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October 15, 1793 James Seagrove Creek Indian Agent, in answer to Major Robert Flournoy James Seagrove Robert Flournoy Seagrove reply to letter from Major Flournoy dated 5 October 1793. Notes that no treaty is in contemplation between United States and Creek Nation. He states that his actions are governed by orders of President of United States General George Washington, which are to obtain full satisfaction for injuries as a precondition for peace. Governor of Georgia Telfair, who has the power to promulgate...
March 2, 1789 Engaging a Cooper from Boston William Price Henry Knox Price submits returns of ordnance and quartermasters stores for February. There is a cooper in Boston, formerly a sergeant in Colonel Crane's regiment, who wants to reenlist. West Point is in need of a cooper who is in the permanent employ of the government. Price asks if he should be engaged for one, two, or three years; he will send for the cooper as soon as Knox replies. A cooper is needed by...
July 11, 1800 Settlement of Accounts William Simmons Caleb Swan Simmons sent Swan the account information for Lieut. William Cooper and notified him of the settlement of Cooper's accounts, Swan to hold Cooper accountable for money owed United States.
October 5, 1793 Letter from Major Robert Flournoy to Major James Seagrove Creek Indian Agent criticizing the Federal Government, its handling of Indian affairs, the destructive northeastern politicians, and a request for the return of his negro boy Cooper Robert Flournoy James Seagrove Flournoy submits that the people of Georgia do not want a treaty with the Indians because it will be deaf to their interests. Criticizes the northeastern politicians for making peace on any terms. It was this approach that led to the failure in New York [presumably the failed Conference at Sandusky the previous summer]. Any prisoner exchange of Creek Indians should require Creek restoration of...
June 27, 1792 Account of Samuel Cooper Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of pay and service for Samuel Cooper, late a private in the 3rd Regiment of Light Dragoons.
August 1, 1791 Roll of Captain James Cooper's Company Captain James Cooper William Blount Roll of Captain James Cooper's Company remaining in Washington District, reported to Governor Blount under his order 1 August 1791, and signed by Captain James Cooper at Jonesboro Tennessee.
December 9, 1797 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Garret Cooper William Simmons Garret Cooper William Simmons reminds Garret Cooper to send receipts with his pay rolls.
March 2, 1787 Arrangement for Powder Cask Contract William Price Henry Knox Informs Knox that he has yet to meet with a cooper to determine the price of constructing powder casks. The returns for February have been sent.
July 2, 1789 Hired a Cooper, Airing the Powder William Price Henry Knox Price received Knox's letter of June 5. He has begun airing the powder and engaged a cooper at the rate of 3 pounds per month and one ration per day. He was unable to hire a cooper until June 22. Price has engaged hoop poles, which will need to be paid three months from the date he hired the cooper. He encloses returns of ordnance and quartermasters stores.
January 16, 1792 Powder to Cooper's Ferry John Stagg William Knox Enclosed is a return of the powder forwarded from New York to Cooper's Ferry.
November 13, 1797 Cited letter or document, Garret Cooper to William Simmons Garret Cooper William Simmons Letter, CITATION Only. Cited in Simmons to Cooper, 11/18/1797.
July 3, 1799 Letter Citation Doctor John Cooper William Simmons Cited in Simmons to Cooper, 06/29/1799.
August 1, 1800 Merchandise Arrived Edward Wright John Harris Notification that merchandise listed on enclosed invoice arrived, excepting kegs of powder. Request to dispose of Negro woman and her children. Account information on Colonel Hawkins.
November 23, 1797 Cited letter or document, Garret Cooper to William Simmons Garret Cooper William Simmons Letter, CITATION Only. Cited in Simmons to Cooper, 12/09/1797.
July 27, 1797 Recommendations for Coppering of Frigate Constitution James McHenry George Claghorn Expressed necessity for the ship Constitution to be "coopered on the stocks before she is launched". Orders to cooper the ship to the "high water mark" as soon as the bottom of the boat has been prepared.
April 10, 1793 Captain Cooper's report as evidence of claim of pay William Blount Henry Knox Blount sends copies of his order to Captain James Cooper and his report of the month of August 1791 as evidence of claim of pay.
March 20, 1787 Hiring a Cooper to Make Casks William Price Henry Knox Price has found a cooper who is well recommended and will work at West Point on the following terms: pay to be either 5 pounds 10 shillings per month and half rations or 16 pence per casks and half rations. Price cannot estimate the total amount this will cost because the number of casks needed is unknown. They may need a cooper in the summer as well, so Price thinks it best to pay him the...
July 17, 1799 Waist Coats Composed of Indifferent Negro Cotton Thomas Parker Alexander Hamilton "...A partial supply of clothing has at last arrived...I cannot help however complaining of the waistcoats that have been sent on, one part of which--I mean the backs--is absolutely composed of indifferent negro cotton which is particularly disgusting to the soldiery in this part of the country..."
January 31, 1797 Vouchers to close Cooper's accounts William Simmons Captain James Cooper Requests that Captain Cooper provide his account and vouchers for money received from the War Office so that Simmons can close his accounts
February 20, 1800 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Doctor John Cooper Simmons informs Cooper to expect payment from Capt. James Read.
September 23, 1789 David Burtsier, Cooper William Price Henry Knox The bearer, David Burtsier, was employed as a cooper in the ordnance department for three months and is now discharged.
April 28, 1793 Recovering Three Captured Negro Men Thomas Jefferson Beverley Randolph Jefferson discusses three Negro men that have been captured by Indians and whether or not they can be recovered. He observes that it is not a question of whether they are slave or free but whether they shall remain among the savages or in the country of their birth or connections. Mr. Innes is willing to meet any reasonable expense that will attend their recovery.
March 5, 1800 List of Materials for Factory Required John Harris Edward Wright List yet to be received; urgently required in order to request materials from agent in London. Request for ruling on whether or not Negro woman was public or private property.
April 18, 1787 Hiring Cooper, Wind Damage, Need for More Men, Request for Oil William Price Henry Knox Price refers to the cooper's terms laid out in his letter of March 20 and asks Knox whether or not they should hire the cooper. A strong wind has damaged some of the buildings, including the magazine and the roof of the magazine at Fort Putnam. The four deserters reduced the number of men to the point where they cannot mount a proper guard at Fort Clinton. Price still needs gallons of oil for the...
November 18, 1797 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Capt. Cooper William Simmons Garret Cooper William Simmons informs Capt. Cooper that he stands charged with the pay of his company.