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June 24, 1799 Request for Issue of Musket Stocks to Arms Manufacturers in Danbury, Connecticut James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of 200 musket stocks to contractors in Danbury, CT, for use in arms manufacture. There is also a note describing some mitigating circumstance in the delivery, presumably written by John Harris.
June 25, 1800 Credit to Account of Lt. Col. Timothy Taylor Samuel Hodgdon Israel Whelen Hodgdon orders that the accompanying account of Colonel Taylor be paid.
[not available] Accounting error Noble Benedict John White Discusses an accounting error and the issuance of a certificate.
July 23, 1798 Recommendation for Employment in Public Works Edward Lynch Samuel Hodgdon Seeks favorable attention to job application of Jonathan Phillips for a public position.
June 8, 1799 Enlistment of Minors After They Arrive at the Age of 18 Timothy Taylor Alexander Hamilton Taylor requests Hamilton's opinion regarding whether recruiting officers may enlist those over the age of 17 without the consent of their parents, masters, or guardians.
June 12, 1799 Drawn to Their Rendezvous Almost Naked, Etc. Timothy Taylor Alexander Hamilton "From the progressive state of the recruiting service in the Circle under my command, I have the honor to inform you that a further supply of bounty money will be wanted as soon as it can conveniently be sent forward. There has been but a small supply of clothing furnished for the recruits and a number are now enlisted and drawn to their rendezvous almost naked, arms are much wanted for some [of]...
July 4, 1798 Certification of Military Service E. Starr Samuel Hodgdon Encloses a certificate that testifies to the service of Jonathan Phillips as a Lieutenant in the Corps of Artificers during the Revolutionary War, at which time he served with "faithfulness and approbation".
February 11, 1784 Murders in the Cumberland Gap Alexander Martin Joseph Martin Governor Martin (of North Carolina) directs an investigation into murders committed in the Cumberland Gap. He states that if Cherokee or Chickamauga Indians are responsible a military expedition will be sent into their nation to obtain "satisfaction" unless they surrender the murderers. Directs that squatters be ordered off Indian Lands. Discusses an agreement between Spain and the Delaware...
April 1, 1799 Contracting for the Rations of the Troops in Connecticut James McHenry Jedediah Huntingdon McHenry discusses in detail the kinds of rations, and amounts thereof, needed for the troops located in sundry rendezvous throughout Connecticut. Negotiations with contractors should proceed with the goal of obtaining the lowest cost for the United States.
1798 Candidates for Army Appointments from Connceticut Alexander Hamilton [not available] Extensive list of men reviewed for army appointments. Reviews provided by multiple sources, Wadsworth, Tracy, Talmage were main reviewers. Political affiliation, military history, and prior occupations listed with some men.