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June 29, 1791 Account of Colonel Proctor Joseph Howell Henry Knox Howell discusses Colonel Proctor's account who wishes that the sums he owes be left in his account for the benefit of his creditors.
July 13, 1786 Letter Citation Thomas Procter Joseph Howell Cited in Howell to Proctor 07/26/1786
June 8, 1791 Reports Travels of Colonel Proctor to the Western Indians Henry Knox George Washington Reports activity of Colonel Proctor and his journey to the Western Indians, requiring an escort from the Six Nations. Describes mode of journey along rivers and lakes. Reports efforts of Cornplanter and Six Nations for peace.
June 9, 1792 Supply of Cannon and Shot John Stagg Isaac Craig Cannon and shot proved by Colonel Proctor, it will be sent forward and more will follow once it has been proved.
May 17, 1791 Second Letter on Subject of Letter from Sec. of War to the Six Nations Thomas Procter A. Gordon Fearing letter from Secretary of War enclosed in correspondence from Proctor, Proctor sent a second copy of information.
November 2, 1797 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Thomas Proctor William Simmons Thomas Procter William Simmons informs Thomas Proctor that failure to settle his account with haste will result in placing his name among the delinquents.
March 11, 1791 Request to Six Nations to Accompany Proctor on Message Delivery Henry Knox Chiefs Six Nations Request by Knox to accompany Thomas Proctor to meet the Miami and Wabash Indians for delivery of warning by President of punishment if murder and invasion continue.
July 25, 1792 Account of William Sims Joseph Howell Richard Harrison The United States in Account with William Sims, late a mattross in Proctor's Artillery, payment of $50.
February 15, 1792 Casks of Powder John Stagg William Knox The Secretary of War directs Knox to respond to the request of Col. Thomas Proctor and furnish him the number of quarter casks of powder that he requires.
June 1, 1793 Requests portfires for the firings of this day Thomas Procter Samuel Hodgdon Colonel Proctor requests 12 port fires for the firings of this day.
May 6, 1796 Loan of Medium Horseman's Tent Thomas Procter Samuel Hodgdon General Proctor wants to borrow a medium horseman's tent for three days and hopes for its safe delivery and return.
August 6, 1789 Colonel Proctor solicits information from Knox on appointments Thomas Procter Henry Knox Letter, asks for Ordnance appointment.
May 5, 1791 Letter Citation Thomas Procter A. Gordon Cited in Gordon to Proctor, 05/18/1791.
June 8, 1792 Reference to order of General Knox of this date to Thomas Proctor. Thomas Procter [not available] Proofs of various cannons and amount of powder required.
August 14, 1797 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Thomas Procter Simmons informs Proctor that his account is delinquent.
May 1, 1793 Meeting on Tuesday at About One O'Clock Thomas Procter Samuel Hodgdon [Partly illegible] If it is convenient for Hodgdon, Thomas Proctor would like to see him at Tuesday at one o'clock.
June 9, 1791 Letter from the Secretary of War Henry Knox Butler Alerts Butler that Samuel Hodgdon is on his way to Fort Pitt and should be able to supply the campaign. There should be enough flour for Butler's post, but they will have to rely on live cattle for meat. Major Butler has been appointed to the Eastern Battalion. Colonel Proctor's mission failed, so General Scott's expedition will go forward; Butler is to send copies of Proctor's dispatches to...
May 29, 1793 Reports the Completion of an Order of Military Stores Thomas Procter Samuel Hodgdon Thomas Proctor reports that he tested artillery pieces. Used a double charge of powder, and 3 pound bullets in each. He takes the liberty of pronouncing them fully complete for the service of the United States.
May 13, 1797 My Invention Merits Adoption, Etc. Joseph Leacock Samuel Hodgdon Colonel Gurney is anxious to try Leacock's machine in his store because he believes Leacock's invention merits adoption. Leacock laments that old age has afflicted his body and the ravages of fire have cost him $3000 so he hopes that Hodgdon will grant his request to try more samples from sixty to one hundred yards.
June 19, 1792 Receipt of Thomas Proctor for cannons for celebration of the 4th of July Thomas Procter [not available] Receipt for cannons and powder for 4th of July celebration.
January 7, 1793 Public Horse injured or lame Thomas Procter Samuel Hodgdon Proctor expresses dissatisfaction with a horse. Mentions limp and that horse had been foundered or otherwise injured. Mentions Governor Mifflin and the Falls of Schuylkill.
May 5, 1791 Messages for the Six Nations from Secretary of War Thomas Procter A. Gordon Proctor charged with giving message of peace from Secretary of War to the Six Nations of Indians and other tribes residing on border of Lake Erie.
May 18, 1791 Update on Advice to be Delivered to the Chiefs of the Six Nations A. Gordon Thomas Procter Chiefs never arrived for advice to be administered by Gordon. Gordon not authorized to give permission for accompaniment of Indians for Proctor's travels to Sandusky.
January 31, 1793 Wait for Word from Indian Allies & An Appointment to Adjutant General Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Col. Proctor will remain in Legionville until he hears from the Indian allies and will occupy his time in making improvements on the new carriage for one of the howitzers. Regarding the appointment of Colonel Sproat to be Adjutant General, Wayne professes not to know him and would prefer to have someone he knows and trusts in that important post.
May 26, 1791 Unarmed Virginia Levies Marching to Fort Pitt Henry Knox Major General Richard Butler Knox requested Butler assist unarmed troops marching through dangerous territory. Additional information of troops marching to arrive at Fort Pitt.