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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
July 18, 1788 Request for warrant in favor of John Bennet of Colonel Sheldon's Regiment Joseph Howell Henry Knox Request warrant in favor of John Burnett.
January 23, 1788 Concerning state settlements with the Army Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Joseph Howell Wolcott writes on Connecticut settlements with the officers of certain regiments, mentioning Colonel Sheldon and Colonel Lamb.
May 19, 1788 Claim of Sergeant Daniel Graig Joseph Howell Henry Knox From the letter book of Joseph Howell, Assistant Commissioner of Army Accounts in the Board of Treasury's Office of Army Accounts. Discusses the claim of Sergeant Daniel Graig for the pay due to him.
April 12, 1792 Account of William Barnett Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Account of William Barnett, late captain in Col. Sheldon's regiment of dragoons.
May 13, 1791 Account of Gideon Hawley Joseph Howell Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Letter to the Comptroller of the Treasury on the account of Gideon Hawley, late of the regiment of light dragoons commanded by Col. Sheldon.
December 29, 1787 Joseph Howell discusses army accounts with Oliver Wolcott Joseph Howell Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Oliver Wolcott requests from Joseph Howell returns for Colonel Lamb's Regiment of Artillery.
January 9, 1786 Account settlements with the Society of the Cincinnati John Pierce Colonel Talmadge Discusses the state of the account of the Society of the Cincinnati with a regiment of dragoons
January 13, 1798 Request for Assistance in Obtaining Military Records John Stagg William Simmons Letter, seeks aid of accountant for Thomas Tredwell Jackson, who has business to transact in the War Department.
March 7, 1800 Cited letter or document, Sheldon Logan to John Jacob Rivardi Sheldon Logan John Jacob Rivardi Letter, Citation only
January 10, 1798 Military Bounty Claim Nicholas Fish William Simmons Letter, seeks aid of accountant in obtaining documents from the War Office pertaining to the service of Thomas Tredwell Jackson during the Revolutionary War in order that he may obtain his military bounty from the State of New York.
February 23, 1798 1798022321055 William Simmons Jonathan Jackson William Simmons directs Jonathan Jackson to pay John Bryant at Springfield.
January 22, 1798 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with John Bryant William Simmons John Bryant William Simmons informs John Bryant that Jonathan Jackson will pay him.
February 23, 1798 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with John Bryant William Simmons John Bryant William Simmons informs John Bryant that Jonathan Jackson will pay him.
1799 List of documents belonging to the Office of the Accountant of the Department of War William Simmons [not available] Itemized list of muster and pay rolls, sundry receipts, and other accounting documents.
April 6, 1799 Contract between Wolcott and Evans for fabricating muskets for the United States Oliver Wolcott, Jr. [not available] Articles of agreement between Wolcott and Owen Evans of Providence Township Pennsylvania for the manufacture of 1000 stands of muskets complete with bayonets and ramrods to be delivered at Philadelphia.
January 12, 1787 Request for response on Colonel Harmer's account Major Erkuries Beatty Joseph Howell Beatty had written an earlier letter to Howell asking for a prompt response on Colonel Harmer's account and has yet to receive a reply.
January 18, 1787 Account of Colonel Harmar John Pierce Major Erkuries Beatty Informs Beatty that the most efficient method of settling Colonel Harmar's account is by a settlement with the Corps in which all of Harmar's vouchers are available and in which he is given credit for all his payments.
June 30, 1788 Settlement of Colonel Woods accounts Joseph Howell Jonathan Nicholson Will endeavor to have a copy of all accounts of Colonel Wood prepared. Not in his powers to close the accounts without Colonel Bayard's vouchers.
February 26, 1793 Payment to Colonel Benjamin Holden Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Payment of $434.16 to Colonel Benjamin Holden of Massachusetts Line in Colonel Hutchinson's Regiment.
January 6, 1789 Case between Jonathan Polhemus and Colonel Ogden Joseph Howell Jonathan Polhemus The accounts Polhemus alludes to Colonel Conway says are respecting stoppages made from the men in 1776 of the 1st Regiment, which Howell supposes to have been received by Colonel Ogden.
April 23, 1787 Request for Colonel Baylor's accounts John Pierce Joseph Howell Requests Colonel Baylor's papers respecting his accounts to be sent by next post. Pierce arrived in Richmond in perfect health this evening.
May 26, 1796 Request of Colonel Dekeyser William Simmons William Grove Discusses the request of a Colonel Dekeyser for accounting information and his reasons for denying the Colonel's request.
August 2, 1799 Paymaster Accounts William Simmons Caleb Swan Accounts of paymasters and their debits. Lists payments for regiments as well as their commanding officers. Has furnished instructions relative to duties.
November 14, 1794 Substantiating Charges Against Colonel Butler Samuel Hodgdon Joseph Howell "The post has brought me the three receipts enclosed with the money to Colonel Butler. I send you one of them to substantiate the charge against him in your affair."
April 12, 1785 Maryland prisoners Joseph Howell John White Has compared to return of the Maryland prisoners with Treasury Books and those of pay office and encloses accounts of monies advanced. Lists the prisoners.