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July 9, 1791 Pass Over the Light and Immaterial Parts Thomas Procter Henry Knox This is the cover letter for Colonel Procter's narrative in which he asks Knox to ignore the light and immaterial parts and focus his attention on the business Procter was committed to transact.
June 30, 1792 Direction to furnish Colonel Thomas Procter with musket powder for the service of the militia infantry on the 4th of July John Stagg William Knox Secretary of War directs that William Knox furnish Colonel Thomas Procter one hundred weight of musket powder for the service of infantry militia on the 4th of July.
March 2, 1793 Delivery of Letters and Money Isaac Craig Henry Knox Received letters, including those for General Wayne at Legion Ville. Mentions delivery of money and Doctor Carmichael. Reference to Colonel Procter and powder.
May 19, 1791 Prospect of Peace with the Indians, Etc. Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Despite continued preparations for a campaign against the western Indians, Knox still hopes that perhaps a peaceful settlement of differences can be arranged.
December 26, 1792 Deliver Powder to Colonel Thomas Procter John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is to deliver cannon powder, blank cartridges, and hank of flow match, and port fires to Col Thomas Procter.
September 22, 1792 Inspection of Shot and Shell Henry Knox Isaac Craig Colonel Procter has returned from inspecting shot and shells cast by Patrick Campbell at Loudon and Mount Pleasant furnaces. A considerable part is on the way to Pittsburg.
March 8, 1791 A Warning to the Delaware Nation Arthur St. Clair Captain Pipe St. Clair recounts the hostile attitude of the Shawnee and Miami Indians toward the United States. Relying on the friendship of the Delaware, St. Clair recommends Colonel Thomas Procter as emissary.
March 8, 1791 St. Clair Warns the Wyandots about the Shawnee and Miami Arthur St. Clair Tarhe St. Clair recounts to the Half King and the chiefs of the Wyandot Indians the hostile attitude of the Shawnee and Miami Indians toward the United States and recommends Colonel Thomas Procter as emissary.
March 16, 1793 Sundry Military Matters & Indian Affairs Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Knox addresses a number of matters: Colonel Procter's arrival; inability of the Cornplanter to visit Philadelphia; recruiting officers ordered to headquarters; inability of newly appointed Ensigns to join Wayne soon; route of the Commissioners for the Indian Treaty; one month's pay and officers' commissions forwarded by Major Mills.
March 10, 1792 Letter from the Reverend Samuel Kirkland to Secretary of War Henry Knox on arrival of Five Nations delegation at Bethlehem, and accomodations upon arrival Reverend Samuel Kirkland Henry Knox Kirkland reports the arrival of the Five Nations delegation to Bethlehem Pennsylvania. Expresses gratitude for assignment of Colonel Procter and Captain Sedam and their help in getting the delegation through the settlements along the Susquehanna River. Goes on to describe the requested lodging requirements of the different nations; Seneka, Buffaloe, Ononadagos, Cayogas, Genesee, Oneidas,...
February 9, 1791 Defective Trunnions, Chiefs of the Six Nations, Etc. Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Knox discusses the method of strengthening the defective trunnions of the howitzers and the Chiefs of the Six Nations who are in Philadelphia and will return without waiting for the Cornplanter.
June 9, 1792 Supply of Cannon and Shot John Stagg Isaac Craig Cannon and shot proved by Colonel Proctor, it will be sent forward and more will follow once it has been proved.
December 23, 1790 Proctor invites Knox to ceremony for the President Thomas Procter Henry Knox Letter, asks for attendance of New Years Day ceremony.
March 10, 1791 A Warning to the Seneca Nation Henry Knox Seneca Chiefs Reminds the leaders and warriors of the Seneca and other of the Six Nations that the United States desires to live peaceably with the Indians in the Western Territories and requests that they accept Colonel Procter as emissary. They are also told that hostility will be meted out in kind.
June 13, 1792 Fourth of July Celebration John Stagg William Knox Knox is directed to furnish Col. Thomas Proctor for the celebration of the Fourth of July: 47 flannel cartridges for cannon, 188 pounds of powder, six portfires, and a portion of tubes.
December 11, 1794 Request for shoes for General Proctor’s Brigade Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon Governor Mifflin suggests that General Procter's brigade of militia is deficient of shoes. Asks Tench Francis to provide 500 pairs, to be forwarded on road to Lancaster to meet troops. Requests that those who receive shoes be charged with them.
April 12, 1791 Indian Wars Henry Knox George Clinton Knox informs Governor Clinton that it seems likely that the Indian tribes northwest of the Ohio will unite against the United States. The President wants to avoid a war with the Indians, and the Government is trying to find ways to prevent full war. One step is to meet with the Six Nations, who might easily become enemies. Colonel Pickering has been requested to invite the Six Nations to a...
June 21, 1797 Delivery of Cannon Powder for Celebration of U.S. Independence Day James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver cannon cartridges for 4th of July celebration.
June 9, 1791 Preparations for the Coming Campaign Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Knox reports on the preparations for the imminent campaign against the western Indians, including the deployment of troops, the availability of supplies, and the peace mission of Joseph Brandt.
March 11, 1791 Instruction to Colonel Thomas Procter Henry Knox Thomas Procter Orders to deliver message to Miami and Wabash Indians for meeting of peace at Fort Washington as soon as possible. Detailed instructions on how to proceed with assembly of Indians and offering respect.
July 9, 1791 Narrative of Colonel Thomas Procter. Thomas Procter [not available] This is Thomas Procter's detailed diary for the period from March 11th to May 21st, 1791 during which he travelled among several Indian nations inhabiting the waters near Lake Erie, the Miamis, and the Wabash. His mission was to establish friendly relations between these nations and the United States.
May 26, 1791 Infestation of Predatory Indians, Etc. Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair The western frontier of Pennsylvania is infested with Indians but the arrival of troops should push them further west. Although there is a deficiency of regular troops that same is not true of levies. It is hoped that the battalion being raised by General Sevier will be at Fort Washington by early July.
[not available] Memorandum Relating to Haversacks for Gunners Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Memorandum regarding suppliers who might have a haversack for gunners in store, or who might make them.
May 11, 1791 Indian Relations Henry Knox George Clinton Indian relations and peace keeping efforts.
March 2, 1797 Request for Delivery of Cannon Materiel for Inauguration Day Usage James McHenry John Harris Directs delivery of cannon materiel for use on inauguration day, 1797.