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July 9, 1790 Discussion of Transportation of Military Stores from Rhode Island Jeremiah Olney Henry Knox Letter, discusses transportation of public stores from Rhode Island.
December 16, 1797 Delivery of Shot for Ship Bound for East Indies James McHenry [not available] Grape shot and nine pound shot to be delivered, storekeeper to be paid.
March 4, 1794 Discussing the Rhode Island general assembly and improving the plight of negro soldiers Archibald Crary Benjamin Brown The letter mentions the general assembly adjourned a Saturday to meet on a Monday at the end of the month. The assembly made provisions for a general election as well as grant the charter for a bridge. The comptroller has not written anything to Governor Bowen or Colonel Olney regarding negro soldiers, and Olney appears to be unwilling to do anything to help improve their situation.
August 4, 1792 Updates on East Florida, Georgia, Recommendation of Leonard James Seagrove Henry Knox News that reinforcements have arrived. Requests employment for Mr. James Leonard.
June 27, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons John Stagg Simmons sends certificates to Stagg.
April 16, 1799 Capt. Williams' Leave of Absense James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry asks Hamilton to approve the request of Captain Williams to take a leave of absense, without pay, to travel to the East Indies.
March 25, 1797 Movement of Troops to East Side of Mississippi Don Manuel Gayoso de Lemos Lieutenant Piercy Smith Pope Details regarding the movement of troops to newly acquired land from treaty between U.S. and Spain.
May 23, 1799 Conference with the Creek Indians Benjamin Hawkins James McHenry The Superintendent of Southern Indian Affairs reports on a conference with the Creeks, also mentioning diplomatic relations and cooperation with Spain. States that if there is to be any Indian opposition, it will come from the Seminoles in East Florida.
May 5, 1797 Evacuation of Posts on the Mississippi Lieutenant Piercy Smith Pope Don Manuel Gayoso de Lemos Pope explains to Gayoso de Lemos that he knows of no pending negotiations respecting the late treaty and therefore has every reason to expect that the evacuation of Spanish posts on the east side of the Mississippi should have been carried into effect.
March 5, 1789 Return of Pensions Paid to Invalids of Rhode Island. Jeremiah Olney Henry Knox Return of pensions paid to invalids of Rhode Island.
January 3, 1799 Assessing Captain Hill's Plan William MacPherson Alexander Hamilton MacPherson solicits Hamilton's opinion regarding plans for fortifications around New York's harbor.
April 27, 1795 Discussion of Frigate Bolting Timbers Josiah Fox Joshua Humphreys Letter, discusses bolting timbers in 44 gun Frigates.
October 15, 1797 Request for Information on Pertinent to Congress, Especially Regarding Sickness in Philadelphia John Adams James McHenry Informs McHenry that the Adams family will be at either East Chester or New York until the next meeting of Congress; tells McHenry how to address letters so they will reach him. Asks McHenry to inform him of any issues he thinks should be brought up at the next meeting of Congress, especially of the state of the current sickness in Philadelphia, as Adams is anxious to safeguard the health of the...
September 26, 1799 Accounts of Articles Furnished by William Colfax to Garrisons at Fort Jay and West Point William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Accounts of Articles Furnished by William Colfax to Garrisons at Fort Jay and West Point and to 12th Infantry Regiment at East Chester under command of Colonel Smith.
August 13, 1798 Appointments of Adjutant General and Gift George Washington James McHenry Mentioned previous letter sent by Washington to McHenry regarding lack of communication to Washington on all military decisions. Thanked McHenry for his inclusion in more recent decisions. Noted Mr. Talmadge's positive opinion of the cavalry. Inquiry into obtaining tin box from a friend in the East India Company.
February 17, 1795 Letter from distressed mother who has lost her son Mrs. Mary Dunn Joseph Howell Apologizes for troubling Joseph Howell. Notes that her son has died, an officer in the light dragoons under General Anthony Wayne. Notes that she has a receipt from Major Winston for $80, the amount of her late son's property. Applies to Howell regarding this amount.
February 23, 1799 Division of New Jersey into Recruiting Districts Aaron Ogden Alexander Hamilton Ogden provides his suggestion for dividing New Jersey into recruiting districts.
October 24, 1797 On Defending the Constitution John Adams William Walter Praises Walter's defense of the Constitution.
October 27, 1797 Correspondence on military matters John Adams James McHenry Basic correspondence between President John Adams and Secretary of War James McHenry in which Adams largely agrees with the sentiments of McHenry and other officers such as General James Wilkinson.
July 17, 1794 Assurance of Compliance with Instructions Regarding Pay Roll Russell Bissell Joseph Howell Bissell promised to follow instructions regarding settlement and pay of troops. Previous receipt rolls deviated from the Circular Letter Instructions because Bissell had not received it.
March 4, 1790 Return of Invalids of Rhode Island Paid Their Annual Pension Jeremiah Olney [not available] Return of Invalids of Rhode Island paid.
June 12, 1799 Recruiting Service will be Obstructed William Willcocks Alexander Hamilton "...I take the report to is probable that in a few days the recruiting service will be obstructed for the want of bounty money, independent of all other occasions..."
March 9, 1788 Discusses Trades with the Delawares and the Moravian Indians Josiah Harmar Henry Knox David Zeisberger, Moravian Indian missionary, has requested an exchange of corn for powder, linen, etc. Refers to encounter with Captain Pipe, chief of the Delawares, who met with Ensign McDowell in great friendship and respect. They intend to trade furs with contractors.
April 13, 1797 Garrison to take over evacuated Spanish Post Lieutenant Piercy Smith Pope Captain Burguard Notification that Pope would move with troops to take over evacuated Spanish post.
December 13, 1798 Unfounded Suspicions of Colonel Smith William Smith James McHenry An alternative to William Smith has been presented for the post of Lieutenant Colonel Commandant. Apparently Smith has been charged in the opinion of his fellow citizens with serious misconduct.