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January 21, 1799 Preferring a Commission Rather Than a Salary Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon Stevens advises Hodgdon that of the three mehods of compensation--salary, commission per centum, or commission per disbursement--he prefers a commission for buying and superintending all military matters.
November 20, 1800 Letter from the Secretary of War regarding application for commission Samuel Dexter Thomson Randolph Refers to an application for commission received and notes that there is no vacancy.
October 1, 1796 Commission as Surveyor General Timothy Pickering Rufus Putnam Enclosed commission to work as Surveyor General.
September 4, 1797 Commission Errors Joseph Howell James Wood Discusses an officer in the Georgia line who burned his commission, and that there may have been errors in the commissions.
July 31, 1798 Accounts and Commission David Hale William Simmons Hale transmits his account for May. His commission is currently with the Secretary of War. Any money due him should be sent to Mr. Jackson.
August 6, 1784 Salary of the secretary to Indian commissioners Charles Thomson Jonathan Bankson Discusses the salary of the secretary to the commission for treating with the Indians and the copying of the commission.
April 21, 1798 Recommendation for Military Commission James Deblois Josiah Fox Letter, recommends bearer for military commission; mentions Army.
May 6, 1792 Knox Informs Hull of Potential Candidacy for Promotion Henry Knox William Hull Letter, discusses Brigadier General commission; advises offer of commission to Hull should Brooks decline.
May 21, 1792 Commission as Quartermaster General John Stagg James O'Hara Discussion of commission as quartermaster. Provides inistruction.
July 28, 1798 Regarding Application for Officer's Commission James McHenry Jonathan Trumbull Acknowledges receipt of Trumbull's letter recommending "Mr. Huntington" for an officer's commission in the provisional army. McHenry states that he cannot himself promise a commission, but that the application will receive his utmost attention.
June 17, 1787 Thanking Knox for a Commission W P Henry Knox W.P. thanks Knox for the brevet lieutenant colonel's commission which was issued to him.
February 18, 1801 Official Appointment to Rank of Lieut. Samuel Dexter Kilian Van Renssalear Commission to Lieut of artillerists and engineers.
February 25, 1800 Regarding Replacement of a Commission Plate Samuel Hodgdon Israel Whelen Refers to the replacement of a commission plate and a print struck from it.
November 5, 1788 Knox replies to an application for a military commission Henry Knox [not available] Draft Letter, discusses chances of obtaining a commission in the army
August 30, 1797 Payment of Commission William Simmons Daniel Stevens Simmons acknowledged receipt of letter from August 11th regarding duplicate receipts for $149.51 commission.
July 23, 1784 Proposed order of Congress Charles Thomson W. Hardy Proposes an order of Congress to furnish each commissioner for negotiating with the Indians with a copy of their commission.
July 23, 1784 Forwarding of a commission Charles Thomson Jonathan Bankson Urges speedy forwarding of a copy of a commission for negotiating with the Indians.
November 29, 1796 Osborn explaining his submission of his commission for resignation Samuel Osborne James McHenry Discussing and explaining Osborn's submitting his commission for resignation, primarily the perceived injustice of Col. Rochefontaine's behavior.
September 1, 1798 Seeks Commission for Mr. King for France William Vans Murray James McHenry Seeks commission for Mr. King, who recently agreed to take Mr. Dandridge for his secretary. Briefly mentions diplomatic efforts with France. Requests that he be firm and persuasive.
March 5, 1800 Retaining Your Commission Alexander Hamilton George Izard Hamilton informs Izard that he will be permitted to retain his commission while he is absent performing public service with with Mr. Smith.
May 12, 1792 Commission as Adjutant General to Colonel Winthrop Sargent Henry Knox Winthrop Sargent Letter, encloses Adjutant General commission; discusses rank and commission. Appointment the rank of Lieutenant Colonel originally intended is left out; error shall be rectified at next meeting of Congress.
April 1, 1798 Controversy over the lack of a commission for a Massachusetts local Theodore Sedgwick James McHenry Representative Sedgwick writes to McHenry expressing his constituent's disappointment in the failure of the War Department to offer a local gentleman Samuel Church a commission.
November 15, 1797 My Commission on Monies Received and Paid by the War Office Daniel Stevens William Simmons Stevens acknowledges receipt of Simmons's letter and encloses the duplicate receipt for the sum remitted from the Treasury which is his commission on monies receieved and paid by the War Department for the quarter ending September 30th, 1797.
May 29, 1800 Account against the United States for commission and purchases made Joseph Miller William Simmons Miller encloses account against United States for commission on purchases made by order of Secretary of War.
August 30, 1797 Receipt of Letter Concerning Commission William Simmons Daniel Stevens Simmons acknowledged receipt of letter on August 11th that contained duplicate receipts for $149.51 salary. Stevens commission will be paid as usual.