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January 30, 1790 Accounts of the state of Delaware Joseph Howell Eleazer McComb The Commissioner of Army Accounts writes the Delaware Auditor concerning accounts of the state of Delaware against the United States.
January 14, 1799 Nomination of Men for Delaware Service James McHenry John Bowman Speaks of men offering their services to Delaware regiments. Mentions the President's responsibility to nominate men.
January 14, 1790 Enclosed settled account Joseph Howell Eleazer McComb Encloses a captain's settled account with John Yeates, the late Paymaster of the Delaware Regiment.
April 10, 1799 Reports Recruitment Efforts, Rations in Delaware James McHenry John Stockton Reports General Hamilton's recruiting activity, requesting contracts for the state of Delaware. Enumerates rations for recruits and means of paying contractors.
May 25, 1798 Articles for the Ship of War "Delaware" James McHenry John Harris McHenry directs Harris to deliver a list of articles to the "Delaware."
July 21, 1794 Requests Shelter for shipping on Delaware River Tench Coxe Henry Knox Requests means to shelter ships at Mud Island Fort on the Delaware River. Seeks information about accommodations.
July 16, 1794 Requests Report on Damage to Winter Harbor on Delaware River Tench Coxe Henry Knox Requests report on injury to the winter harbor on the Delaware River.
September 28, 1798 Forwarding Correspondence of Delaware Volunteer Company John Adams James McHenry Forwards correspondence from a volunteer company of riflemen in Christiana Hundred, Delaware, for McHenry's review and reply.
June 11, 1798 Regarding the manning ship Delaware with Marines [not available] Edward Miller Preparations with ship Delaware, formerly Hamburg packet, complete. Requires Marines on board. Indispensable that ship put to sea to guard commerce along coast of United States. Propose to recruits that they be Marines, temporarily. Describes pay by rank. When Marines no longer wanted on Delaware, are to return to Infantry.
March 24, 1794 Fortifications of the Ports & Harbors of Delaware Henry Knox Joshua Clayton Knox discusses the fortifications of the ports and harbors of Delaware that Clayton, as Commander in Chief of the militia, should begin to address.
December 19, 1788 Accounts of Maryland and Delaware John White Joseph Howell Has been too ill to journey to Philadelphia, therefore forwards accounts of Maryland and Delaware.
October 20, 1796 Certification of Power of Attorney James Booth [not available] Certification of John Lea's position as Justice of the Peace.
May 28, 1798 War Office orders for the pilot charged with delivery of dispatches for the Ship of War Ganges [not available] [not available] Beginning of Quasi War with France. Orders for pilot boat [presumably Garrett Holsteincamp] to seek Warship Ganges commanded by Captain Richard Dale in order to deliver dispatches. If Ganges cannot be found at Delaware Bay, go to sea and seek her out. Ganges should be found within a few leagues of shore, between Delaware Bay and Cape of Virginia. Utmost diligence required to find Ganges.
September 7, 1786 Arrearage to the State of Delaware John Pierce Nicholas Van Dyke The Office of Army Accounts encloses copies of the receipts for agents of the line from Delaware for arrears due the agents.
October 10, 1789 Enclosed Account of Payments to Delaware Soldiers Joseph Howell Eleazer McComb Account information enclosed.
June 28, 1786 Advances of Mease and Caldwell to Delaware Officers, 1776-1777 Office of Army Accounts William Winder Requests information on advances by Mease and Caldwell to officers of Delaware Regiment.
December 29, 1788 Accounts of Maryland and Delaware; Captain Ewing Joseph Howell Jonathan White Refers to accounts of Maryland and Delaware lines. Is sorry that White is sick. Discusses accounts of Captain Ewing.
May 30, 1798 Letter from the War Office to Mssrs. Nicklin and Griffith requesting arms for Marines of Ship of War Delaware [not available] [not available] Request to Messrs. Nicklin and Griffith to provide US Marines on Ship of War Delaware with pistols, stand of arms with bayonets, and cutlasses in preparation for war with France.
June 1, 1798 Articles for the Warship "Delaware" James McHenry John Harris Harris is directed to deliver the articles enumerated on a list to Captain Decatur for the use of the ship of war "Delaware."
May 27, 1799 Frigate United States Must Embark for Charleston from the Delaware Benjamin Stoddert [not available] Announces readiness of frigate United States, which can take a company of artillery to Charleston, but the men must embark from the Delaware.
December 30, 1789 Transmits accounts rendered by Mr. Yeates Eleazer McComb Joseph Howell Transmits the accounts rendered by Mr. Yeates, the late Paymaster of the Delaware regiment.
January 2, 1787 [Circular] Benjamin Walker Thomas Collins Walker transmits an enclosed letter for the perusal of the Governor of Delaware and requests that the return be sent to the appropriate officer.
November 13, 1795 Request for vouchers William Simmons Captain Richard Dale Requests from Capt. Dale that he immediately forward vouchers from the sum of 113 dollars he received for a detachment of militia in Delaware.
May 16, 1794 Fortifications in Delaware Pierre Charles L' Enfant Henry Knox Letter from engineer Charles L'Enfant regarding his observations in the State of Delaware, on his way to Governor Joshua Clayton. Discusses fortifications and the protection of harbors.
December 19, 1800 Fortifications at Mud Island on Delaware River William Simmons Francis Mentges Account of expenditures on account of fortifications at Mud Island on Delaware River has been examined and admitted to the books.