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December 13, 1788 Arrival of Five Nations, Senecas, Wyandots, Delawares, Ottawas, Chippewas, Pottawatamies, Sacs Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox Previous night, the Five Nations, Senecas, Wyandots, Delawares, Ottawas, Chippewas, Pottawatamies, Sacs arrived. Brant with the Mohawks turned back upon receiving St. Clair's message. Brant did everything to prevent the rest from coming forward, without effect.
September 2, 1788 Report on the state of Indian affairs Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox St. Clair expresses anxiousness over the state of Indian affairs. Delawares appear to be friendly. Expects information on the Six Nations soon. Discusses preparations by Pennsylvania and Virginia to prepare militias. General Butler and Senecas not yet arrived.
August 13, 1794 Anthony Wayne's Declaration to the Indian Nations Anthony Wayne Nations of Indians Northwest of the Ohio This is General Wayne's declaration to the Delawares, Shawnees, Miamis, Wyandots, and all other Nations of Indians northwest of the Ohio in which he offers the friendly hand of peace and promises to preserve them and their helpless women and children from the danger of famine.
December 20, 1792 Treaty Signed at Post Vincennes, Etc. Rufus Putnam Henry Knox Despite poor health, General Putnam has been successful in negotiating a treaty at post Vincennes and encloses a journal of the proceedings during the negotiations and his speech to the Indians. He is still awaiting word from the Delawares regarding their intentions.
August 8, 1793 Journal entry regarding disposition of proceedings of Indian Council at Miami relative to peace and war Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky [not available] Captain Hendrick's men report that the Indian Council at Miami is for peace, with exception of Shawanese, Wyandots, Miamis and Delawares, who eventually yielded to the peaceful opinions of others. Commissioners should receive invitation from confederated nations to meet council at mouth of Miami River this week
December 22, 1795 Treaty of Greenville George Washington Unknown Recipient Peace treaty between United States and the Wyandots, Delawares, Shawanees, Chipewas, Potowatamies, Eel-River, Weeas Kickapoos, Piankashaws, Kaskaskias, and Miamis. Prisoner release negotiated and borders decided upon.
January 25, 1794 The Sad Affair of Capt. Big Tree of the Seneca Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Captain Big Tree, the Seneca chief, has committed suicide for unknown reasons; mentions that he was a companion of Cornplanter and New Arrow. Records a speech given by Big Tree at that time, lamenting the death of Gen. Richard Butler (at St. Clair's Defeat), and asking to join the U.S. forces that he may avenge Butler's death. Mentions Big Tree's recent arrival and promise to rally friendly...
January 18, 1789 Report on the Treaty of Fort Harmar Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox Reports that the business related to the Treaty of Fort Harmar has finished. They have renewed their former engagements; that is the Six Nations, Wyandots, Chippewas, Delawares, Pottawatamies, and Sacs. They seem well satisfied. States that one good consequence is that the confederacy is broken and Joseph Brant has lost his influence. River is presently frozen and communications by water cut off....
August 28, 1794 Examination of Antoine Lassell Unknown Author Unknown Recipient Examination of Antoine Lassell, a native of Canada, and a volunteer in Captain Caldwell's company of refugees, friends and allies of the hostile Indians. Lassell reports the numbers of various Indian tribes, including the Delawares, Miamies, Shawanese, Tawas, and Wyandots.
May 28, 1800 Instructions for Indian Presents James McHenry John Harris Indian nations mentioned to receive annuities from the United States include Wyandots, Delawares, Ottawas, Chippewas, Miamis, Patawatomies, Shawanees, Creeks, Chickasaws, Cherokees, Eel River, Weeas, Piankishaws, and Kickapoos, with amounts (in value of goods) listed. Also lists any specific goods meant for the Indians -- if the value of the mentioned goods does not reach the total amount to be...
August 13, 1794 Peace Settlement Offered by George Washington to Indians North West of the Ohio Anthony Wayne Sachems, Chiefs, & Warriors of the Wyandots, Delawares, Ottawas, Chippewas, Pottawatomies, Shawnees, & Miamis Major General Wayne offered an honorable peace from George Washington to the Chippawas, Delawares, Shawnese, Wyandots, Miamis, Tawas, and Potawatomis. Wayne also requested that the Nations no longer listen to the deception from the men posted at the Rapids.
December 7, 1789 Regarding lack of pay, want of judges, Indian affairs and white migration Winthrop Sargent Henry Knox Acting Governor Sargent laments that he has not yet received his salary of $750. Governor St. Clair has not yet arrived. When he does, will commence tour of Kaskaskias. The territory is in need of judges. Of Indians nothing heard. the last intelligence was a speech of friendship by Delawares and Wyandottes to General Harmar. The migration is under watch by Fort Harmar at Marietta Ohio and is...
April 1789 George Morgan's Speech to the Indians George Morgan Delawares, Shawanese, & Cherokees Speech of George Morgan to the Delawares, Shawanese, and Cherokees at New Madrid in April 1789 in which he declares the peaceful intentions of the United States toward these tribes.
May 1, 1791 Developments on Frontier Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox Informant told St. Clair that Wyandots joined Shawnees and Delawares in alliance. Further details on military operations on frontier.
March 8, 1791 Letter to General Knox Rufus Putnam Henry Knox This letter to Knox desribes Indian hostilities in the Ohio territory. The letter closes with a call for government troops to protect the inhabitants from the Indians.
March 19, 1795 Speech to Wabash Indians Anthony Wayne [not available] Speech to the Wabash Indians.
August 13, 1794 Speech Requesting U.S. to Converse with the Indian Nations John Foster Williams Anthony Wayne Warriors request peace with U.S. and to converse in the manner of the Indian Nations.
December 23, 1787 To the Chiefs and Warriors of the Shawnee Nation, Concerning Past & Future Treaties Major General Richard Butler Chiefs of the Shawnees Discusses the effect of recent Congressional decisions upon U.S.-Indian relations, and asks for a specific treaty meeting with the Delawares and Shawnees. Professes U.S. goodwill toward the Indians.
December 23, 1787 To the Chiefs and Warriors of the Delaware Nation, Concerning Past & Future Treaties Major General Richard Butler Chiefs of the Delawares Discusses the effect of recent Congressional decisions upon U.S.-Indian relations, and asks for a specific treaty meeting with the Delawares and Shawnees. Professes U.S. goodwill toward the Indians.
December 7, 1792 Peace Has Failed, But No Offensives Yet; Accountability of Contractors Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Though it looks as if the peace council has failed, it is still mandatory that no offensive operations against the Indians be undertaken north of the Ohio River. Friendly Indians, such as Wyandots and Delawares, should be welcomed although with a watchful eye. Contractors must be held responsible for defective or stale stores and magazines for their stores should be located near military posts...
November 1794 Summary of Speech on English Anthony Wayne [not available] Details of how Wayne would drive out the English presence in the West.
August 15, 1793 Lord Dorchester speech to Indians Lord Dorchester Chiefs Six Nations Land rights and boundaries were previously determined by nations of Europe and do not hold now that the United States has possession of the land.
August 21, 1793 Letter from Federal Commissioners for Sandusky conference to Henry Knox on western Indian refusal to make peace Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky Henry Knox From Lake Erie, the Federal Commissioners for Sandusky Conference report that western Indians have refused to make peace. Did not receive chance to meet with them, except for the deputation at Niagara. Waited at Detroit River. On 29 July 1793 Captain Elliott came with another deputation of Indians, headed by Packonchelas, Head Warrior of Delawares, Kakiapalathy, Head Warrior of Shawanese, and...
May 1, 1800 Goods to be Purchased for the Choctaws & Other Tribes John Harris Unknown Recipient Orders from the War Department to purchase goods to the value of one thousand dollars to be sent as a present to the Choctaw Nation of Indians with the same for the Wyandots and Delawares. To be purchased are the designated goods suitable for the annuities for the listed tribes of Indians for the year 1800.
October 3, 1796 Directing a lookout for French agents on the frontier Anthony Wayne Thomas Pasteur General Wayne directs a lookout for French agents on the frontier and provides a brief update on Indian relations.