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September 26, 1789 Talk of the Commissioners plenipotentiary in reply to the talk of White Bird King Commissioners for Indian Affairs in Southern Department [not available] Commissioners express disappointment that Alexander McGillivray has left camp. They point out their propositions for peace and friendship. If the terms were not agreeable, they ask, why was that not communicated? Close by asking the headmen to persuade McGillivray to come back and meet with the commissioners.
October 20, 1788 Duties assigned Board of Commissioners Joseph Howell John Wright Regarding duties assigned Board of Commissioners, by Act of Congress they cannot enter on their duties until accounts are received by the district commissioners.
May 13, 1800 Appointment of Commissioners Holding a Treaty with the Indian Tribes Elisha Hall Samuel Hodgdon Hall touts his qualifications to be one of the Commissioners during the coming treaty negotiations with the Indians.
February 1793 Characters for Consideration as Commissioners Alexander Hamilton George Washington Hamilton sends the President a list of the 26 men, arranged by States, that he recommends as candidates for positions as Indian Commissioners.
March 13, 1798 Additional Stores for the Treaty Commissioners, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon David Henley Letter, discusses stores for the Treaty Commissioners
September 18, 1789 Reply from Governor George Walton to Federal Commissioners George Walton [not available] Reply to a note from the Commissioners sending letters for the Governor. The Commissioners were unable to present the letters to the Walton in person because he is ill. Walton thanks them for the note. He has been unable to act on their letter of the 11th regarding provisions. He would be happy to meet with the Commissioners in the morning.
September 21, 1789 Readiness to make further communications Commissioners for Indian Affairs in Southern Department Alexander McGillivray So that there will be no complaints of partial or defective representation, commissioners will be ready to make further communications as soon as the third member of the commission, the honorable Mr. Griffin, arrives.
July 22, 1794 Instructions for Commissioners of Presqu'ile Regarding Six Nations Treaty Thomas Mifflin Andrew Ellicot Encloses correspondence with the President and Secretary of War on the proposed treaty with the Six Nations; asks that at least one of the commissioners attend the treaty meeting, to be able to immediately embark upon the surveying of the site if the treaty allows it. Affirms readiness of the soldiers assigned to protect the commissioners in their project.
November 30, 1785 Regarding whether presence with Commissioners of Treasury is necessary John Pierce Joseph Howell Encloses Mr. White's letter that it may be answered. Has been scarcely out of his chamber, having had to tend to affairs of father's estate. Asks to find out from Commissioners of Treasury if presence is necessary.
November 19, 1791 Presidential Approval of Commissioners to Run Cherokee line Tobias Lear Henry Knox Lear informs Knox that Washington approved the names of the commissioners appointed to run the boundary line between US and Cherokee territory.
March 2, 1793 Journal of the Commissioners of the United States, appointed to hold a Treaty at Sandusky for the purpose of making peace with the Western Indians Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky [not available] Cover page to the Journal of the Federal Commissioners of the United States appointed to hold a Treaty at Sandusky. Commissioners named as Benjamin Lincoln of Massachusetts, Beverley Randolph of Virginia, and Timothy Pickering of Pennsylvania. Commissioners' purpose is to negotiate a peace with the Nations of Indians northwest of the Ohio River, on principles of mutual justice and convenience. ...
July 27, 1793 Speech of the Wyandot Chief to the Commissioners Wyandot Chief Commissioners of the United States In his speech to the Commissioners, the Wyandot Chief admonishes them that they know very well that the boundary line established by the White People at the Treaty of Fort Stanwix was the Ohio River.
May 27, 1796 Blankets for the Use of the Commissioners Edward Price Samuel Hodgdon Edward Price notes that one of the bundles he has on hand contains of sixteen blankets for the use of the commissioners. He has shipped all the skins on board the sloop "William" with the invoice enclosed.
September 8, 1796 Provisions for Ellicot and Commissioners Business Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Request to furnish Mr. Ellicot with tents. Discussed transportation by boat. Noted commissioners would run the southern line of the U.S.
March 19, 1784 Resolution, Indian Commissioners Charles Thomson [not available] Resolution of Congress regarding the pay of commissioners appointed for negotiations with the Indians.
November 21, 1785 Journal of Commissioners at Treaty of Hopewell, South Carolina [not available] [not available] Entry reports that Headmen and warriors of Cherokees assembled. Ordered that interpreters inform Indians that commissioners will meet the following day at 10 o'clock, under the bower erected for that purpose.
September 11, 1789 Report of proceedings of Federal Commissioners for restoring and establishing peace between United States and Indians south of Ohio River Commissioners for Indian Affairs in Southern Department Henry Knox Federal Commissioners report that they sailed from New York on 31 August and arrived at Savannah on 10 September. They wrote letters to Governor of Georgia, George Walton, and Mr. Pickens and Mr. Osbourne, the commissioners then at Rock Landing.
September 26, 1789 Talk of the White Bird King to US commissioners [not available] [not available] Pays compliments to the US Commissioners, but says the Creeks have been at the river for a long time and have become tired. Hunting time is coming soon. Hopes that the whites behave and do not steal the Creek's horses. Says that although nothing to be done about the treaty, hopes it may be done hereafter. Then the Cussetah King arose and lighted a pipe and presented it to the commissioners. The...
April 20, 1793 On the forwarding of money; commissioners for treating Indians Samuel Hodgdon James O'Hara Reports on the sending of money. Discusses estimate of supplies for current year. Commissioners for treating with Indians are present. Will not send goods until known that Treaty succeeds.
March 21, 1785 The election of Indian Commissioners by Congress Congress of the United States [not available] These documents announce the election by Congress of Indian Commissioners.
August 1, 1793 Commissioners Clarifying Misunderstanding Commissioners for Indian Affairs in the Northern Department [not available] Commissioners announced they would anxiously wait for reply from Council at Rapids of the Miami River.
September 23, 1789 Regarding request to receive talks on west side of Oconee River Commissioners for Indian Affairs in Southern Department Alexander McGillivray Commissioners agree to receive talks on the west side of Oconee River.
August 27, 1789 Knox speaks of Creeks and Indian Commissioners with Few Henry Knox William Few Letter, discusses treaties, Creeks, and Indian Commissioners.
October 29, 1784 Articles for Indian commissioners E. Butler Samuel Hodgdon Discusses the completion of the order of articles for the Indian commissioners and forwarding the items to Fort Pitt.
October 26, 1787 Instructions to the Commissioners for negotiating with the tribes of Indians in the Southern Department. Congress of the United States Commissioners Congress reports to the commissioners of Indian Affairs that hostilities have commenced between the state of North Carolina and the Cherokee Nation, and the state of Georgia and the Creek Nation, with boundaries as the general source of contention. The commissioners are instructed to make peace without demanding the cession of any land from the Indians; the commissioners are also instructed to...