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December 20, 1789 Letter of Attorney Ezekiel Sanky Robert Prise Document certifying the service of Ezekiel Sanky, late soldier in the Pennsylvania Line.
October 15, 1794 Payment to Ezekiel Freeman salary as agent for war department state of Georgia Constant Freeman Joseph Howell Constant Freeman requests payment of $156 to his brother Ezekiel.
February 19, 1794 Account of Ezekiel Campbell Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for Ezekiel Campbell, late private in the 3rd South Carolina Regiment.
March 14, 1791 Power of Attorney for Various Soldiers Ephraim Steel Unknown Recipient Power of attorney for various soldiers and officers.
October 15, 1794 Payment to Ezekiel Freeman on account of Constant Freeman salary as agent for war department state of Georgia Constant Freeman Joseph Howell Receipt for payment to Ezekiel Freeman on account of Constant Freeman salary as an agent for the War Department in the state of Georgia.
May 17, 1799 Refers to Medicine at Massace for Troops at Lofties's Cliffs; Sends Ezekiel King for Assistance Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Assumes that the General will write to the proper authorities at Massace [?], directing them to forward medicine to the troops at Lofties's Cliffs [?]. Reports stores forwarded by Captain Lyman. Reports that Mr. Witherous declines quitting his situation with Mr. Harris. Ezekiel King will come to Craig's assistance, bringing his family. King's recommendations have passed through the accountant's...
1790 Claims for Land John Duncan War Office Claims for land presented at the War Office by John Duncan, attorney to the following soldiers.
December 11, 1790 Cornell writes to Knox regarding pay and allowances Ezekiel Cornell Henry Knox Letter, pay and allowances
June 7, 1799 Pay & Accounting Issues Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig discusses pay and accounting issues with Samuel Hodgdon.
June 21, 1799 Travel & Shipment Expenses Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig discusses travel and shipment expenses with Samuel Hodgdon.
May 7, 1799 Filling the Position of Clerk to Colonel Craig Ezekiel King Samuel Hodgdon Having heard that Colonel Craig is looking for a clerk to come to Pittsbugh, King declares that he is interested in the position. Though he wishes to leave Philadelphia with his family , he is concerned about the expense in moving so great a distance. Therefore, in addition to requesting a recommendation, he asks Hodgdon about possible assistance.
September 17, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Alexander Pope Simmons informs Pope to expect payment from Edward Carrington.
March 31, 1796 Pay & Subsistence of frigate Captain John Talbot William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $334.70 is due John Talbot, Captain of one of the Frigates, for his pay and subsistence from January though March 1796.
June 24, 1795 Request for Information on Balance of Account of Soldier to be Discharged Alexander Gibson William Simmons Gibson requests the balance of pay and clothing for two soldiers who are leaving the service.
September 10, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Samuel Eddins Simmons explains accounting discrepancies to Eddins.
May 17, 1799 Supplies for Troops, Assistance for Craig Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig General to write commanding officer at Massac to select and forward pants and portions to troops at Loftus Cliffs. Information on Capt. Lyman's situation with Mr. Harris. Sent E. King to assist Craig. Recommendation enclosed.
April 16, 1792 An Attack in Our Canoe by Five Indians Ezekiel Abel Joel Rice This is a deposition given by Ezekial Abel to Joel Rice, with regard to an incident in which Abel and another man were attacked in their canoe by five Indians.
January 6, 1788 Documenting Indian expenses John Woods Unknown Recipient John Woods documents the United States' expenses related to Indians, including the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations.
February 12, 1794 Pay roll of the militia guard, 09/22/1793 to 10/19/[1793]. Thomas Holt Accountant's Office List of names and pay of soldiers employed to guard the public arsenal in New London, Virginia.
October 17, 1797 Request for Account Information or Refund William Simmons Ezekiel Price Money advanced to Price by James Mott, Treasurer of New Jersey, for pay of 3rd New Jersey regiment called up to suppress an insurrection in the Western counties of Pennsylvania. The money that was issued on the order of Joseph Marsh, Paymaster to said regiment must be refunded to War Office since no vouchers were transmitted to Treasurer to exonerate Price. Col. Nevill was furnished with...
June 11, 1790 War Department's financial account with the United States Ezekiel Freeman Henry Knox Financial account of War Department
August 21, 1798 Enclosed Extensive List of Appointments with Notes Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Detailed list of recommendations for promotions within the armed services. Personal notations included by Hamilton and preferences for promotions.
July 3, 1794 Invalid Pension List Henry Knox Nathaniel Appleton List of invalid pensioners, including name, rank, monthly allowance, time from which the pensions are to commence, and the amount of pension.
June 1, 1790 Disbursments made by the War Department for treaty with Indians Ezekiel Freeman [not available] Account of sundry disbursements for Indian Treaties.