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November 1794 Summary of Speech on English Anthony Wayne [not available] Details of how Wayne would drive out the English presence in the West.
January 14, 1798 References English and French Political Parties Roach James McHenry Mentions English government and factions as Jacobians, Anarchists, Whigs, Tories, and other disorganized groups. Refers to a French party in America.
November 3, 1798 Delivery of English Steel James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver English (or Crawley's) steel to Harper's Ferry.
February 9, 1801 Certification of payment; Green and English, Printers for printing done for the War Office advertising sundry deserters William Simmons Samuel Dexter Certification of payment; $19.37 to Green and English, Printers for printing done for the War Office advertising sundry deserters from the Army.
October 14, 1799 Request for Stationery Winthrop Sargent Samuel Hodgdon Winthrop Sargent, Governor of the Mississippi Territory requested from Samuel Hodgdon to be delivered stationary.
March 25, 1800 Measurements of the Pace William S. Smith Alexander Hamilton Smith continues to conduct experiments on the proper measure of the pace. He is attached to the English time, 65 & 1/2 yards per minute, based on the approved Prussian system.
March 6, 1791 Alarm on the Frontier Isaac Craig Henry Knox Major Craig warms of hostile Indians marauding in the region surrounding Fort Pitt. In one incident, three men and one woman were killed by Indians who called to them in English.
October 4, 1796 Articles Very Necessary for the Indians, Etc. Israel Chapin Jr Samuel Hodgdon Among other concerns, Chapin mentions a quantity of powder and lead that is to be forwarded to his post. So far he has received some powder and flints but no lead. He hopes that they will not fail to arrive since they are articles needed by the Indians to go and pursue game. He is reassured that the Americans and English appear to be harmony at his quarter.
September 1795 Indian Speech to U.S. Commissioner at Fort George in Fall 1795 Anusene [?] [not available] Disputes U.S. statement that the Americans had no knowledge of prior Indian arrangements with "Governor Clinton" [presumably former Governor George Clinton of New York]. Refers to previous, intra-Indian land disputes which preceded the current negotiations. Rails against some third party for inciting war and bloodshed, but reaffirms that the Iroquois tribes have not made war on the United...
May 24, 1799 [No. 38: Duplicate] Return of Materials for Sale Rufus King [not available] Enclosed return of military stores in St. Domingo to Jamaica for sale. King requested the origin of the articles (English, French).
February 12, 1789 American Cloth Available in New York Henry Knox George Washington Knox responds to Washington's request for American cloth. Knox informs Washington that American cloth is inferior in quality to English cloth Knox also states that he has recently been ill.
July 24, 1796 Discussion of Caulking and Frigate Timbers Josiah Fox Joshua Humphreys Describes the method of caulking ships used in the English dock yards, and discusses timber for frigates.
April 28, 1799 [Extract of a Letter from Major Rivardi] Regarding Extra Pay John Jacob Rivardi [not available] Dispute over extra pay awarded soldiers in Detroit. Rivardi quoted multiple documents by several authors supporting his claim for extra pay, disproving Simmons verdict of "inadmissible" on Rivardi's claim.
January 9, 1799 Forwarding Plan for English & American Interests Relative to Saint-Domingue [Haiti] Lord Grenville Rufus King Encloses a plan for the mutual commercial interests and safety of English Caribbean possessions and the southern American states in relation to Saint-Domingue [now Haiti, currently in slave revolt]. Requests a meeting, that the matter may be discussed and a recommendation be sent to America.
December 18, 1798 Hamilton's Pay & Emoluments, Etc. James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry assures Hamilton that he will address the question of Hamilton's pay and emoluments as early as possible. He intends to follow the English system for the recruiting service and will send a copy of the system to Hamilton for his perusal.
June 15, 1799 Recites Process of Supplying Troops; General Marching Orders Samuel Hodgdon Ebenezer Stevens All regiment arms requested must go through Stevens. Asks for English muskets in his keeping. Refers to the Articles of War from the Secretary of War. Reports number of store requests have been ordered. No order exists for determining quantity of stationary for each regiment. Reiterates general marching rule about wagons to carry baggage, supplies, provisions. Supplies for troops in the East...
March 20, 1792 Grow Up and Then We'll Kill You! Elijah Robertson William Blount Colonel Elijah Robertson describes for Governor Blount the Indian raids on two frontier families in which all but two small children were killed.
April 6, 1784 General Lincoln's Mill and Unsettled Matters Samuel Hodgdon Benjamin Lincoln Hodgdon felt dimensions given by B.Lincoln for mill stones were uncommonly large and requested additional instruction before Hodgdon contracted their procurement. Stones can be cut in England or in U.S. for similar prices, Hodgdon advised the English stones were superior. Found a man to run mills, description given. No news regarding bills or matter concerning Col. Hatch. Waiting on answer...
May 11, 1792 Hostility of the Creek Nation Toward the United States John Ormsbay [not available] In this deposition, John Ormsby expresses his alarm at the hostility of the Creek nation toward the United States. It appears that the English, French, and Spanish are making efforts to ally themselves with the southern Indians, against the United States. Creek chief General McGillivray is still favorable to the U. S. but William Bowles is part of the conspiracy against the Americans.
August 4, 1796 Pay of Ewell Wright & James Graham Peter Hagner James McHenry Hagner certifies that $78 is due Ewell English Wright, Artificer, and James Graham, a private in Captain Griffith McRee's Company of Artillerists and Engineers, being their pay from January through July 1790.
October 14, 1790 Regarding Carriage Accident & Vessel from Halifax Henry Knox Jeremiah Wadsworth Mentions a recent carriage accident, which the occupants escaped from unharmed; postscript appears to tell about a vessel which sailed from Halifax which brought whalers who left fearing they would be impressed by the British.
June 24, 1799 Application for captaincy and commentary on the Napoleonic Wars John Dennis James McHenry Congressman Dennis forwards a letter of recommendation from Capt. Newton for a particular individual's application for captaincy, insisting that he is a "good Federalist." Dennis proceeds to discuss events surrounding the Napoleonic Wars, expressing gratitude that the English, Turks, and Germans have united under a coalition to defeat Napoleon and that this will likely free the Dutch, Belgians,...
January 10, 1799 Discussions & Plans for English & American Recognition of & Trade With St. Domingo [Haiti] Rufus King Timothy Pickering Notes that the situation of St. Domingo [Haiti, now in slave revolt] poses some dangers to American interests, but also opportunities. Mentions discussion with Lord Grenville of England regarding concerted English and American action regarding Haiti, in which comparisons to American slaves were discussed. Says that a common opinion was not agreed upon, other than a strong feeling that each...
July 7, 1793 Response of Commissioners and Captain Brandt to Indian Speech of 07/07/1793 Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky Indians Northwest of Ohio River Regrets to hear reports of war, only peace intended by United States. Commissioners have authority from their government to negotiate.
May 24, 1796 Concerning rumors of western secession James McHenry Arthur St. Clair McHenry advises the Governor of the Northwest Territory on rumors of western secession.