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April 26, 1799 The Plan for the Arrangement of the Artillery Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton presents a detailed plan for the arrangement of the artillery throughout the states of the eastern seaboard in addition to the western army.
June 9, 1791 Letter from the Secretary of War Henry Knox Butler Alerts Butler that Samuel Hodgdon is on his way to Fort Pitt and should be able to supply the campaign. There should be enough flour for Butler's post, but they will have to rely on live cattle for meat. Major Butler has been appointed to the Eastern Battalion. Colonel Proctor's mission failed, so General Scott's expedition will go forward; Butler is to send copies of Proctor's dispatches to...
June 16, 1791 Brandt's Mission of Peace, Etc. Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Knox reports on the status of sundry troops and supplies as well as the mission of Joseph Brandt to be establish peace between the Western Indians and the United States.
January 30, 1784 Pay for Officers of a Disbanding Battalion E. Bunschoton John Pierce Bunschoton requests that Pierce provide pay for the officers of the Battalion now being disbanded. He says that the orders for discharge did not arrive until the 5th so the men could not be discharged until the 6th. Most of the men have not been paid for four months and are far from home. Without their pay, they would have a difficult time getting home.
April 28, 1791 Status of Detachments Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Knox reports on the status of the various detachments who are joining the expedition to the western frontier. He has heard nothing from Maryland and Virginia but understands the recruiting is going well in both places. As soon as the detachments arrive at the frontier, St. Clair is to deploy them and then dismiss the militia.
May 16, 1799 Disposition of the Officers of the Two Regiments of Artillerists and Engineers Alexander Hamilton [not available] In these General Orders, Hamilton explains the assignments of officers of the two regiments of Artillerists and Engineers.
July 22, 1791 Jackson makes recommendation for appointment to Knox Henry Jackson Henry Knox Letter, discusses maps of Eastern Massachusetts; recommends candidate for Post Master General.
March 9, 1797 Charge as battalion adjutant not allowed William Simmons Nehemiah Freeman Notifies Freeman that a charge on the payroll of the 4th Battalion at West Point for an officer, Mr. Dransey, acting as adjutant cannot be allowed as no members of the battalion are present at West Point
May 3, 1793 Legionville, Knox's Eastern tour, war in Europe, and Burbeck's rank John Stagg Henry Burbeck Letter, mentions affairs in Legionville, Knox's Eastern tour, war in Europe, and Burbeck's rank.
March 29, 1794 Fortifications on the eastern seaboard Henry Knox Alexander Hamilton Letter from the Secretary of War to the Secretary of Treasury concerning fortifications on the eastern seaboard.
November 19, 1791 Questions about Rations for Discharged Men Edward Butler Samuel Hodgdon Refers to command of the 2nd battalion and relationship with Mr. Ward, quartermaster. Expresses concerns about battalion bills for rations and discharged men.
March 12, 1792 Document Signed [not available] [not available] Payment Warrant for quartermaster of the Maryland Battalion of Levies.
June 9, 1791 Supplies and Defense of the Frontier Henry Knox Major General Richard Butler Arrival and location of materials and supplies for campaign west to establish posts. Noted status of regular troops called up to defend frontier.
May 27, 1800 Suspend Raising the Battalion of Artillerists James McHenry Alexander Hamilton It is thought proper and expedient to suspend raising the battalion of artillerists additional to the second regiment of Artillerists and Engineers.
February 10, 1799 Second Company of A & E Should Be Ordered to Bretons Point, Etc. Lewis Tousard James McHenry Tousard makes a number of recommendations relative to the deployment of forces in the northeast.
November 29, 1799 Discussion of Susquehanna Indians William Hindman James McHenry Discussion of Susquehanna Indians
March 21, 1792 Payment Warrant, for Robert Swails, Quartermaster of Battalion of First Regiment of Levies. Henry Knox Joseph Howell Payment Warrant, for Quartermaster of Battalion of First Regiment of Levies.
October 1, 1799 Arrangement of the Companies in the 1st. Battalion of Artillery Henry Burbeck [not available] Arrangement of the Companies in the 1st. Battalion of Artillery, annexed to the Western Army, under the Command of Major Rivardi, 1st October 1799.
November 4, 1791 Sketch by Colonel Sargent, Adjutant General, of St. Clair's plan of encampment and subsequent retreat on 4 November 1791 at Battle of Wabash River Winthrop Sargent [not available] Sketch was made by Colonel Winthrop Sargent, Adjutant General under General Arthur St. Clair. It shows the disposition of forces during the defeat of St Clair's Army by Miami and Shawnee Indians. Because both commanding generals Butler and St. Clair were sick on the day of the battle, Sargent was in charge of supervising the encampment. Sargent was later wounded during the battle. Sketch depicts...
January 6, 1800 Edward Wright to John Harris Edward Wright John Harris invoice for blankets and flints arrive with aforementioned supplies. Enclosed letter to brother who lives in Queen Anne County on Eastern Shore of Maryland. Letter contains bill, request for it to be honored with instructions on proper submission.
April 8, 1791 Take the Command of General St. Clair, Etc. Henry Knox Major General Richard Butler General Butler should locate the person commanding the Virginia battalion and give him the necessary money and orders. Colonel Rawlings has declined the Maryland battalion but might accept the regiment if Colonel Hall declines. General Butler is to go to Carlisle to repair deficiencies in the battalions of levies at that place and then he should proceed to the frontier to take the command of...
May 12, 1791 Status of Sundry Forces Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Knox reports on the status of the sundry forces that will join General St. Clair's expedition. Indian goods are being sent should St. Clair have the opportunity to treat with the Indians.
August 15, 1792 Receipt for Pay Martha Facundis Joseph Howell Martha Facundus received $3 from Joseph Howell, on account of her husband's pay as soldier in First Battalion of Artillery.
June 6, 1799 Circular to Four Captains in the Battalion Commanded by Adam Hoops Alexander Hamilton [not available] "Your company is to form part of a battalion under the command of Major Hoops. You will, therefore, hereafter communicate with him and receive his orders; making all your returns to him. Your letters for the present will be addressed to him at New York, endorsed on public service with your name. I send you a set of new recruiting instructions to which you will strictly conform in whatsoever is...
November 19, 1791 Recruits to Proceed to West Point Bezaleel Howe Henry Knox Money due for pay and subsistence received, recruits gathered from Eastern States to proceed immediately to West Point.