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April 26, 1794 Account of Samuel Brown Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for Samuel Brown, late private in the 1st Regiment of Light Dragoons.
February 5, 1794 Account of William Guillams Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for William Guillams, late private in the 3rd Regiment and 1st Regiment of Light Dragoons.
December 7, 1795 An act to ascertain and fix the military establishment of the United States. Jonathan Dayton [not available] Enacted into law standing outfit of dragoons, engineers, and artillerists. Describes in detail the governance and organization of this section of the military.
March 1, 1794 Account of Henry Lebo Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for Henry Lebo, late private in Harrison's Artillery of Washington's Dragoons.
November 16, 1795 Anthony Wayne's order for uniforms Anthony Wayne [not available] List of clothing to be procured for surgeons, dragoons, and officers.
June 11, 1796 Pay of the Army William Simmons Caleb Swan Discusses the pay of certain soldiers. Requests that as "the Army have not been paid regularly lately" and to conform to an Act of Congress Swan should in future regularly forward estimates of the pay of the Army. Discusses accounting of monies forwarded to a doctor and mentions that the "state of the Treasury" has delayed the pay of the Army for March, April, and May
March 17, 1797 List of Items for Light Dragoons James McHenry John Harris Order to deliver saddles, bridles, halters, etc. to Hodgdon for deliver to Pittsburgh.
September 12, 1791 Power of Attorney for Elizabeth Robins Elizabeth Robins [not available] Elizabeth Robins appoints Peter Manifold of New Town, New York as her lawful attorney. She asks to receive from the Commissioner of Army Accounts whatever money may be due her deceased husband, late lieutenant in the 4th Regiment of Dragoons.
December 10, 1794 Enclosed Account of Cavalry Equipment Samuel Hodgdon Joseph Howell Enclosed account of cavalry equipment (account annexed), which was forwarded to Maj. Habersham. Hodgdon is unsure if the equipment he lists is that Howell eluded to in his letter to Hodgdon. If so, the prices listed next to the equipment can be used to start an account.
November 13, 1795 Provisions and Transportation Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Sent beef cattle to Presque Isle, noted boats should be built to transport provisions. Saw mill neglected at Buffalo Creek and could not be repaired in time for winter. Noted the poor treatment of horses and circumstances for their death/injury. Noted that he should appeal to the Legislature of Pennsylvania for better conditions on the roads.
August 9, 1793 Supplies, Stores, Clothing, Etc. Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Craig discusses the status of a number of supplies, stores, and clothing.
[not available] Conversation between Governor Blount and Captain Handley William Blount Handley Blount interviews Handley about his captivity with the Cherokee and information he may have gathered while there.
July 23, 1792 Extract of letter from Jonathan Dayton Esquire to Secretary of War regarding purchase of horseman's saddles Jonathan Dayton Henry Knox Dayton states that he and Captain Stake have examined the horseman's saddles and have found them to be of good quality and well adapted for the dragoon service. There are 14 saddles and he recommends they be purchased from Mr. Williamson for 6 dollars each. In subsequent letter, Henry Knox asks 'Dayton to request that Williamson ship the saddles to Samuel Hodgdon for payment.
October 2, 1795 Indian Relations and Land Possession Timothy Pickering George Washington Noted Capt. Brant stated not all tribes were represented at Treaty of Greenville, but Pickering didn't believe there would be any hostilities. Mentioned British deserting and the procurement of posts from British possession.
August 25, 1794 Inventory of Military Stores New London Samuel Hodgdon Alexander Hamilton This is an inventory of military stores at New London. Items include cannon, shells, rockets, muskets, cartridges, swords.
April 3, 1800 Length of a Pacem, Etc. Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Alexander Hamilton Mentioned the forwarded arrangement proposed by Col. Butler for the completion of his regiment and the travel of detachments to meet Gen. Wilkinson, received Hamilton's changes to the arrangements. Provisionally appointed Capt. Beatty as Division Quartermaster, will require necessities and money for those expenses. Pinckney has, at Hamilton's request, conducted experiments on the length of a...
May 13, 1791 Account of Gideon Hawley Joseph Howell Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Letter to the Comptroller of the Treasury on the account of Gideon Hawley, late of the regiment of light dragoons commanded by Col. Sheldon.
December 13, 1798 Reorganization of Armed Forces, with details George Washington James McHenry Improvements to armed forces explained in detail. Washington suggested reducing the number of officers in the infantry and cavalry for multiple reasons. Washington also addressed the difficulty of obtaining materials and supplies for troops at a decent rate. It was advised that the President should be given the highest military rank due to his duties to the country and its citizens.
May 16, 1794 Bank Notes Isaac Craig Joseph Howell Bank notes can be cashed, no need to apply for exchanges. Muster and pay rolls for Wheeling attached, others not completed. Requests information on Andrew McCleary in order for him to obtain settlement of his accounts.
April 17, 1792 Account of Jonathan White Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Account of Jonathan White of the late 3rd Regiment of Dragoons.
December 13, 1798 Results from Assisting Generals Hamilton and Pinckney in Officer Appointments George Washington James McHenry Reorganization of states into military districts deemed unnecessary. Recruiting practices discussed with urgency, Washington advised preparation for war so as to be ready for possible engagements with Europe. Standing army, and allocated finances for military advocated. Advised on locations of magazines, winter quarters for troops, and forts.
November 18, 1792 Information of Movements & Situation in Northwest Indian Conflict, & Pension for the Family of Colonel Hardin James Wilkinson Henry Knox Reports his situation -- he has recently gained knowledge of the size and population of all the nearby Omee River Indian villages and the location of British agents among the Indians; notes the open support of Indians by the British, who have supplied arms & ammunition. Estimates Indian strength at 1200-1500 warriors; ranged against his own regulars and Kentucky mounted volunteers, Wilkinson...
October 27, 1796 Equipment for a Company of Dragoons Samuel Hodgdon Samuel Lewis Hodgdon provides Lewis with an accurate statement for the equipment of a Dragoon.
August 9, 1797 Enclosed Copy of Waste Book of the Agent for the Dept of War Stephen Hillis William Simmons Hillis encloses a copy of the records of the Agent of the War Department of payments made in July 1797. Items include payments for goods and services as well as salary payments.
May 30, 1793 Avoid Offensive Operations in Creek Country, Etc. Henry Knox Governor Edward Telfair In this letter, Knox conveys President Washington's reply to Georgia Governor Telfair regarding Indian tensions arising from robbery and murder at Traders Hill in March 1793. Washington advises that, because this is a critical period relative to foreign powers and treaty efforts at Sandusky in the north, Telfair should avoid offensive operations into the Creek country. Recommends using forces...