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February 2, 1799 Speaks of International Affairs, US Relations with Europe and Turkey William Smith James McHenry Writes of responsibilities of government while in war. Expresses concerns about US vessels sailing about the European seas. Mentions Turkey's declaration of war.
December 18, 1795 Delivery of Goods Matthias Slough Samuel Hodgdon Apologies for not submitting information regarding delivery of goods made to Fort Pitt. Information now enclosed.
July 27, 1799 Dismal State of U.S. and European Fiscal Affairs John Adams James McHenry Adams waxes depressedly about the state of U.S. financial affairs, comparing them to the similar dismal state of "debt and taxes" in Europe.
February 17, 1800 Commissary of Indian goods David Strong [not available] Request that the Commissary of Indian Goods issue textile goods for a party of Indians from St. Josephs.
January 18, 1796 Report on Loss of Contents of Boat, Prices of Goods John Overton David Henley Overton reports that a boat containing goods was lost on the Mississippi River. Notes that some goods intended for the Chickasaws.
May 1794 Letter from the War Office providing dimensions of various European Frigates [not available] [not available] Dimensions of several European frigates - copied from a list in the possession of Thomas Penrose, Philadelphia.Penrose's list provided to the War Office by Robert Morris
December 15, 1784 Discussion of Current European Politics John Adams Henry Knox John Adams sends to Henry Knox a letter in which he discusses European politics.
November 25, 1796 Shipment of Indian Goods Isaac Craig James McHenry Invoice of Indian goods arrived from Hodgdon with expectation that they will be forwarded to Fort Washington. Notification that Craig will not send goods forward until General arrives.
July 21, 1798 Receipt of Goods David Henley Samuel Hodgdon Letter, mentions that a few of the bales of goods received from Mr. Hamilton's teams were wet because of the continual rains.
October 22, 1795 Hodgdon sends invoice for goods to Chapin Samuel Hodgdon Israel Chapin Jr Letter, Hodgdon encloses invoice of annuity goods for Six Nations to Chapin; discusses goods for Six Nations; directs assistance to bearer.
June 26, 1795 Indian Goods Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Notification of shipment of Indian goods and Quartermaster's articles. Enclosed invoice.
April 23, 1784 Payment for Army goods Nathaniel Irish Samuel Hodgdon Discusses payment for goods ordered for the Army.
July 4, 1798 Demand for Goods, Indians to be Present at Treaty David Henley Samuel Hodgdon Mentions receipt of goods and that three to four thousand Indians will attend the treaty.
May 1, 1800 Goods to be Purchased for the Choctaws & Other Tribes John Harris Unknown Recipient Orders from the War Department to purchase goods to the value of one thousand dollars to be sent as a present to the Choctaw Nation of Indians with the same for the Wyandots and Delawares. To be purchased are the designated goods suitable for the annuities for the listed tribes of Indians for the year 1800.
April 1, 1797 Transportation of Goods Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig T. Martin and J. Hamilton transporting Indian goods for Chickasaws and supplies for cavalry. Instructions to forward goods to Fort Washington.
August 9, 1793 Refers to Stores, Supplies, and Indian Goods James O'Hara Samuel Hodgdon Refers to correspondence. Reports receiving the first of the stores. Hopes to have Indian goods at Pittsburgh as soon as possible.
February 9, 1799 Letter regarding shipment of goods [not available] Samuel Hodgdon Enclose an account of expenditures and trouble with shipping of goods from Philadelphia. Request payment to John Barnes. Have sent goods to destinations except for box of stationary.
April 10, 1795 Transportation of Goods Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Notification that Indian goods were forwarded to Fort Washington by boat, invoice of goods on hand. Quartermaster General will submit invoice to Pickering upon his arrival in Philadelphia. Mentioned lateness of delivery by contractors who used pack horses to transport goods due to misdirection. Advised improvement to roads for transport.
February 28, 1801 Request for the Particulars for Duties Paid on English Goods William Simmons William Chancellor Request for the particulars for the duties paid on goods imported from England
May 4, 1793 Remittances, Payments, Shipments of Goods Samuel Hodgdon James O'Hara Reports on receipt of money and warrants. Makes mention of Captain Prior, Doctor Brown and Indian goods sent.
September 5, 1798 The Ardor of Aiding the Country Benjamin Judah Alexander Hamilton Living in London, Judah offers to report on events occurring on the European continent which may affect the United States. .
July 10, 1798 Request for Orders to Furnish Space for Captured Goods Benjamin Stoddert James McHenry Schooner to be prepared for cruise by Humphreys, goods must be off-loaded. Stoddert requested room for storage of goods.
September 8, 1794 Indian Goods Nicholson & Taylor Samuel Hodgdon There remain fourteen packages of Indians goods which will be delivered to Capt. John Chisholm to be sent on to Knoxville by Governor Blount.
April 17, 1795 Indian Goods to be Forwarded Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Letter regarding clothing at Galliopolis received. Will attempt to forward personal property to Lieut. Monnet. O'Hara advised sending Indian goods to Fort Franklin and that he would submit documents to the Treasury for reimbursement on his trip to Philadelphia.
March 9, 1798 Transportation of Indian Goods Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Glad to hear Hamilton arrived safely with Indian goods and that the General doesn't require payment for broken glasses. Articles Craig requested will be forwarded shortly.