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February 4, 1794 Negotiations with Madame Laval Henry Knox Colonel B. Walker Mentions the subject that gives Colonel Walker much anxiety. Madame Laval is making negotiations that would exonerate Walker from responsibility, but without effect. The sum is uncertain. At present she demands $40,000, a sum not probable for him to be able to obtain.
September 2, 1785 Regarding settlement of accounts of Captain Andrew Walker Joseph Howell Andrew Walker Discusses why he cannot comply with request in granting a certificate. Asks that Walker travel to New York to settle the matter.
May 7, 1787 Accounts and claims of Colonel Baylor, Doctor Bond, General Putnam Joseph Howell John Pierce Has sent papers relative to account of Colonel Baylor. Doctor Bond's account have been settled by Mr. Walker. Bonds claims an extension of pay. Howell is in favor, although he appears to have received money. Mentions General Putnam's application for pay retained and other claims.
February 9, 1787 Enclosed returns for stores John Pierce Colonel Walker The Commissioner of Army Accounts encloses to Colonel Walker the returns related to the charges for various stores delivered to Mr. Nourse in 1782.
January 4, 1791 Verification of Payment Samuel Hodgdon Mr. Burnsides Certificate of payment due doctor paid by Colonel Walker. Record taken verbatim from memorandum book.
July 26, 1792 Request for Immediate Answer Henry Knox Benjamin Walker Knox requests protection of the enclosed and asks that Walker endeavor to obtain an immediate answer or write upon the subject mentioned.
August 16, 1799 Request for Military Appointments Robert Goodloe Harper James McHenry Harper recommends Memereau Walker for a commission in the permanent army. Walker is qualifed to be an infantry officer but would like the artillery for which he is not yet qualifed. Harper himself would like to fill the vacancy left by Colonel Watts on the same terms offered to Dayton.
September 15, 1786 Concerning the account of Doctor Brownson John Pierce Benjamin Walker The Commissioner of Army Accounts writes Colonel Benjamin Walker concerning the account of Doctor Brownson.
February 5, 1801 Simmons Directing McRea to Transmit $12.49 to Carlton Walker William Simmons Griffith James McRee Transmitting money from the Treasurer to Carlton Walker, late paymaster to 5th Regiment of Infantry.
May 4, 1799 Letter of Thanks and Offer of Hospitality James Wilkinson Peter Walker Wilkinson thanks Walker for offering his help when Wilkinson moved his family to Concord; asks Walker to accept his family's hospitality there.
July 15, 1786 Request for payment Mathias Mosman John Pierce Request to pay the amount due to the late Captain Aaron Haynes of Col. Wigglesworth's regiment to Silas Walker.
June 21, 1798 Recommendation of Captain Thomas Robinson Benjamin Walker James McHenry Walker has learned that his brother-in-law, Captain Thomas Robinson, is a candidate for appointment as a commander of one of the vessels to be fitted out for service. Walker is unable to judge Robinson's nautical abilities but can attest to his character as a gentleman of honor and strict integrity. He believes him imminently qualifed for command.
March 21, 1800 Maj. Walker's Furlough Alexander Hamilton Nathan Rice Hamilton authorizes Maj. John Walker's furlough for whatever period Col. Rice deems expedient.
December 19, 1800 Directing Carlton Walker to Pay Griffith McRee an Outstanding Balance William Simmons Carlton Walker Simmons informs Walker of the balance of $1567.98 due the United States by him and directs him to pay Griffith McRee this sum.
February 28, 1797 Military Bounty Lands James McHenry Benjamin Walker Lady Stirling claim on deceased General Stirling's military bounty land rights denied.
September 15, 1786 Debt of Doctor Brownson John Pierce Benjamin Walker Writes that the office finds by the certificate of Doctor Nathan Brownson that the latter is indebted to the United States in the sum of 986 dollars. Asks Colonel Walker how this debt was accumulated by Brownson.
January 19, 1801 Directing McRee to Collect the Outstanding Balance of Carleton Walker William Simmons Griffith James McRee Lieutenant Carleton Walker owes a balance of $1567.98 to the United States, which McRee is to collect and of which he should take duplicate receipts.
January 9, 1798 Certification of Payments; Private Walker, Deceased William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $7.36 is due the estate of Private Daniel Walker, late of Captain Patrick Phelan's Company 2nd Regiment, being the pay due him from May 23 to November 4, 1791, the day he was killed.
February 5, 1801 Simmons Informing Walker of $12.49 to be Transmitted to Him by Griffith McRee William Simmons Carlton Walker Walker will receive money from Griffith McRee, collector at Wilmington North Carolina.
May 29, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Carlton Walker Simmons informs Walker of his obligations as paymaster of the 6th Regiment.
February 24, 1797 Letter Citation Benjamin Walker James McHenry Cited in McHenry to Walker, 02/28/1797.
August 10, 1799 Walker Listed as Replying to McHenry's Circular of 7/13/1799 John Walker James McHenry Walker is listed as replying to the Circular of 7/13/1799 in which McHenry asked for the details of each officer's military service which would be used in settling their relative rank.
March 28, 1796 Bill of Exchange for Samuel Price Caleb Swan James McHenry Bill of exchange for $2000 to be paid to Samuel Price & Co.
June 15, 1795 Request for payment from the United States John Posey Timothy Pickering Posey asks for money due him from the United States. Has conferred authority on friend Mr. Walker to act on his behalf.
May 26, 1799 Forwarding of Recommendation of a Surgeon John Adams James McHenry Forwards recommendation of Benjamin Walker as surgeon.