues can be ascertained.
April 14, 1784 Balance due for travel expenses Major Charles Magill General Gates Discusses balance due him for travel expenses he incurred in the service. Requests that Gates use his influence with the Financier to obtain "adjustment" of the sum.
March 22, 1784 Account with Robert Morris John Jacob Faesch Samuel Hodgdon Personal letter giving instructions for the repair of Faesch's carriage. Also discussues Faesch's account with the Financier of the United States, Robert Morris.
November 11, 1782 General Greene's Report on Clothing for the Southern Army Nathaniel Greene Benjamin Lincoln Greene informs Lincoln that he is taking measures to obtain clothing for the troops. He reports that he has on hand only a small part of his army's winter clothing. After issuing clothing to the troops going to the north he will have only a small pittance left. Greene discusses his financial arrangements for paying for the clothing through bills drawn on the Continental Army's Financier.
February 10, 1784 Account Settlements John Pierce M. Weare Discusses the settlement of several accounts.
February 26, 1784 A draught, mill stones, and an account. Samuel Hodgdon Benjamin Lincoln Discusses payment of a draught. Information on manufacture or importation of mill stones. Discusses an officer's account.
November 12, 1798 Manufacture of Lighter Guns William Neilson Alexander Hamilton Neilson experiment with materials and believed guns could be made with lighter material than brass currently in use. Neilson requested discussion on subject prior to Hamilton leaving "Seat of Government."
February 7, 1784 Knox writes to Hodgdon regarding honorary canon for General Greene Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon Discusses the honorary cannon to be presented to Major General Greene by resolution of Congress.
December 19, 1782 Clothing for the Southern Army from Charleston Nathaniel Greene Benjamin Lincoln Greene informs Lincoln that in consequence of Lincoln's orders Greene had taken measures to provide winter clothing to his soldiers. Greene reports that Banks and Company have furnished most of the articles wanted and will provide the rest. Complains that prices goods are high. Reports that demand for cloths among the planters is so great that clothing can sell at high prices. Contracts cannot be...
June 21, 1784 West Point Officers' Statement to Congress on Extralegal Financial Matters Officers of Garrison at West Point Congress of the United States A signed statement from the officers of the garrison of West Point who were being discharged from the army as to their reasons for appropriating, without legal authorization, monies intended for the subsistence of the garrison's remaining officers.
February 2, 1783 Difficulty of Providing for the Southern Army Nathaniel Greene Benjamin Lincoln Reports that Lieutenant Colonel Carrington has closed a contract with Mr. Banks for the subsistence of Greene's army. Greene reports the difficulty of finding merchants willing to contract with the army. Greene states that he will be able to adequately cloth his troops but at high cost. Most of the goods are in the hands of British merchants who were allowed by the government to ramain in the...