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April 27, 1793 Regarding Accounts and Supplies Samuel Hodgdon James O'Hara Mentions bills and remittances; Captain Prior. Hopes that Doctor Brown's pay is agreeable to draft. Is preparing supplies for current year.
May 4, 1793 Remittances, Payments, Shipments of Goods Samuel Hodgdon James O'Hara Reports on receipt of money and warrants. Makes mention of Captain Prior, Doctor Brown and Indian goods sent.
March 6, 1800 Claim for extra compensation; Doctor Brown William Simmons James McHenry Claim for extra compensation; $815 to Doctor Charles Brown for attendance on sick Indians, and for rent of a house to treat sick Indians, with an extra charge attending Indians during the Treaty of Greenville, as stated by agreements with Generals Wayne and Wilkinson. Simmons goes on to question whether the claim is sufficiently substantiated, especially since at the time Dr. Brown was on the...
February 6, 1800 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons James McHenry Simmons asks the Secretary at War to determine the propriety of Doctor Charles Brown's charges for treating sick Indians during the Greenville Treaty.
March 26, 1800 Dr. Brown's Traveling Expenses James McHenry William Simmons Dr. Brown is entitled to one servants, thus he should be allowed to include his servant in his traveling expenses from Detroit.
September 28, 1796 Description of Detroit Doctor Charles Brown Samuel Hodgdon Delayed writing Hodgdon in hopes of visiting him, just received news Brown cannot leave Detroit. Describes Detroit, its inhabitants as mostly French with some Scottish merchants. Will procure a fox skin for Mrs. Hodgdon next spring. Mentioned Dr. Barton never received Brown's letter and collection of plants from Fort Jefferson. Supposed rebels in Pittsburgh destroyed them.
July 7, 1786 General correspondence Doctor Joseph Savage Thomas Parker Doctor Savage writes Doctor Parker on various matters, including service.
February 7, 1800 Unlawful Charges by Doctor James McHenry William Simmons The last letter from Simmons instructed Dr. Brown what vouchers were necessary for submitting for reimbursement. Discussed Dr. Brown's request for compensation for services rendered sick Indians in the Western Country and a charge for attending the Indians at the Treaty at Greenville. His charges are above those permitted by law, therefore he needs the approval of the Sec. of War. Elaborated on...
December 12, 1799 Account of Dr. Charles Brown James McHenry William Simmons Dr. Charles Brown, Surgeon of the First Regiment of Artillerists and Engineers, should be instructed as to what vouchers or evidence is necessary for his claim to be acted upon.
May 19, 1797 Doctor Scandella Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Mentioned arrival of Doctor Scandella, notable scientist, who will replace Doc. Brown who is detained in Canada with a broken leg. Orders to sell pack horse transporting receipts enclosed.
January 27, 1797 New Regulations and Burned Printer's House Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Notification that Craig will comply with new regulations. Disbanding cavalry and a note from the House of Representatives. Mentioned the burning of Brown the printer's house and the death of his wife, children, and servants.
August 18, 1792 Vouchers and a Report on Upcoming Shipments Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Requests vouchers for expenditures. Sends invoice of medicines. Chests of shoes to be loaded for the rifle corps. Clothing also soon to be shipped. Doctor Brown will take medicine chests.
February 20, 1799 Experiment on a Type of Medicinal Plant [not available] Samuel Hodgdon Doctor Brown asks to remain in Detroit so he can continue his experiments on some plants that the Indians claim have medicinal value.
March 10, 1798 Compensation of Dr. Charles Brown for His Services to the Indians Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Letter, asks for info re compensation for Dr. Charles Brown's services to the Indians; alludes to Anthony Wayne's campaign.
December 9, 1799 Compensation of Doctor Brown Doctor Charles Brown James McHenry Dr. Charles Brown complains to Secretary McHenry that he was promised compensation for his many services providing medical care for the Indian prisoners, including renting a house for their care, and has yet to be paid.
June 22, 1784 Request for certificates Isaac Ledyard John Pierce Doctor Issac Ledyard sends a request for certificates to the Commissioner of Army Accounts and Paymaster General.
August 2, 1787 Mr. Pierce's request regarding Doctor Bond Joseph Howell Edward Williams Mr. Pierce says Doctor Bond has requested attention to claim of Doctor David Gould, who is charged with 2400 pounds. Information is sent for Williams' government.
February 4, 1797 Forwarded Receipt of Pay of Capt. Brown Joseph Guimpe William Simmons Guimpe forwards Captain Brown's receipt of pay for November 1796.
July 31, 1799 Proceedings of Two General Courts Martial Alexander Hamilton James McHenry "I have the honor to transmit the proceedings of two General Courts Martial in the cases of Captain Frye and Doctor Osborne with transcripts of General Orders containing my opinion concerning them. You will observe the ill use which has been made by Captain Frye of a correspondence with you and my remark on that point. It is understood that this circumstance had weight with the Court."
May 26, 1795 The Pay of Charles Brown Daniel Stevens Joseph Howell Stevens has received the $42 remitted to him by the Treasurer and has paid same to the agent at George Town, Charles Brown.
April 2, 1789 Order for payment from James Wilkinson James Wilkinson Colonel Patterson Orders to pay doctor for services.
September 10, 1792 Assignment of Doctor Thomas Fairly Henry Knox [not available] Doctor Thomas Fairly assigned to service in Georgia to remain with troops.
November 26, 1794 Coffee & Sugar, Planting a Garden, Etc. Doctor Charles Brown Samuel Hodgdon Last summer Dr. Brown asked Hodgdon to send him coffee and sugar and he repeats that request with a promise to pay for it when he is able to do so. At Greenville he has been given a house and enough ground to allow him to plant a garden. He wants to be informed if he is soon to be ordered to Philadelphia so he can prepare for the move.
April 12, 1796 Request for Payment for Exchange for John Brown Daniel Haragan Samuel Hodgdon Haragan requests that Hodgdon pay John Brown $700.
May 11, 1784 Inability to certify a doctor's pay John Pierce Charles McKnight John Pierce encloses a letter to Doctor McKnight indicating his inability to certify the doctor's pay for 1781.