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April 7, 1797 Delivery of Annual Supply to Hodgdon James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver annuity goods to Hodgdon for the Six Nations Indians.
November 29, 1786 Charge for goods received John Pierce John D. Alvey Informs Alvey that he stands charged in his books with the sum of six dollars for goods received.
May 27, 1800 Money Added to Amount Paid for Invoice of Goods John Harris Edward Wright Notification that additional money was added to the return for the invoice of goods submitted by the factory.
January 28, 1784 Payment for Goods Sent to Massachusetts Regiments John Pierce Robert McKnight The author is responding to the recipient's request for funds to pay for goods advanced to several Massachusetts regiments. The author says that he needs specific orders in order to respond to such requests and such orders should be sent as soon as possible.
April 19, 1797 Harris is issued an invoice by Myers for annuity goods received at Philiadelphia [not available] John Harris John Harris, keeper of military supplies, is issued an invoice for Indian annuity goods by John Myers in Philadelphia.
March 8, 1798 Receipt for Transporting Goods Henry Irvine [not available] Receipt for shipment of goods from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh for new galleys.
September 16, 1786 Regarding Dissimilar Commercial Regulations Tench Coxe Commissioners for Maryland Coxe, a Commissioner for Pennsylvania, asks the Maryland Commissioners to pass on a message to their state Legislature. Coxe states that though difference of circumstances has led to dissimilar trade regulations, none should be adopted which militate against the fundamental and essential principles of the Union. Some states charge duties on out-of-state vessels and goods equal to the duties...
May 2, 1797 Transportation of Indian Goods Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Departure of wagons loaded with annuities for Wyandot, Shawnee, and Delaware Indians. Mentioned instructions from Secretary of War or Gen. Wilkins[son?] on delivery of goods and routes of transportation. Requests Craig include the enclosed invoice with the shipment of Indian goods.
May 25, 1798 Receipt of Chickasaw Goods, Etc. Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig forwards vouchers for issues of stores to Samuel Hodgdon. Craig acknowledges receipt of Chickasaw Indian goods. The galley "President Adams" is launched.
December 14, 1798 Receipt of John Allison for goods being transported to Harper's Ferry John Allison [not available] Fiscal, receipt for transport of public and private goods being shipped to new armory at Harpers Ferry.
January 11, 1799 Accounts and Transport of Goods Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Discussed shipment of goods going to Natchez and method of payment. Will attempt to settle Campbell's accounts. Expects Craig to travel to Philadelphia in the distant future.
July 19, 1794 Transport and Packaging Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Noted better packaging of goods in the future to prevent problems with ants. Promised discussion with Stagg about forwarding newspapers.
April 11, 1798 Forwarding Goods which Are Essential to the Treaty Samuel Hodgdon Alexander Anderson Hodgdon hopes that Phillips has refunded the money needed to forward the goods necessary to the treaty, so that the load can now be on its way to its destination.
May 3, 1794 Quality Control Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon Stated that if an inspector violates his oath to inspect the quality of goods he is offending his morals and religion. Believed Gen. Wayne's objections to quality of goods are due to the substandard contractors hired by the government and the compromised morals of the inspectors employed.
March 28, 1798 Delay of Valuable Load of Public Goods to Knoxville Samuel Hodgdon Alexander Anderson Hodgdon inquires as to the delay and location of the public goods shipped to Knoxville, Tennessee.
May 19, 1797 Creek Goods to be Sent Directly to Colerain John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon According to the letter of the Secretary of War, the Indian goods for the Creeks should be sent directly to Coleraine.
September 6, 1799 Secretary at War directs the conduct of Indian affairs with Chapin James McHenry Israel Chapin Jr Letter, informs re shipment of Six Nations annuity goods; mentions Indians.
July 17, 1795 Forwarding the Chickasaw Goods Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon In addition to requesting a barrel of muscavado sugar, Major Isaac Craig notes that the Quartermaster General thought that it would be advisable to send the Chickasaw goods directly from Pittsburgh rather than routing them through Fort Washington. All the goods from the treaty have already been sent forward. $3000 is required to expedite the business at Presq'isle.
May 9, 1795 Indian Goods Timothy Pickering General James Robertson Quoted speech made by the Sec. of War to Chickasaw chiefs in Philadelphia regarding Indian goods given to promote/negotiate lasting peace.
June 25, 1794 Supplies for the construction of six frigates Tench Coxe Alexander Hamilton Letter from the Commissioner of the Revenue to Treasury Secretary Hamilton regarding the shipment of supplies from Europe - principally London, with alternatives in Copenhagen, Gottenburg, and Amsterdam - for the construction of six frigates.
May 3, 1793 Indian Goods John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon The packages marked "St. Clair" and said to contain Indian goods are to be forwarded to Pittsburgh to the care of Major [Isaac] Craig.
April 27, 1798 Receipt and Distribution of Indian Goods Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig discusses the receipt and distribution of Indian goods with Samuel Hodgdon.
April 1, 1798 Horses Needed to Transport Public Goods Alexander Anderson Samuel Hodgdon The load of public goods are at Witmers in the wagon that brought them up. Since the wagoner Isaac Philips was unable to pay the balance for the team he bought from a neighbor, the man retrieved his horses and took them home. Having no horses, Philips was unable to go on so the goods are now safely stored at Witmers until horses can be obtained to continue the journey to Tennessee.
February 18, 1795 A Plan for the Purchase & Disbursement of Indian Supplies Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Timothy Pickering An inquiry as to which agency is responsible for Indian goods. A plan is proposed plan to deal with supplies: consignment and request of all goods for Indian use should come under David Henley; goods and supplies should be issued by Henley, according to the Superintendent's orders for the district. He seeks approval for the proposal.
October 3, 1800 Merchandise, Sale of Goods Edward Wright John Harris Enclosed copy of invoice from J. Clay, goods arrived for Creeks, request for approval of sale of merchandise.