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[not available] Liberty for Debtor Casper Islerloan Casper Iserloan William Simmons Iserloan entreats Simmons to secure his liberty from debtors' prison so he can legally participate in the land lottery.
May 3, 1800 Debtors Prison Samuel Lewis James McHenry Former clerk of the War Department, Samuel Lewis, writes from debtor prison to James McHenry. Lewis sadly reflects on his current state, asserts that he will likely die in prison, and mourns the fact that he will leave his "tender wife" and "helpless children" behind. Expresses his hope that Congress might release him from confinement if he repays in installments. Requests from McHenry payment...
[not available] COPY: Deposition to Jury Unknown Author Casper Iserloan Threat to good name and soul if account given to Thomas the Constable is not repeated word for word before the jury.
[not available] Caspar Iserloan's woes resulting from indebtness and a plea from a poor, unfortunate man with no friends Casper Iserloan William Simmons Debtor Iserloan acknowledges that he is to appear before the Secretary of War but begs Simmons to remember that he is a poor unfortunate man with no friends.
December 1797 Questionable Power of Attorney Casper Iserloan William Simmons Debtor Casper Iserloan questions the authenticity of the Power of Attorney that Alexander Power presented to Simmons as representing him.
November 14, 1800 Recent War Department Fire and Simmons' Accounting Records William Simmons David Henley Simmons notes the unfortunate accident which occurred the past Saturday night in the house in which the War Office was held, having taken fire. It consumed many of the papers. Simmons notes that his papers were generally saved, having been removed before the fire communicated to his apartment. But those papers of Secretary of War were generally consumed. Notes that many statements will be...
February 5, 1800 Amount Due Meeker & Co. Samuel Lewis James McHenry Lewis had earlier delivered Mr. Pytchlim's papers relative to his claim as an Indian interpreter. Included was an order to Lewis to pay the amount of the claim, when received, to Meeker & Co. Lewis has been informed that the amount can now be paid.
September 18, 1797 Request for Letters to be Forwarded William Simmons Caleb Swan Letters to Barnard Gaines and Yelverton Peyton pertaining to debts requiring settlement sent to Swan for perusal and transmission to the debtors.
March 19, 1794 Cartridge Boxes, Etc. Thomas Holt Samuel Hodgdon Holt discusses a number of concerns relative to irons, carriages, buildings, and cartridge boxes.
April 5, 1797 Anonymous Letter from a "Brother" Casper Iserloan William Simmons Iserloan has received a letter from someone who identifies himself only as a "brother." The letter warns Iserloan that Hubard is doing all he can to make him appear black and will send him to hell if he can. A comparison of other writings in his possession leads Iserloan to conclude that the letter was sent by Jonathan Schaffer. He asks Simmons to peruse the letter and provide whatever advice he...
August 18, 1797 Settlement of Account William Simmons John Randall Settlement of monies owed by Randall. Payment requested by Simmons ASAP to avoid inclusion of name on list of delinquent debtors submitted to House of Representatives the first week in January as mandated by Resolve of House of Representatives.
March 19, 1794 Regarding irons, carriages, buildings, and cartridge boxes Thomas Holt Samuel Hodgdon Holt discusses a number of concerns relative to irons, carriages, buildings, and cartridge boxes.
August 18, 1797 Assistance on Settlement of Accounts William Simmons David Henley Simmons seeks to reduce list of debtors to be submitted to House of Representatives, requests assistance of Henley. Simmons asks Henley for final settlement of the accounts of Captain Edward Butler and Lieutenant Peter Grayson.
August 25, 1794 Virginia Will Do Her Duty Edward Carrington Alexander Hamilton Carrington assures Hamilton that Virginians will do their part in supporting the government's stand against the Pennsylvania insurgents. [Whiskey Rebellion]
April 27, 1792 Preparations at Marietta Jonathan Haskell Samuel Hodgdon It took seventeen days for Haskell to travel from Fort Washington to Marietta. He has applied to Major Craig for clothing but has not received any. Haskell's troops and those already at Marietta are in a wretched situation with respect to clothing and accoutrements. Ensign Tillinghast has been employed to erect a blockhouse which is not yet finished. Haskell has been at some expense in putting it...
March 4, 1790 Knox sends to Congress the petition of General Greene's widow Henry Knox Congress of the United States Report, describes petition of Catherine Greene.
June 18, 1789 Samuel Baire solicits a federal appointment from Washington Samuel Baire George Washington Letter, discusses depreciation of currency; discusses financial impact of Revoultionary War; asks for federal appointment.
August 2, 1799 Outlines Trade Tips with Indians; List of Items in Need by Creeks Benjamin Hawkins Edward Wright Ben Hawkins (Indian Agent) provides detailed description to Edward Wright of how to successfully trade with the Creek Indians. Most Indians don't meet their obligations with regard to credit and debt so all trade must be accomplished by bartering one item for another. Also included is a list of items in demand by the Creeks.
June 12, 1800 Medicine at Harper's Ferry Charles Brown Samuel Hodgdon Need for medicines and medical supplies at Harpers Ferry; mentions resignation of McHenry and dismissal of Pickering.
May 2, 1791 A Report on Travels Through the Creek Country, 1791 Caleb Swan [not available] Document, report describes the Creek country, people, culture, and government. Refers to horse theft and trials.
March 13, 1791 State of the Creek Nation James Casey Henry Knox Comprehensive treatment of every aspect of the culture and lives of the Creek Nation of Indians in 1790-1791. Includes transcript of a journal. 132 page document.