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June 23, 1788 Enclosed Appointment of Colonel Martin Henry Knox Edmund Randolph Col. Joseph Martin appointed agent for Cherokee nation, enclosed appointment must be transmitted by Randolph to Martin.
September 5, 1794 Capt. Thomas Martin's Returns Joseph Howell Captain Thomas Martin Mr. Minor produced Capt. Martin's receipts for twenty dollars which is the premium for the ten men named in Martin' s return.
August 22, 1788 William Knox informs Martin of appointment William Knox Joseph Martin William Knox forwards to Joseph Martin the Congressional resolve appointing him agent to the Chickasaw Nation.
January 25, 1797 Certificate of service for Joseph Martin James Williams Joseph Martin Certificate of Capt. James Williams regarding the service of Joseph Martin during the Revolutionary War. Williams is unable to determine how long Martin's service was.
April 9, 1795 Pay of Ensign Martin and Recruits Joseph Howell Charles Martin The sum of $230.93 has been remitted to Henry Miller, Supervisor of Pennsylvania, to be transmitted to Ensign Martin for the pay of himself and his recruits through Feb. 28, 1795.
September 4, 1788 William Knox conveys Congressional resolutions to Martin William Knox Joseph Martin William Knox forwards copies of the resolves made by Congress on 1 September 1788 to Joseph Martin.
July 22, 1794 Account of Martin Martin Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for Martin Martin, late private in the 1st and 6th South Carolina Regiments.
May 30, 1794 Advance Pay Ensigns Semple and Martin Joseph Howell Charles Martin Ensigns Semple and Martin are notified that they will each receive $60 advance pay through the hands of George Clymer, Supervisor.
September 11, 1790 Knox directs Martin to comply with the investigation Henry Knox Joseph Martin Knox informs Martin that the investigation by the state of North Carolina will require him to put his conduct in writing.
December 24, 1794 Monroe forwards the letter of a Virginia Indian agent James Monroe Henry Knox Letter, encloses letter from Joseph Martin, Indian agent.
March 7, 1795 Balance of Pay Due Charles Martin & His Men Joseph Howell Charles Martin The Treasurer has remitted sums to Henry Miller, Supervisor of Pennsylvania, to be transmitted to Charles Martin, being the balance of his pay from the date of his acceptance through December 1794 and the pay of his men through December 1794. If a man makes his mark on his receipt, it must be witnessed by a person of respectability.
August 10, 1794 Letter Citation Captain Thomas Martin Joseph Howell Cited in Howell to Martin 09/05/1794
February 10, 1795 Explanation of Method Regarding Muster Roll Charles Martin Joseph Howell Martin explained he did not put the names of men into a certain column because they were not fit for duty. He did not want to alter the muster rolls.
February 6, 1795 Muster Rolls Being Returned for Corrections Joseph Howell Charles Martin Howell is returning Ensign Martin's muster rolls since he is unable to make a payroll based on the information contained therein. Some of the men left sick by Lieutenant Hutchins have not been inserted in the column for names present. Martin is directed to rectify this problem and resubmit the rolls.
July 26, 1786 Settlement of Mr. Stafford Accounts Joseph Howell Thomas Procter To settle the accounts of Mr. Stafford, an application should be made to Mr. Burrall. A Certificate should be given to Mr. Martin specifying the time of Stafford's service and the monies paid him. Once this Certificate is obtained the accounts can surely be settled.
July 28, 1786 Mr. Martin's time as a scalesman Joseph Howell J. Stafford In order to settle the recipient's account, he needs to procure a Certificate that verifies the actual time he acted as Scalesman and what money he received in exchange for his services. Once this is accomplished a Certificate for the balance will be issued.
March 26, 1795 Stevenson's Pay Prior to his Posting at Carlisle Joseph Howell Charles Martin Howell informs Martin that it is not known if Stevenson was paid prior to his posting at the rendezvous at Carlisle since he may have enlisted with another name. If Martin can determine Stevenson's previous locations, Howell can examine those rolls to ascertain his pay status.
March 31, 1795 Request to Pay Soldiers Charles Martin Joseph Howell Martin begged leave to pay soldiers who were in need of money owed them by the United States, provided reasons. Captain Spists requested pay for his recruits. Pay for "old Stevenson" discussed.
September 18, 1797 Addition to Martin's Account Charles Martin William Simmons After examining his account, Martin noticed that he had not forwarded the receipt for the bounty of a man in Capt. Edward Turner's Company. The receipt is now sent forward.
November 3, 1794 Accounts of Lt. Martin B. Sohier Joseph Howell Samuel Emery Since the Paymaster of the troops in Georgia has not settled Lt. Martin Sohier's accounts, it cannot be determined whether he has paid the full balance of Sohier's pay.
April 20, 1796 Request for Order to Pay Recruits Charles Martin William Simmons Recruits impatient due to not receiving pay owed them. Col. Butler assured Martin that pay would arrive shortly, but it had not so Martin requested order to pay troops as soon as possible.
November 1, 1792 Letter Citation Joseph Martin Henry Knox Cited in Knox to Martin, 11/29/1792.
May 14, 1796 Martin's account, recruiting, and funds William Simmons Charles Martin Discusses Martins account submitted to the War Department; recruiting accounts of several officers; and notifies Martin that Henry Miller will provide him with a sum of money.
October 2, 1797 Credit to Account William Simmons Charles Martin Acknowledged letter by Martin containing receipt for bounty paid to Ebenezer Snow for $14.00. Amount mentioned plus $2.00 passed to the credit of Martin's account. Balance due to United States by Martin: $23.89, to be paid to Issac Craig in order to close Martin's account.
November 29, 1792 Enclosed Letter Henry Knox Joseph Martin Per Martin's request, Knox returned letters from Gov. Blount.