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October 11, 1793 Letter from Major Henry Gaither to Secretary of War Henry Knox expressing loyalty to Federal Government Henry Gaither Henry Knox Gaither assures Henry Knox that he will act only in accordance with the instructions of the Federal Government and suggests that Georgia Governor Telfair had no right to intimate otherwise. Expresses doubt that the Governor will raise the infantry and cavalry, despite that he was ordered to do so by Federal Government.
November 16, 1791 Protection of Frontiers Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Federal government to pay for militia to protect frontier counties.
July 23, 1789 Freeman responds to not receiving an appointment from Knox Constant Freeman Henry Knox Letter, asks to remain in Knox's graces for any future federal appointment.
March 25, 1786 Strengthening the Federal Government, Etc. Henry Knox General William Irvine Knox discusses British intentions regarding the evacuation of the Western Forts which they still occupy. He mentions the "federal convention" proposed by Virginia for strengthening the power of Congress to regulate trade.
December 31, 1788 Jackson Seeks the Secretaryship of the New Senate William Jackson Benjamin Lincoln Jackson asks for Lincoln's support in his quest for the position of secretary of the senate in the new government, which he sees as opening the door to a practice in the federal courts.
June 22, 1791 Concerning account at the Pay Office David Hopkins Joseph Howell Writes Capt. Howell at the Pay Office discussing the settlement of his account, vouchers, and other concerns. Since the close of the war, it was a matter of indifference whether they or not until public credit rose by the establishment of the new Federal Government.
February 25, 1787 Discusses the Waldo Patent and the Kennebec Claim Henry Knox Henry Jackson Discusses federal assistance to Massachusetts during Shays' Rebellion. Details on location of officers and their troops and the interaction of federal troops with Massachusetts troops and interference of Congress in state affairs. Pay and subsistence received for Humphrey's troops. Addressed Kennebec and Plymouth claims.
November 28, 1796 State of Political Affairs, 1796 Charles Carroll James McHenry Carrol ruminates on contemporary politics and worries that the election of Thomas Jefferson may prove damaging to the federal government.
April 15, 1789 A Post in the Administration of the General Government Benjamin Lincoln George Washington Lincoln expresses interest in a position in the general government and also comments on the tension between the states and the central government within the federal system.
May 11, 1789 Autograph Letter Signed [not available] [not available] Letter, discusses apointees re Federal Government; discusses personal misfortunes.
May 18, 1799 Baltimore Declines McHenry's Plan of Funding, Asks for Officer to Re-Determine Estimate for Completion of Fort McHenry Robert Gilmor James McHenry Happily agrees with McHenry that the defense of Baltimore is of interest to both the government and the Baltimoreans, relating the ways in which Baltimore has always shown its support for the federal government, and expresses a wish that no unnecessary expense be paid for Baltimore's defense. Declines McHenry's proposal that the committee undertake Mr. Foncin's plan of defense with $10,000 more...
June 16, 1789 Fosdick discusses his application for federal appointment with Knox Nathaniel Fosdick Henry Knox Letter, discusses application to federal appointment.
September 16, 1789 Sullivan Recommends James Wheelock to Knox John Sullivan Henry Knox John Sullivan recommends James Wheelock, brother to the new president of Dartmouth College and son to the late president of that university. He has a liberal education, is faithful and industrious, and is qualifed for a position in the new federal government.
August 20, 1793 Request for Cases Henry Knox Governor Josiah Bartlett Governor requests that all future cases be brought before judicial tribunal instead of the federal government pursuing cases.
June 16, 1789 Knox discusses federal appointments with Carrington Henry Knox Edward Carrington Letter, alludes to Constitution; discusses federal appointments.
October 14, 1793 Letter from Captain Constant Freeman to Secretary of War Henry Knox on James Seagrove's failure to go into Creek Indian country, efforts of Georgia militia, and a suggestion that the Governor Telfair may call off further offensive operations unless sanctioned by Federal Government Constant Freeman Henry Knox Captain Freeman reports that James Seagrove has not gone into Indian Country for reasons Seagrove has already explained. Suggests that general war with Creeks is inevitable unless Federal Government express its disapprobation of the measures taken by the Georgia authorities. Success of Colonel Melton's invasion has given the people a desire for more expeditions and more prisoners. Suggests that...
September 23, 1793 Letter from Captain Constant Freeman to Secretary of War Henry Knox on conflict between state of Georgia intentions with Creek Nation and those of Federal Government Constant Freeman Henry Knox Freeman notes the great contradiction between the designs of the Governor of Georgia Telfair and the militia, and the designs of the Federal Government with regard to military strategy against the Creek Nation. Freeman laments that, knowing that offensive operations against the Creeks are not part of the federal strategy, he wonders if he should interfere with Telfair's offensive designs against...
November 26, 1798 The Case of Lieutenant Cobb James Jackson James McHenry Jackson discusses the case of Lieutenant Cobb who, because of a derangement of the Army, lost two year's opportunity to rise in rank. He has been reinstated in the Artillery but now finds himself in the position of having to obey those he once commanded. He and his family are honest and respectble and zealous friends of the federal government. Jackson requests that Cobb be given command of one of...
August 1789 Brooks solicits a federal appointment from Knox J Brooks Henry Knox Letter, asks for federal appointment.
March 28, 1793 Letter from Governor Telfair to Major Gaither regarding murders and outrages by Creeks against whites in County of Glynn Governor Edward Telfair Henry Gaither Governor Telfair has received a report regarding murder of whites at Glynn County by Creeks. He asks Major Gaither to find out what can be obtained by Federal Government in order to deal with emergency.
March 27, 1789 Six Members Short of Forming a Government Henry Knox George Washington Knox reports that Congress is 6 members short of forming a government. He estimates it will be 1 April before sufficient members are present in New York. He mentions that Colonel Hanson of Alexandria will be responsible for ensuring the delivery of the desired Hartford cloth and federal buttons (made in New York) to Washington.
September 14, 1793 Government to Pay for Expenses of Returning Confiscated Ship & of Connecticut Militia Henry Knox Samuel Huntington Responds to a request for procedure regarding the return of a captured Brig, Nancy, to her owners, after being confiscated by two illicit privateers, Petite Democrat and Caramagnole. Knox says that the cost of seizing and returning the ship will be paid by the federal government, rather than her owners, though if the ship's cargo is to be sold in its current port it still must pay the usual...
December 4, 1786 Shortcomings of the Current System of Government Benjamin Lincoln George Washington Lincoln appears to be commenting on the weaknesses of the central government of the Confederation. Those whose interests are undercut by the current system, namely creditors and holders of securities, will probably support strengthening the government with a revised constitution.
September 16, 1795 Concerning remitted funds William Simmons Governor Robert Brooks Informs Governor Brook that the Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Jackquilin Ambler, will be remitted funds from the federal government for services rendered by the state militia.
July 15, 1789 Knox replies to Captain Constant Freeman Henry Knox Constant Freeman Letter, advises re federal appointment.