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September 19, 1796 Discussion of Frigate Ironwork James McHenry Josiah Fox Asks Fox to clarify with the Hills the cost for them to procure the iron; the United States will not furnish the iron.
September 23, 1796 Regarding Ironwork for Frigate & Payment For That Service Josiah Fox James McHenry Letter, encloses terms regarding iron for Frigate; asks for information regarding payments for iron work.
September 8, 1796 Letter to Blacksmiths Concerning Iron for Frigates Josiah Fox [not available] Letter, asks for terms regarding iron for Frigate
September 10, 1796 Terms for the Ironwork on Frigate James & Elisha Hill Josiah Fox Letter, discusses terms of iron work for small frigate; mentions cost of iron.
October 18, 1796 Discussion of Ironwork & Bolts for Frigate, & Frigate for Dey of Algiers Tench Francis Josiah Fox Procurement, discusses terms of iron work for Frigate; discusses Frigate for Dey of Algiers; discusses charge for cutting bolts.
October 6, 1796 Letter from the War Office to the Secretary of the Treasury regarding provision of iron and iron work for frigate constructed at Portsmouth New Hampshire [not available] Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Discusses letter from Josiah Fox and proposal by Elisha and James Hill to provide iron and iron works for frigate construction at Portsmouth New Hampshire. If no better terms can be found, asks for completion of contract.
September 28, 1796 Letter from Blacksmiths Concerning Cost & Specifications for Frigate Ironwork [not available] Josiah Fox Procurement, describes terms of iron work for Frigate; asks for advance of money to purchase iron.
January 20, 1797 Sundries Received by the Builder of the Frigate for the Mediterranean Service Edmund H. Quincy Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed return of sundries received from the contractor, James Hackett, for the construction of a frigate built for Mediterranean service. Notification that Hackett gave a receipt to Jacob Sheafe, naval agent, for the timber; plank, and bearings.
March 31, 1800 Certification of payment; Private Arden Hill, deceased, 2d Regiment of Infantry, for pay William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payment; $45.06 to Private Arden Hill, deceased, 2d Regiment of Infantry, for pay and sundry articles of clothing.
November 3, 1796 Regarding Blacksmiths' Work Aboard Frigate Josiah Fox Tench Francis Letter, describes terms of blacksmiths helping construct elements for a frigate.
June 5, 1799 Certification of payment; Elisha Hall William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payment; $1387.26 to Elisha Hall as late Secretary to the commissioners appointed to hold a treaty in the year 1798 with the Cherokee Nation of Indians.
April 14, 1798 Request for payment to Dr. Elisha Perkins for services 1797 Edward Price James McHenry Edward Price submits request for payment of $120 to Dr. Elisha Perkins. In related document, Perkins acknowledges receipt.
March 9, 1784 Pay Certificate to Elisha Ames John Pierce Unknown Recipient Discusses pay due to a soldier - Elisha Ames - in the First Massachusetts Regiment.
July 16, 1788 Money due to Captain Elisha Ely Jonathan Sherman Elisha Ely Explains money due in Mr. Pierce's certificates, which Pierce will explain
November 30, 1796 Discussion of Construction & Craftwork on Frigate, & Possible Suspension of Construction Colonel James Hackett Josiah Fox Letter, discusses progress on Frigate; asks for money to retain employees at yard; discusses suspending operations on Frigate; mentions British Navy; discusses payment for iron & iron work furnished.
May 22, 1787 Application of half pay in case of widow of Major Elisha Painter Jeremiah Wadsworth John Pierce Major Elisha Painter was in Colonel Baldwin's Regiment of artificers. He held other ranks in Continental Army. He died at New Haven Connecticut in January 1781 and his widow applies to the state of his half pay. Asks for documents, noting that time is short in reaching deadline for application.
May 2, 1800 Claim of Baylor Hill James McHenry William Simmons Letter to the War Department Accountant concerning a claim by the attorney of Baylor Hill, who allegedly served as a Captain of Cavalry in the 1st Virginia Regiment under the command of Col. Anthony White.
September 18, 1800 Elisha Beckwith Certifies Virginia Coal. Joseph Williams [not available] Elisha Beckwith certifies that he carries on the blacksmith's business and has examined the Virginia coal lying on the bank of Hartford. He finds the coal of good quality and "merchantable" for a blacksmith's use.
July 4, 1791 Deposition of Elisha Lee Elisha Lee [not available] In his deposition, Elisha attests to the fair treatment of the Indians during the exchange of land for just compensation between Oliver Phelps and the chiefs of the Six Nations. Never was there any attempt to intimidate the Indians.
July 1, 1799 Discussion of Claims of Elisah Hall with Commission to the Cherokees James McHenry William Simmons Reports on Elisha Hall's report on expenses during his service with the Cherokees, and requests proper documentation from Hall. Seeks to distinguish between Hall's private business and public service, and questions proper charges according to the treaty. Suggests claiming other expenses.
October 28, 1791 Account of William Hill John Stagg William Knox The bearer, William Hill of New York, is contractor for clothing. He has an account against the War Department and some of his vouchers are in Knox's possession. Knox is asked to give the vouchers to Hill so that his charges can be examined and his account settled.
February 26, 1788 Appointment of Major Painter John Pierce General Wadsworth Letter to General Wadsworth concerning the appointment of the late Major Elisha Painter to Colonel Seth Warner's Regiment.
September 1, 1800 Certification of payment; Doctor Jacob D. Williamson, for medicine and attendance on James Boyle and Elisha Athea, 8th Regiment of Infantry William Simmons Samuel Dexter Certification of payment; $22.50 to Doctor Jacob D. Williamson, for medicine and attendance on James Boyle and Elisha Athea, 8th Regiment of Infantry.
January 25, 1796 Pay of Private Elisha Barrow, Deceased of Captain Joseph Shaylor's Company 2nd Regiment William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $22.63 is due the estate of Elisha Barrow, a private in Captain Joseph Shaylor's Company 2nd Regiment, being the balance of his pay which is payable to Eleanor Bassett, his mother.
August 30, 1799 Overpayment of Elisha Reed's Pension James McHenry Thomas Perkins Since it appears that Elisha Reed's pension exceeds what he is due, Perkins is directed to stop payment on his pension for the period from March through September 1799. This will cover most of what he has been overpaid.