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January 18, 1787 Account of Colonel Harmar John Pierce Major Erkuries Beatty Informs Beatty that the most efficient method of settling Colonel Harmar's account is by a settlement with the Corps in which all of Harmar's vouchers are available and in which he is given credit for all his payments.
May 4, 1786 Request for Increased Salary for Josiah Harmar Henry Knox David Ramsay Lieutenant Colonel Josiah Harmar requests increased salary to compensate for the high expenses at his post. Reminds him that Harmar has no desire to take advantage of public service but seeks only reimbursement.
May 8, 1786 Draft for the Pay of Harmar's Regiment John Pierce Samuel Hodgdon Pierce informs Hodgdon that he is enclosing the a draft for the pay of Colonel Harmar's regiment; instructions for the payment of the funds
August 20, 1784 Funding for Colonel Harmar's Army in the West John Pierce Mr. Morris Requests money to pay the warrant for the pay of Colonel Harmar's troops being raised for the defense of the Western Posts.
July 12, 1787 Regarding the matter of bringing on Mr. Caleb Swan Joseph Howell John Pierce Discusses matter of bringing on Caleb Swan. Argues that it would be a saving to the government. His salary was no additional expense to public. Is settling Colonel Harmar's Regiment; the most complex piece of business he has yet taken on hand.
January 22, 1787 Assessing the Pay of Harmar's Regiment John Pierce Major Erkuries Beatty Tells Beatty that the best way to asses the pay Colonel Harmar's regiment is to settle the balance of the entire Corps thereby ascertaining the balance for each individual
August 1, 1787 Letter from Colonel Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Knox transmits letter to Congress from Colonel Josiah Harmar with enclosure containing propositions by Mr. J.C. Symmes relative to settlement on Wabash River.
September 20, 1784 Funding for the Pay of Harmar's Army John Pierce Morris John Pierce sends to Robert Morris a request for funding to pay Colonel Harmar's troops.
September 20, 1784 Estimate for Commissioners & Harmar Detachment Quartermaster General's Department [not available] From Quartermaster General's Dept. and Commissary of Military Stores Dept. Account Book. Estimate for supplies for the commissioners and detachment under the command of Colonel Harmar.
May 8, 1786 Funds for the Pay of Harmar's Regiment John Pierce Josiah Harmar Pierce sends by Samuel Hodgdon funds for the pay of Colonel Harmar's regiment.
August 20, 1784 Pay of troops Joseph Carleton John Pierce Discusses warrant for pay to Colonel Harmar for pay of troops.
June 19, 1787 Cited letter or document, Colonel Legras to Josiah Harmar Colonel Legras Josiah Harmar Letter, Citation only Cited in Harmar to Knox, 08/07/1787.
August 4, 1787 Address to Colonel Josiah Harmar from American Settlers at Post Vincennes American inhabitants at Post Vincennes Josiah Harmar American settlers at Port Vincennes maintain hope that Congress will condescend to look favorably upon their petition, which they have transmitted to Harmar.
April 27, 1787 Concerning Indians and the Seneca Nation William Butler Josiah Harmar Col. Butler writes to Col. Harmar on Indian Chiefs and the Seneca nation. The Congress has declared Harmar to be the commanding officers, find Captain Heart, and build a fort at Venango.
October 22, 1785 Harmar informs Secretary at War of his orders to subordinates Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Lieutenant Colonel Josiah Harmar, Commander, First American Regiment, informs Henry Knox, Secretary at War, of the orders issued to subordinate officers prior to his departure from Fort McIntosh. Harmar is presently in Philadelphia to assist recruiting.
September 15, 1791 Requirements for the Court of Inquiry Arthur St. Clair Major General Richard Butler St. Clair's letter in which he describes the requirements for the Court of Inquiry's investigation into General Harmar's military performance during the recent campaign against the Miami Indians.
November 24, 1787 Recommendation of Mr. Coudray Josiah Harmar Henry Knox If there is a vacancy in the Connecticut quota, General Harmar recommends Mr. Coudray who has been a volunteer in the regiment for a considerable time and has conducted himself with propriety.
February 8, 1785 Regarding returns of Pennsylvania troops and the need to maintain presence at Fort McIntosh Josiah Harmar President John Dickinson Lt.Colonel Josiah Harmar encloses returns of Pennsylvania troops and reports to Pennsylvania President John Dickenson informing him of the likelihood that, upon abandoning the garrison, Fort McIntosh will be demolished by "Emigrators" to Kentucky.
October 9, 1790 Assembly of Troops under General Harmar Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox Troops and supplies prepared for expedition, reinforcements called from Fayette and Woodford counties. Details of march west by militia troops from Kentucky under direction of General Harmar.
November 8, 1785 Returns of officers of Pennsylvania Line Joseph Howell Jonathan Nicholson Encloses returns of officers of Pennsylvania Line. Mentions charges against prisoners. Remarks that the greater part of officers deranged in 1778 have received their supernumerary pay. Encloses receipt of Colonel Harmar.
January 4, 1792 Resignation of General Harmar Henry Knox Josiah Harmar Knox accepts, upon behalf of the President, the resignation of General Harmar but assures the general that the President regrets the loss of his service to the public.
July 13, 1786 Update on Troop Movement Henry Knox Colonel Monroe Major North marching with two companies, believed to be at Fort Pitt after traveling from Philadelphia. Colonel Harmar to decide on command.
March 28, 1786 Orders to take command at Fort McIntosh Henry Knox Nicholas Fish Orders from Secretary at War Major General Knox directing Major Fish to take command of the troops at Fort McIntosh on the Ohio River, pending the arrival of Lieutenant Colonel Harmar.
May 17, 1786 Cited letter or document, Samuel Hodgdon to John Pierce Samuel Hodgdon John Pierce CITATION Only. Cited in Pierce to Hodgdon, 05/20/1786. Hodgdon enclosed a receipt given to Colonel Harmar by Captain John Mercer.
April 10, 1787 Cited letter or document, Josiah Harmar to Henry Knox Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Letter, Citation only Cited in Harmar to Knox, 05/14/1787, Harmar to Knox, 07/07/1787.