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March 3, 1791 Treaty with the New Emperor of Morocco Congress of the United States [not available] In response to the terms of a treaty with the new Emperor of Morocco, $20,000 is appopriated to be paid from the revenue earned by duties on domestic distilled spirits and on such spirits imported from abroad.
August 12, 1791 Lillie discusses international politics with Knox John Lillie Henry Knox Letter, describes politics of Morocco; discusses present to Emperor.
May 15, 1797 The German Emperor's Intention to Make Peace, Etc. James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry notes that there will be a quorum in both Houses of Congress today and that it appears that the news that the Emperor of Germany intended to make peace is unfounded.
December 17, 1799 Reprehensible Actions of U.S. Consul in Relation to Morocco James McHenry John Adams Reports on the case of Mr. Pintard, a U.S. consul to Madeira, who apparently continued trade with parts of Morocco after being informed that it would be viewed as an act of war by the Emperor of Morocco. His actions dishonored himself both as a government official and a citizen. Finds him greatly reprehensible, and advises that his present consulship be revoked and no new consulship be offered...
July 18, 1799 Foreign Affairs James McHenry John Dennis McHenry discusses the situation in Europe and notes that negotiations between the Emperors of Germany and Prussia respecting preparations to meet the army of the Directory so as to extinquish their power in Italy and Switzerland. He discusses the Marquis de Lafayette who has the vanity to presume that he might become the instrument to reconcile the two hemispheres.
November 7, 1795 (Private) Various Treaties Timothy Pickering Anthony Wayne Heard rumors that Wayne was dead, hope to see him soon with reports of peace with Indians. Peace on all fronts of U.S. has been attained. Negotiations with Algiers commenced, emperor of Morocco has entered a peace treaty with U.S.. President has sent an ambassador to Chickasaw Bluffs to pursue peace with Spanish. Noted "white savages of Georgia have killed 17 friendly creeks!"
October 2, 1798 Foreign Affairs and Officer Recommendations James McHenry George Washington Since it will be necessary to begin enlistments to the southward , Washington should send his list of men to be assigned to the proposed four regiments. McHenry admits he is at a loss in selecting a commandant for the Artillerists and Engineers. Mr. King says that the Emperor of Germany and King of Naples have formed an alliance in case of an attack by France. The conduct of the US seems to have...
December 15, 1784 Discussion of Current European Politics John Adams Henry Knox John Adams sends to Henry Knox a letter in which he discusses European politics.
March 1797 Confidential Letter on Foreign Policy of U.S. Government Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton advised McHenry on sending an envoy to France to discuss terms of peace and land holding in North America. Hamilton feared that once Britain and Austria were eliminated from North America, France would try to gain control of North America. Advised providing naval force to convoys, and to form a provisional army.
January 29, 1796 Additional Provisions for Naval Equipment Committee of the Whole House of Representatives Mr. Park Discussed cost of frigates mandated to be built to defend U.S. trade against Algiers and change in size of frigates (as ordered by the President). Advised that some ship construction should proceed immediately while materials and labor are still available/present. The remaining materials are authorized to be dispensed with and remaining money be used to dispense the public debt; noting a peace...
September 9, 1797 News from the American Minister to Portugal William Loughton Smith Timothy Pickering Smith describes his experiences as Minister to Portugal with particular emphasis on the ceremony in which he was presented to the Prince.
December 8, 1795 Review of Political Alliances and State of Military George Washington Congress of the United States War with Northwestern Indian tribes concluded with treaty, which will be laid before Senate for approval. Discussed murders of Georgian citizens by Creek parties, treaty with Morocco, negotiations with Spain and Great Britain, and status of military.
January 12, 1786 Piracy of the Barbary States, Etc. Thomas Jefferson Nathaniel Greene Jefferson discusses Greene's inquiries regarding the sale of a ship and his arrangements for selling live oaks to European governments. Jefferson also discusses the piracy of the North-African Barbary states and the effect of piracy on U.S. commerce
June 7, 1799 No End to the Folly of Potentates, Etc. Alexander Hamilton George Washington Hamilton reports to the Commander in Chief on the status of the recruiting service, the appointment of officers in the northeast, and the distribution of officers in the western army. He also has information on events in Europe resulting from the publication of the Treaty of Camp Formio.
September 10, 1787 Giving Thanks to General Knox DuPlesses Henry Knox DuPlesses gives effusive thanks to Knox for his attentiveness and friendship during his time in America. Outlines the political situation in Europe.
April 29, 1797 Should the U.S. Send another Minister to France after the treatment M. Pickney received [?] James McHenry [not available] Document, discusses whether or not the United States should send another minister to France, after the ill treatment Mr. Pinckney received from the Directorate.
October 28, 1793 Treaty between Spanish and Indians King of Spain Creeks, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Cherokee Indians Head of a treaty between the King of Spain and the Creek, Chickasaw, and Cherokee Indians.
August 9, 1789 The United States Require Peace! Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Knox explains the foreign policy of the new government of the United States which is to avoid any involvement with the conflicting nations of Europe.
June 1789 Knox speaks of trade and foreign affairs with Wayne Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Letter, discusses trade and foreign affairs.
July 7, 1796 Construction of a frigate for the Dey of Algiers James McHenry George Washington McHenry informs Washington that there are a surplus of materials from the construction of three frigates that can be used for the construction of a frigate promised to the Dey of Algiers. McHenry asks Washington whether the Department of War or the Department of State should oversee this process. McHenry concludes by updating Washington on the French victory in Sardinia.
February 13, 1796 Concerning the protection of Lafayette's son and diplomatic relations with France James McHenry George Washington McHenry advises that Washington publicly receive and accept Lafayette's son under his protection and into his family, for Lafayette was currently imprisoned in Austria after attempting to flee France. McHenry argues that this action would aid relations the pro-French opposition in the United States, and that France could not rightfully object.
July 14, 1797 Pessimism over Public Affairs William Vans Murray James McHenry Letter, discusses foreign affairs; discusses French military.
May 19, 1785 Account of the Voyage to China Samuel Shaw John Jay This is Shaw's account of his voyage to China and his encounters with the Chinese people, often contentious, after his arrival in that country.