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December 8, 1784 Service of Ezra Coates William Winchester Office of Army Accounts, Paymaster General, Pay Office (1783-1792) William Winchester sends the paymaster general a voucher attesting to the service of Ezra Coates.
June 13, 1795 Recommends Samuel Chase as Chief Justice James McHenry George Washington Recommends Samuel Chase as chief justice in the judicial department. He has demonstrated great patriotism.
August 20, 1784 Account settlement John Pierce Ezra Badlam Discusses the settlement of Badlam's account.
July 22, 1796 Enclosed Document Samuel Chase James McHenry Plans to discuss enclosed document when Chase meets McHenry at future date.
January 21, 1797 Estate of Corporal John Chase for pay in Captain Bone’s Company William Simmons [not available] Simmons certified payment of $28.00 to the estate of John Chase for pay as a corporal in Captain Bone’s Company from 1 April to 18 September 1793, the date of his death. Money is payable to William Snodgrass, who is the attorney to Samuel Perkins, the administrator of estate.
August 3, 1796 Pay of Ensign George Chase, Deceased Peter Hagner James McHenry Hagner certifies that $54.80 is due Ensign George R. Chase, late of Captain William Buchanan's Company of Levies, being the balance of his pay from May 2 to Nov. 4, 1791, the day he was killed in action.
October 24, 1799 Names of Candidates for Vacant Position James McHenry Samuel Chase Candidates for Mr. Paca's position discussed.
January 19, 1799 Recommendation of Doctor Warfield, Etc. Samuel Chase James McHenry Among many other matters, Justice Samuel Chase recommends Doctor Warfield of Baltimore for a position as surgeon on a vessel of war.
April 9, 1799 Certification of payments; Peter Morgert, reward for apprehending William Leabrook deserter under Ensign George R. Chase William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payments; Peter Morgert, $10 reward for apprehending William Leabrook, deserter under Ensign George R. Chase, 1st Regiment, payable to Hugh Barclay.
January 26, 1796 Accepting the Appointment as Secretary of War James McHenry George Washington After some hesitation, McHenry accepts his appointment as Secretary of War and will begin preparations for his move to Philadelphia. [Samuel] Chase will also accept his nomination to a seat on the Supreme Judicial Branch.
October 4, 1798 Baggage Expenses; Extracts of Various Letters George Salmon James McHenry Submits expense report for transportation of baggage. Outlines their baggage needs during a campaign. Includes extracts from the Baltimore Intelligencer, a letter from Mr. Hindman, Charles Carroll, George Salmon, and Samuel Chase to McHenry on various topics.
1800 The Old Crew of the Ship U.S. James McHenry [not available] The author uses the metaphor of the United States as a foundering ship whose able officers have certainly earned their wages. One of these gentlemen is adept at proclamations so Judge Chase is urged to study his last composition for hidden and mystical meaning. The other gubernatorial chief cannot be too highly praised for his sagacity and profound skills in the laws of nations.
January 31, 1796 Plans for Travelling to Philadelphia James McHenry George Washington Mr. Chase is extremely pleased with his appointment and will set out by stage for Philadelphia soon. Despite a bad cold, McHenry plans to travel by horseback but his journey may be delayed as he severs his connections in two mercantile partnerships.
April 17, 1799 Questions on Discharge James McHenry Samuel Chase Discharge of soldier under Gen. Hamilton's command to be examined. Enclosed extract answers previously posed questions by Chase. Requests opinion of people regarding the absence of the president.
July 19, 1798 Cited letter or document, Samuel Chase to James McHenry Samuel Chase James McHenry Letter, Citation only.
April 28, 1800 Opinion regarding an official printer for the president Samuel Chase James McHenry Discussed question of appointing an official printer for national gazette. Stated Constitution authorized the President to nominate a printer. Chase supported the proposal to authorize a public printer.
December 10, 1797 Illegible Document Samuel Chase James McHenry Illegible document.
November 21, 1796 No Sale of Land in the Vicinity of Snake Creek, Etc. Ezra McKinley Timothy Pickering McKinley assures Pickering and Hodgdon that he has made no sales of their land near Snake Creek nor has he undertaken any negotiations to do so. He would, however, be happy to see some settlement on their lands and is currently encouraging a settlement on his adjoining land. The Connecticut legislature has done nothing to infringe on the rights of the proprietors.
July 8, 1799 Concerns about the Corporation Bringing Water to the City Samuel Chase James McHenry Writes about the Corporation no longer bringing water into the city.
December 4, 1796 Lists Support for Jefferson and for Adams Samuel Chase James McHenry Refers to tension between Jefferson and Adams, listing their support.
July 20, 1784 Account settlement Ezra Badlam John Pierce Discusses the settlement of the account of his army detachment.
December 18, 1796 Refers to National and State Constitutions and Delegations to the Governor Samuel Chase James McHenry Speaks of delegate to Governor. Requests information. Refers to national and state constitutions.
March 29, 1797 Treaty with the Mohawk Nation of Indians Isaac Smith [not available] A Treaty, held under the authority of the United States, with the Mohawk nation of Indians, residing in the province of Upper Canada, within the dominions of the King of Great Britain.
September 24, 1796 Nomination of Presidential Successor Samuel Chase James McHenry Notice that Electors nominated Senators for succession of President. Mentioned Chesley of Calvert.
January 21, 1796 Pondering a Change of Position James McHenry George Washington McHenry asks for more time to render his decision as to whether or not he will accept Washington's nomination to be the next Secretary of War;