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June 11, 1798 Letters regarding resignation of Jonathan Meigs James Wilkinson Return Jonathan Meigs Wilkinson confirms Meigs' resignation. He had hoped to see Meigs to say goodbye, and regrets that he was unable to do so.
October 31, 1795 Recommendation for Quartermaster Timothy Pickering Jeremiah Wadsworth Secretary Pickering asks Colonel Jeremiah Wadsworth whether Colonel Return Jonathan Meigs would make a good replacement for the Quarter Master General who recently resigned, i.e., James O'Hara
January 20, 1798 Account of R. J. Meigs R. J. Meigs William Simmons Meigs assures Simmons that his account is in order and therefore his name should not be placed on the list of delinquent accounts.
June 2, 1786 Letter from the Secretary at War Henry Knox Return Jonathan Meigs Henry Knox, Secretary at War, transmits a sword authorized by Congress to Colonel Meigs in recognition of the expedition on Long Island.
October 8, 1796 Instructions & Order for Delivery of Uniform Clothing to the Garrisons Anthony Wayne John Wallington Encloses instructions for the immediate selection and delivery of uniform clothing to the garrisons, ordering Wallington to carry them out, as Col. Meigs, the officer to whom the instructions are addressed, remains very ill. Seems to grant Meigs' full authority in this matter to Wallington. Informs Wallington that much clothing should have arrived at Greeneville, he is to forward that supply to...
[not available] Post Script Return Jonathan Meigs [not available] Meigs received clothing in fall of 1797. Has no information with respect to this clothing. Meigs left Detroit beginning November 1797. Thinks the clothing was sent from Pittsburgh on its arrival there down the river.
June 10, 1796 Transportation of Goods and Settlement of Accounts Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Letter to Col. Meigs received, will be forwarded by boat with Quartermaster's stores.
February 27, 1800 Letter from Return Jonathan Meigs Return Jonathan Meigs Samuel Hodgdon Mentioned obtaining a furlough to visit his family, and while Meigs was away returns would be made by I. Shieffelin who was appointed assistant. Mentioned the promotion of Wilkinson and death of Wayne prevented Meigs from applying for a raise in wages which he thought due him for his services, Meigs therefore wrote Wilkinson that he planned to retire from service. Meigs hoped Hodgdon understood...
February 16, 1798 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Mr. Meigs William Simmons Return Jonathan Meigs William Simmons informs Mr. Meigs that following examination his settlement with the Treasury will be credited to his account.
May 19, 1796 Proper Department for Making Returns of Indian Goods Return Jonathan Meigs Samuel Hodgdon Meigs has received blank forms for accounts of clothing and of Indian goods. He will reply as soon as he can, but is busy with the delivery of summery clothing to the troops.
April 22, 1795 Appointment of Col. Meigs as Special Agent Timothy Pickering Anthony Wayne Advised appointing a special agent to take charge of the large quantity of goods that will be required for the treaty. Col. Meigs was selected to fulfill this duty, he accepted. Copy of his instructions enclosed, if he continues service after this task, he is to be charged with the transportation of clothing for troops.
April 1, 1796 Return of Clothing from the First Quarter from R.J. Meigs clothier R J Meigs Samuel Hodgdon R.J. Meigs clothier encloses return of clothing for first quarter of 1796.
July 6, 1795 Inspection of Shirts Timothy Pickering Return Jonathan Meigs Pickering requests Meigs evaluate the goods bought by Colonel James O'Hara intended for the Indians, determining the value of the items based on their quality and the extent of any damage to them.
November 1, 1797 Cited letter or document, Return Jonathan Meigs to Samuel Hodgdon Return Jonathan Meigs Samuel Hodgdon Letter, CITATION Only. Cited in Meigs to Hodgdon, 02/27/1800.
March 25, 1796 Cited Document Samuel Hodgdon Return Jonathan Meigs Cited in Meigs to Hodgdon, 05/19/1796.
April 1, 1796 Cited Document Samuel Hodgdon Return Jonathan Meigs CITATION only. Meigs to Hodgdon, 05/19/1796.
August 12, 1799 Seeks Information about Clothing Shipment Sent to Col. Meigs Samuel Hodgdon Jonathan Schieffelin Refers to returns for Clothing, Indian Department. No credit can be obtained unless the accounts match. Requests account of receipts, deliveries, and vouchers. Clothing was forwarded to Col. Meigs with no account of how the shipment was dispersed. Wonders if some of it arrived at Mr. Sibley in Detroit. Must compare to original invoices. Sends regards to Dr. Brown.
August 26, 1797 Settlement of Accounts, with details William Simmons Return Jonathan Meigs Simmons requests monies owed to Treasury by Meigs. Letter was motivated by the Resolve of the House of Representatives. The balance of the funds owed should be refunded to the Treasury of the United States or vouchers must be produced. Footer notes amount received for Meigs subsistence.
July 18, 1795 Accounting for Military Clothing Timothy Pickering Return Jonathan Meigs Secretary Pickering instructs Meigs on the arrival and distribution of army clothing.
October 31, 1797 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Mr. Meigs William Simmons Return Jonathan Meigs William Simmons informs Mr. Meigs that failure to settle his account with haste will result in placing his name among the delinquents.
February 4, 1796 Clothing Return Jonathan Meigs Samuel Hodgdon Clothing stores at Fort Washington accounted for in detail.
December 9, 1799 Report on Hodgdon's Land Return Jonathan Meigs Samuel Hodgdon Meigs could not get any information about Hodgdon's lands. Hodgdon's name is not in the land register books.
August 23, 1795 Valuable Lands Return Jonathan Meigs Winthrop Sargent Someone has been marking public land, in an attempt to make a claim on it. Meigs alerts Sargent to this illegal act.
August 12, 1799 Requests Information about Clothing Shipment; Land on Little Miami Samuel Hodgdon Return Jonathan Meigs Has heard that Meigs has retired as Clothier for the Army, but has received no official word. Requests information about retirement and business as it stands. Asks about quantity of clothing sent to Fort Massac as a deposit for special needs; requests information about how shipment was dispersed. Hodgdon and Pickering own land on the Little Miami, surveyed by Col. Anderson. Requests information.
November 30, 1799 Quarterly returns of clothing and Indian goods Jonathan Schieffelin Samuel Hodgdon Encloses duplicate quarterly returns of the clothing and Indian goods. Governor St. Clair's non-attendance at a conference at the Miamis has caused considerable Indian discontent.