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October 1, 1788 Vouchers for Doctor John Brownley Benjamin Dawson Joseph Howell Encloses vouchers for Doctor John Brownley.
July 29, 1786 Account of Surgeon's Mate Joseph Howell Doctor John Brownley Account of Doctor John Brownley with the United States, serving as Surgeon's Mate in the 4th Virginia Regiment during the Revolutionary War.
August 25, 1786 Claim of surgeon's mate John Pierce Doctor John Brownley Informs John Brownley that his claim for pay as Surgeon's Mate has been received by the office, but has arrived past the date due.
October 20, 1788 Request for Settlement Denied, Papers Returned Joseph Howell Benjamin Dawson Examined several returns of the Virginia line, none mentioned Dr. Brownley. Records also show he never applied to Dunscomb for settlement of his accounts. Act of Congress forbids retroactive application for settlement. ONly a special act of Congress will allow his settlement.
July 29, 1786 Letter to the Commissioner of Army Accounts Doctor John Brownley John Pierce Discusses the settlement of accounts, certificates, and commutation pay with the Commissioner of Army Accounts.
July 7, 1786 General correspondence Doctor Joseph Savage Thomas Parker Doctor Savage writes Doctor Parker on various matters, including service.
May 11, 1784 Inability to certify a doctor's pay John Pierce Charles McKnight John Pierce encloses a letter to Doctor McKnight indicating his inability to certify the doctor's pay for 1781.
[not available] Account of Doctor Spaulding John Pierce Doctor John Spalding Informs Doctor John Spaulding that he is entitled to depreciation that the State of Connecticut is authorized to settle with him.
July 8, 1786 Affidavit of Doctor Joseph Savage John S. Woodcock Unknown Recipient Woodcock testifies that Doctor Joseph Savage swore under oath his previous service in the Army.
July 19, 1786 Certification in favor of Dr. Savage John Nevill [not available] Certifies that Doctor Joseph Savage was a surgeon's mate in the 4th Virginia Regiment.
November 19, 1784 Payment for Doctor Reed John Pierce Philip Audebert John Pierce sends to Philip Audibert a letter offering to make payment for Doctor Reed.
August 2, 1787 Mr. Pierce's request regarding Doctor Bond Joseph Howell Edward Williams Mr. Pierce says Doctor Bond has requested attention to claim of Doctor David Gould, who is charged with 2400 pounds. Information is sent for Williams' government.
March 18, 1786 Doctor's Certification of Service Samuel Stirk Unknown Recipient Certification of Doctor John Wandin's service as surgeon in a company of artillery in the Revolutionary War
May 12, 1795 Subsistence of Doctor John C. Wallace, surgeon's mate William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that the sum of $73.04 is due Doctor John C. Wallace, Surgeon's Mate, for his subsistence from September 1, 1792 to December 31, 1793.
October 28, 1786 Delivery of certificate John Pierce Major John Story Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts informing Major John Story that he is ready to deliver the appropriate certificate to Doctor Craigee (?).
April 2, 1789 Order for payment from James Wilkinson James Wilkinson Colonel Patterson Orders to pay doctor for services.
December 10, 1799 Certification of payment; Doctor James Hall, for medicine and attendance on Captain Ebenezer Massey and Doctor John Lynch, 1st Regiment of Artillerists and Engineers and troops stationed at Fort Mifflin William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payment; $220 to Doctor James Hall, for medicine and attendance on Captain Ebenezer Massey and Doctor John Lynch, 1st Regiment of Artillerists and Engineers and troops stationed at Fort Mifflin, Pennsylvania. agreeably to report of Doctor Shippen.
September 10, 1792 Assignment of Doctor Thomas Fairly Henry Knox [not available] Doctor Thomas Fairly assigned to service in Georgia to remain with troops.
July 1799 Payment to Doctor John G. Coffin from Captain Alexander Thompson Alexander Thompson William Simmons Simmons requests that Captain Alexander Thompson pay $80 to Doctor John G. Coffin for two months pay.
December 23, 1794 Reverend Doctor Jones Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Letter from Major General Wayne to the Secretary of War concerning the Reverend Doctor Jones and Isaac Zane.
July 4, 1784 Pay entitlement of Doctor Tillotson John Cochran John Pierce Discusses the pay entitlement of Doctor Tillotson in regards to the provisions for pay of the doctors assigned to the Medical Department. Discusses the settlement of his own account.
December 15, 1800 Certification of payment; Doctor B. Genet for pay and forage William Simmons Samuel Dexter Certification of payment; $144 [$124] to Doctor B. Genet for pay and forage.
February 2, 1801 Certification of payment; Doctor John Miller for medicine and attendance on Captain Nathan Henry, 8th Regiment of Infantry, Moorfield Virginia William Simmons Samuel Dexter Certification of payment; $6.75 to Doctor John Miller for medicine and attendance on Captain Nathaniel Henry, 8th Regiment of Infantry, Moorfield Virginia, agreeably to report by Doctor Joseph Strong, referred for taxation.
September 15, 1786 Debt of Doctor Brownson John Pierce Benjamin Walker Writes that the office finds by the certificate of Doctor Nathan Brownson that the latter is indebted to the United States in the sum of 986 dollars. Asks Colonel Walker how this debt was accumulated by Brownson.
May 21, 1787 Regarding Doctor Bronson's attendance at trial on passing of altered certificate Joseph Howell John Pierce Encloses continuation of registers to the loan officer of Virginia. Has written to Doctor Bronson. Fears that Bronson will not be able to attend trial. Cannot make use of his leg, which has been set twice.