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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
October 13, 1798 Bounty Paid to Recruits & Money for Musicians William Deveaux [not available] Enclosed are five duplicate receipts, three for bounty paid recruits and two for the money paid a drummer and fifer for attendance during recuiting parties around Savannah at various times.
May 31, 1799 Requests Discharge James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Writes of recruiting efforts in Pennsylvania with Captain Barton. Distinguishes between the provisional army and the regular army. Requests appropriate discharge.
June 17, 1796 Enclosed Muster and Pay Rolls with Abstract Isaac Craig William Simmons Enclosed muster and pay rolls with abstract.
January 8, 1798 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Capt. Miller William Simmons Edward Miller William Simmons informs Capt. Edward Miller that John Chester will pay him. Simmons provides Miller with his calculations for pay.
August 27, 1798 Potential Officers of the Provisional Army Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton assesses the credentials of several of the men who have been proposed for positions in the Provisional Army.
January 12, 1797 Credit to Morris' account and muster and pay rolls William Simmons Staats Morris Acknowledges receipt of receipt rolls for Morris' company that will be credited on the books of the War Department accountantís office. Acknowledges receipt of muster and pay rolls. Money for the pay will be forwarded by John Kilty, federal supervisor at Baltimore. Mentions soldiers confined for desertion.
January 12, 1798 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Capt. Preston William Simmons William Preston William Simmons informs Capt. Preston of the sum passed to his credit.
July 3, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons James McHenry Simmons discusses the payment of Capt. Edward Miller's recruits with the Secretary at War.
June 28, 1794 Account of Wade Blair Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for Wade Blair, late private in the 3rd South Carolina Regiment
October 6, 1797 Alterations to Pay Rolls Submitted to Office William Simmons Andrew Marschalk Alterations to pay roll of recruits under Marschalk's command. Changes made to the pay of John Stapleton, John Weisenfelt, John Seamans, John Marshall, Patrick Bryne, David Prickett, James Seggarson, Calvin Pearce, James McGee, Thomas Thompson, William Butler, and Ephraim Fleming. P.S. Simmons included a receipt roll filled up agreeable to the remittance to serve for paying money.
August 30, 1800 Accounts Adjusted, with details William Simmons Hugh McCall Accounts of Paymaster General of Georgia received and adjusted. Balance found of $1,247.78. Amount due the United States. Account suspended until explanation for costs produced.
1791 Affidavit of Colonel John Harding, John Hardin [not available] This is the affidavit of Colonel John Harding relative to the inquiry into the conduct of General Harmar during the 1790 Indian campaign. Colonel Hardin found no fault with General Harmarís conduct.
July 26, 1791 Drum head for General Butler's son Isaac Craig Unknown Recipient Letter from Major Isaac Craig regarding a drum head for General Butler's son.
July 2, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Robert Osborn Simmons provides an account balance to Osborne.
November 13, 1797 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Major Tousard William Simmons Lewis Tousard William Simmons relays information to Major Lewis Tousard regarding Thomas Edwards.
October 24, 1793 Describes Indian Attacks; Lists Vouchers James O'Hara Samuel Hodgdon Refers to attack by Sergeants Rowland and Michaela's dragoons on Indians with one fatality, and another defeat under L. Lowry and Mr. Boyd with loads of corn. Lists vouchers. Refers to orders from the Commander in Chief to purchase horses in Kentucky.
April 22, 1799 Incentives for Musicians & Extra Allowances for Officers James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry explains the pay incentives that are available for attracting drummers and fifers and the circumstances in which extra allowances are allowed for officers.
April 11, 1794 Account of Thomas Powell Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for Thomas Powell, late drummer in the 3rd South Carolina Regiment.
January 28, 1786 Settlement with Hazen's Continental Regiment John Pierce Stephen Gorham Discusses details of the settlement of the pay of Moses Hazen's Regiment from the Revolutionary War
February 27, 1796 Account Current for Ensign Hugh McCall, Paymaster at Fort Pickering Hugh McCall William Simmons A three-page listing of the accounts of Ensign Hugh McCall, paymaster.
April 27, 1795 Manning the Post at Presqu' Isle Thomas Mifflin Timothy Pickering Governor Mifflin responds to Pickering's opposition to the post at Presque Isle by explaining how it could be adequately manned by state militia paid by the General Government.
July 4, 1797 Disposition of the Spanish Commandant Unknown Author James McHenry The author dispatched Ensign Scott to the Spanish Commandant at New Madrid to learn his disposition regarding General Wilkinson's letter describing the movement of the detachment.
January 2, 1795 An Act of Congress to Regulate the Pay of Non-Commissioned Officers of the Militia When Called into Actual Service Congress of the United States [not available] Rules governing pay, clothing, and allowances of bounty with details.
April 21, 1788 Captain Jones's account Margaret Jones Joseph Howell From the letter book of Joseph Howell, Assistant Commissioner of Army Accounts in the Board of Treasury's Office of Army Accounts. Captain Jones's widow discusses the statement of Captain Jones's account.
January 30, 1787 Organization and Uniforms of the Elements of the Legionary Corps Henry Knox [not available] Knox describes the organization and uniforms of the Legionary Corps of the following elements; the Cavalry; the Artillery; Rifle or Light Troops (Rifle Corps); the Infantry.