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January 4, 1794 Whiskey at Fort Franklin Henry Knox Isaac Craig Secretary of Treasury says he is content that the post of Fort Franklin be supplied with whiskey, for the time mentioned in letter, on account of contractors, and upon terms mentioned.
July 11, 1796 Pay, rations, and wood Peter Hagner William Willson Acknowledges receipt of Willson's muster and pay roll and notifies Willson that he will receive the money for his pay roll from Nicholas Fish. Answers Willson's questions concerning substitution of pay for rations and the furnishing of wood by contractors
February 10, 1801 Certification of payment; Elijah and Simon House, contractors, Connecticut, for rations, quartermaster, and hospital supplies, for troops of United States in Connecticut William Simmons Samuel Dexter Certification of payment; $920 to Elijah and Simon House, contractors, Connecticut, for rations, quartermaster, and hospital supplies, for troops of United States in Connecticut.
February 3, 1784 Pay of Contractors Samuel Hodgdon Robert Morris Request for money to pay contractors for repairs to muskets
December 4, 1794 Encloses letter from Paul Revere; Raising Prices of Howitzers Tench Coxe Henry Knox Encloses letter from Paul Revere. Contractors Revere and Byers are raising their prices for howitzers.
January 16, 1794 Transportation Expenses Melancton Smith Samuel Hodgdon The transportation expenses for moving stores to New York must be paid by Hodgdon. Apparently the business of New York is to be handled by the contractors for West Point. In the future, Smith recommends that anything that needs to be forwarded should be directed to Manning, Wycoff, & Co.
May 5, 1784 Cleaning muskets Samuel Hodgdon Robert Morris Samuel Hodgdon sends an estimate for cleaning muskets to the Superintendant of Finance.
June 24, 1799 Request for Issue of Musket Stocks to Arms Manufacturers in Danbury, Connecticut James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of 200 musket stocks to contractors in Danbury, CT, for use in arms manufacture. There is also a note describing some mitigating circumstance in the delivery, presumably written by John Harris.
September 9, 1796 Approved Receipt of Flour Isaac Craig James McHenry Ongoing problem with receiving instructions from War Department for the lawful acceptance of flour provided by the late contractors. Noted that a deposition to support contractors claim that the U.S. ordered flour had to be obtained by someone in McHenry's office.
January 10, 1795 Raises Questions about Provisions Contracts for 1795 Tench Coxe Timothy Pickering Refers to contract for provisions for 1795. No discussion has occurred with former contractors regarding supplies on hand. Will communicate to the Secretary of the Treasury about the Commissary of Issues.
January 15, 1799 Instructions for Inspection of New Swords, Scabbards, & Belts James McHenry Jeremiah Wadsworth Informs Wadsworth of arrangements to inspect an order of new swords, scabbards, and belts. Asks Wadsworth to act as middleman in communicating this to the contractors.
August 22, 1794 Poor quality hats and shoes Alexander Hamilton William Rawle Secretary Hamilton writes the Attorney for the District of Pennsylvania, regarding his letter on the bad quality of hats and shoes for use of the army in 1793. Hamilton states that he is instituting suits against the contractors, William Young and George Dannacker.
October 25, 1790 Letter Citation Henry Knox George Washington Cited in Washington to Knox, 11/04/1790. Knox informs Washington that he has yet to receive any news of consequence pertaining to Harmar's Western expedition. He notifies the President that contractors have informed him that Harmar is well supplied. He adds that McGillivray has arrived safely at St. Mary's. He is presently out of town but is traveling back to Philadelphia.
May 1, 1794 General Wayne's complaints of inferior hats and shoes Henry Knox Alexander Hamilton Secretary Knox forwards a letter from Major General Anthony Wayne complaining of the inferior quality of hats and shoes. President Washington wants the contractors to be held accountable. Knox says he is at a loss as to how to do this, since the articles passed inspection. The shoe inspector was dismissed. Asks for ideas on how to carry out President's wish.
August 30, 1800 Certification of payment; Elijah and Simon House of Hebron Connecticut, contractors for rations, quartermaster and hospital stores furnished 13th Regiment William Simmons Samuel Dexter Certification of payment; Elijah and Simon House of Hebron Connecticut, contractors for rations, quartermaster and hospital stores furnished 2d Regiment, Artillerists and Engineers, and 2d and 13th Infantry Regiments.
August 24, 1791 Horses and Transport of Supplies Arthur St. Clair Wilkes No one arrived to make arrangements for transportation of contractor's supplies, so the letter writer did it himself. Mr. Ernest appears to have duplicated his arrangements.
April 10, 1799 Reports Recruitment Efforts, Rations in Delaware James McHenry John Stockton Reports General Hamilton's recruiting activity, requesting contracts for the state of Delaware. Enumerates rations for recruits and means of paying contractors.
May 21, 1799 Contractors of the State of Massachusetts Alexander Hamilton Richard Hunewell "The following are the different contractors of the State of Massachusetts: Joseph Ruggles, Nathaniel Ruggles, Ralph Smith, Aaron & Charles Davis, all of Roxbury. You will please as soon as be to make arrangements with them for the supply of the troops at the several recruiting rendezvouses,."
June 15, 1800 [Extract from General Hamilton's orders - giving the legal Construction to the Contract and ordering issues of provisions be be 5 days fresh and 2 salt] Capt. R. Whiley [not available] Hamilton declared request by contractors to issue fresh or salt meat to troops at their discretion unfounded and stated contractual obligation to issue fresh meat 5 days per week.
August 23, 1790 An Estimate of the Expense of Troops for an Expedition Against the Wabash Henry Knox Alexander Hamilton Itemized list of expenses at contractors prices.
April 25, 1798 Line of Demarcation Established by the Treaty of Greenville James Wilkinson Alexander Hamilton Wilkinson informs Hamilton that he is arranging with the contractors to supply provisions to the surveying party that will mark the line of demarcation established by the Treaty of Greenville. He is anxious to begin sales in the national domain below the Big Miami River.
June 15, 1799 Fresh Meat Five Days in Every Week Abraham R. Ellery [not available] (General Orders) Despite contrary pretentions by some contractors, fresh meat is to be provided to the troops five days of every week.
August 13, 1799 Confidence should be placed in agents of the government... Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton explains five points he considers essential in dealing with contractors. He stresses that the choices that affect the health and happiness of the army should be made by government agents and not by contractors.
June 3, 1788 Credit Issued to U.S. by Merchants Brigadier General Otho H. Williams Henry Knox Personal perspective on credit issued to U.S. gov't by contractors in lieu of payments. Requests information on location of troops in the west so contractors can supply them.
August 30, 1800 Update on Accounts and Payment William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Elijah and Simon House, contractors for CT received credit for articles purchased for the garrison at Fort Trumbull. Articles delivered to Lieut. William Steele. Simmons requested Hodgdon make the necessary updates to the books of the Superintendent of Military Stores.