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January 27, 1796 Account of George Gale, late Supervisor of the District of Maryland William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $84.80 is due George Gale, late Supervisor of the District of Maryland, being his commissions on receiving and paying monies from the Dept. of War from Feb. 11, 1793 to June 14, 1795.
May 5, 1787 Certificate issued to Alexander Fowler Joseph Howell Jonathan Nicholson Certificate alluded to in letter of 2 May was issued to Alexander Fowler, late auditor of Western District, in consequence of sundry goods supplied a detachment of the Maryland Troops under Major Marbury at Fort Pitt, 1784.
March 8, 1796 Recommendations for a Mission to England James McHenry George Washington In the cases of illegal captures under the British treaty, it might be better to trust a man of the law rather than one of the mercantile characters. Perhaps a Justice of the Supreme Court could be appointed or Jeremiah Chase of the Maryland General Court who, however. might be reluctant to travel to England. Other possible nominees are listed.
July 26, 1794 Requested Receipts Enclosed George Gale Joseph Howell Notification that requested receipts from John Randall were enclosed.
October 22, 1798 Receipts of Staats Morris Discussed John Kilty William Simmons Kilty will transmit receipts of Staats Morris, receipt of Knight will be forwarded once Kilty obtained it.
April 30, 1794 Compliance with Directions from Secretary of War George Gale Joseph Howell Notification that the letter sent by Howell that contained instructions from the Sec. of War will be immediately complied with.
June 5, 1794 Payment to contractor for supply of militia Monongalia District Jaquelin Ambler Henry Knox Ambler received $283.65 for express hire respecting embargo and $500 advanced to contractor for supplying militia of Monongalia District.
December 12, 1794 Enclosed John Vermonnet's Receipts George Gale Henry Knox Enclosed John Vermonnet's receipt for $500.00 transmitted to him agreeable to Knox' orders.
September 19, 1795 Explanation regarding a receipt John Draper William Simmons Explains the reason why the receipt of Captain Bruff has not been forwarded to the War Office
June 23, 1794 Money Transmitted by Direction of Howell George Gale Joseph Howell Notification that Gale sent money to David Thompson of Alexandria per Howell's request.
March 25, 1795 Enclosed Receipts George Gale Joseph Howell Enclosed receipts of Yelverton Peyton and James Bruff.
August 24, 1799 My attention will be confined to my own district... Alexander Hamilton James McHenry "On the subject of Winter Quarters, my attention will of course be confined to my own district. Doubtless, attention is paying by others to the troops which will be stationed within General Pinckney's district."
June 28, 1794 Receipts to be Transmitted George Gale Joseph Howell Transmits receipts for money disbursed to Lt. William B. Smith and Ensign David Thompson.
July 1, 1794 Regarding the British ship "Pilgrim" Edmund Randolph [not available] Secretary of State Randolph submits to Washington's Cabinet an enclosed letter from Zebulon Hollingsworth, the attorney of the United States for the district of Maryland, regarding the case of the British vessel Pilgrim, determined to be captured on the coast.
July 21, 1795 Instructions for paying Major Rivardi William Simmons John Kilty Directs John Kilty to pay Major John Jacob Rivardi at Baltimore.
July 31, 1794 Receipt sent to the War Office George Gale Joseph Howell Sends the receipt of Captain James Bruff to the War Office
August 2, 1795 Money paid John Kilty William Simmons Notification that he has paid Captain Bruff the money specified in warrants issued by the Secretary of War
November 16, 1796 Receipt John Kilty William Simmons Cover letter for the receipt of Lieutenant Joseph Guimpe for money paid him per Simmons' direction
July 21, 1794 Receipts Enclosed George Gale Joseph Howell Notification that Gale transmitted money to Mr. Dodge agreeable to Howell's request. Enclosed receipts for Dodge, Mr. Blackburn, and John Vermonnet.
February 15, 1793 Hobby solicits appointment as Marshall for the District of Maine from Knox John Hobby Henry Knox Letter, asks for appointment as Marshall for the District of Maine, since the present Marshall, Henry Dearborn, has been elected into Congress.
January 8, 1795 Legal Action Against Illegal Stills Alexander Hamilton Tench Coxe The Secretary of the Treasury requests the Commissioner of the Revenue to take measure with District Attorney for illegal stills found in the fourth District (region where Whiskey Rebellion took place in 1794).
July 17, 1794 Money forwarded George Gale Joseph Howell Advises Howell that in accordance with his direction he has forwarded money Captain James Bruff and John Vermon
October 26, 1798 Forwarding of Correspondence from Maryland Militia Brigades John Adams James McHenry Forwards correspondence from two brigades of Maryland militia.
March 10, 1795 Receipts Enclosed, Notification of Money Forwarded George Gale Joseph Howell Money sent for payment of Yelverton Peyton and David Thompson, but no receipt has yet to arrive for Peyton. Enclosed in this letter is the receipt of Thompson.
April 12, 1794 Defense of Miro District George Washington Henry Knox President Washington approves of Knox's report respecting the defense of the Miro District, and the Governor of the Southwestern Territory is authorized to carry it into effect.