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February 19, 1800 Received Invoices for Clothing of 3rd & 4th Regiments David Henley James Miller Refers to letters received from Edgar Patterson with invoices and receipts for clothing, artillery, and cavalry and other items for Colonel Butler. Retains trunk from John S. Porter.
December 10, 1799 Citation Only Edgar Patterson David Henley Cited in Henley to Miller, 02/19/1800.
December 10, 1799 Citation Only Edgar Patterson David Henley Cited in Henley to Miller, 02/19/1800.
February 27, 1794 Report on the Petition of John Edgar Alexander Hamilton Frederick A Muhlenberg The Secretary of Treasury reports on the petition of John Edgar of Kaskaskias to the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Edgar claims to have given gifts to various Indian tribes in Illinois Country, in order to pacify their hostility to white settlers moving west. Edgar claims that he should be compensated for the gift-giving, since it was essential to preserving the lives and property of...
June 4, 1799 Refers to Recommentation in Patterson's Letter James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Requests attention to information contained in enclosed correspondence from Mr. Patterson.
September 6, 1799 Clothing Forwarded to Captain Gibbs James Miller Samuel Hodgdon At the request of Mr. Harris the following has been sent to Captain Gibbs at Bristol in hogshead No. 6: infantry private's coats and vests; sergeant's linen overalls; large buttons; and small buttons.
June 6, 1799 Concerns about Mr. Patterson and Troops at Easton James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Writes of communication with Mr. Patterson about troops in Easton. Expresses hope in recounting.
[not available] Voucher for Wood for Major Tousard. Edgar Patterson [not available] Voucher for wood for Major Tousard for $26.25 for sundry persons.
March 17, 1792 Certification of service William Wyman Joseph Howell Certification that Capt. William Wyman was in the service of Col. John Patterson during the Revolutionary War, enlisting soldiers. The document is certified by Patterson.
January 27, 1797 Closing of Patterson's account William Simmons Thomas Patterson Requests that Major Patterson provide his account and vouchers for monies received from the War Office so that Simmons can close his account.
March 15, 1800 Notification of Future Actions by Pay Master General William Simmons John W. Patterson Settlement of William Colfax, Contractor, showed Patterson drew extra rations therefore the Pay Master General will hold Patterson accountable for cost of extra rations. Simmons advised Patterson to be more careful in the future.
March 15, 1800 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Caleb Swan Order from Simmons to hold Capt. J.W. Patterson accountable for extra rations drawn for 24 recruits in June. Patterson to be charged $3.88 at the contract price of $0.16 per ration.
May 25, 1800 Letter Citation John Patterson William Simmons Cited in Simmons to Patterson, 05/28/1800.
September 21, 1797 Letter Citation David Patteson William Simmons Cited in Simmons to Patterson, 12/26/1797.
September 23, 1799 Clothing Forwarded for John W. Connahy & John Glendinings' Wagons James Miller Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed are invoices and receipts for clothing forwarded to Pittsburgh which then should be forwarded to their places of destination. Money would have been received sooner from Mr. Miller but for the death of his child.
March 30, 1786 Settlement of Patterson's account Joseph Howell Alexander Patterson Patterson's account cannot be fully settled until his account for recruiting a company in the Revolutionary War has been settled.
May 28, 1800 Rejection of Claims and Notification of New Rules William Simmons John Patterson Simmons notified Patterson that new ruling by Major General Hamilton stated that all reimbursement of the nature Patterson sought is to be done by the Paymaster General of the respective regiment. Simmons further denied the claims to expenses regarding travel of an officer to join his regiment.
October 16, 1797 Receipt of A.G.R. Patterson Caleb Swan James McHenry Swan transmits to McHenry the receipt of A.G.R. Patterson for the sum of $540 on account of the subsistence of the Army up to the 30th of September 1797.
March 10, 1790 Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts Joseph Howell Luke Broadhead Informs Broadhead that he, Broadhead, is mistaken regarding Capt. Patterson receiving certificates intended for Broadhead. In fact, Broadhead owes the U.S. so that amount was deducted from the certificate before it was sent with Capt. Patterson.
April 4, 1799 Certification of payments; Captain John W. Patterson, Regiment of Infantry William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payments; $34 Captain John W. Patterson, Regiment of Infantry, for pay and subsistence.
October 16, 1797 Certification of payments due; pay of Private Patterson William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $15.77 is due Private David Patterson, late of Captain John Smith's Company of Levies, being the balance of his pay for April 2, 1791, the date of his enlistment, to November 14, 1791, the day he re-enlisted.
March 28, 1784 Patterson's account John Patterson John Pierce Sends a deposition. Discusses the settlement of his account. Request his commutation pay in certificates. Requests payment of 200 pounds for money lent to his officers.
June 4, 1799 Pay Attention to Patterson's Letter James McHenry Alexander Hamilton "I think the information contained in the enclosed letter from Mr. Patterson [is] entitled to attention. The writer stands high in the opinion of Mr. Sitgreaves and I have always heard him spoken of as a man of honor and veracity. He was a candidate for one of the regiments. Be pleased to return me the letter."
September 9, 1786 Accounts adjusted John Pierce General Patterson Informs General Patterson that his accounts have finally been adjusted. The Office has allowed every voucher produced.
November 8, 1790 Extract of a letter from Slater to Patterson I.T. Slater Colonel Patterson Letter, describes Indian aggression; discusses casualties.