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May 15, 1799 Recommends Colonel Alexander Macombe Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Recommends Colonel Alexander Macombe.
August 3, 1798 Will Colonel Talmage Take a Regiment? Alexander Hamilton Uriah Tracy Hamilton regrets that the post of Adjutant General is occupied by William North but urges Colonel Talmage instead to consent to lead a Regiment.
March 18, 1800 Response to Colonel Hamtramck's Letter Alexander Hamilton Samuel Hodgdon Hamilton notes that he has received a copy of a letter from Hamtramck to Wilkinson with the enclosed paragraph. He wants to know what measues have been taken to respond to the requisitions discussed in the paragraph.
May 5, 1800 Enclosed Letter Concerning Contractors James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry encloses to Alexander Hamilton the letter of E.B. Dayton to his brother, Senator Jonathan Dayton. Discusses the demands of Colonel Smith and his relationship with contractors.
November 9, 1798 Public Officers Are Returning to the City Samuel Hodgdon General William Irvine Hodgdon happily observes that public officers, including General Washiington and Colonel Hamilton, are returning to Philadelphia and the city has come alive as a result.
September 2, 1799 Requests for leave of absence James McHenry Moore Informs Colonel Moore that he has no objection to his short absence from the regiment, however, advises that in the future he request it from General Hamilton, as to not show disrespect.
May 3, 1799 Application for a Majority by Justus Barnum Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton forwards a letter from Justus Barnum who is applying for a majority in the Army. Colonel Taylor has apprised Hamilton that he views Barnum and his application favorably.
August 30, 1798 Report from Colonel Stevens Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Col. Stevens reports use of money for purchases and expresses fears and concerns.
October 26, 1794 No Material Derangement of the General Plan Alexander Hamilton George Washington Hamilton reports that the expedition is moving forward as planned despite a day's delay in Berlin.
November 13, 1799 Colonel Hamtramck's Winter Quarters Alexander Hamilton James Wilkinson Hamilton affirms to Gen. Wilkinson that Col. Hamtramck should winter at Fort Fayette with the army rather than at Cincinnatti as he has requested.
September 1, 1792 Forwarding of requested money Samuel Hodgdon James O'Hara The Commissary of Military Stores will forward the Quartermaster General $10,000, as requested to Knox. Alexander Hamilton wished to draw as little specie as will possibly answer. Will send some amounts in gold, another in bank notes. Will conduct business with O'Hara as he did with Colonel Pickering when the latter was Quartermaster General.
May 9, 1799 Appointment of Regimental Officers & Location of Rendezvouses Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton discusses the officers who have been nominated for regimental positions as well as locations that have been selected as regimental rendezvouses.
February 12, 1799 Recommendation of Colonel Burr as Superintendent Alexander Hamilton John Jay Hamilton does not have the time to spend on fortifying the port of New York and recommends Colonel Burr for the position of Superintendent. Burr will surely accept the position if the monetary compensation is adequate.
October 12, 1799 Correspondence with Col. Adden James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Encloses correspondence with Colonel Adden regarding the discharge of 2 of his apprentices.
October 25, 1799 Army Supplies, Quarters, and Pay James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Routine instructions and correspondence concerning Army supplies, quarters, and pay
September 26, 1799 Whether or Not to Repay Colonel Hamtramck Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Encloses extract of Lieutenant Colonel John F. Hamtramck's letter of July 1, 1799 concerning his failure to be repaid for expenses incurred fo the First Regiment. States: "I would request your particular attention to this subject. You will be so good as to inform me whether the payment will be made or if there are special objections to the measure, communicate them to me that I may be able to...
April 3, 1799 Army Recruiting and Paymasters Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Discusses Army recruiting and the nomination of paymasters
November 12, 1799 On the assignment of a Clothier General to the Western Army Alexander Hamilton James Wilkinson Copy of document from Alexander Hamilton to General Wilkinson. Hamilton says that until the office of Clothier General shall be appointed, his duties will be performed by the Deputy Paymaster General. In this capacity, all articles and returns of clothing will come from him. All returns of clothing will be addressed to him. Captain Samuel Vance, 3d Infantry Regiment, acknowledges receipt 16...
May 24, 1799 Hats Delivered with Furniture Complete, Etc. Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton will confer with Colonel Smith on the appointment of his major and discusses the nature of the hats to be delivered to officers.
June 30, 1794 Letter from the Commissioner of the Revenue Tench Coxe Alexander Hamilton The Commissioner of the Revenue writes that it is necessary that he receives some indication of the points to which Hamilton wishes the attention of Colonel Alexander White to be drawn when he shall set out from Winchester to examine the capacities of Mr. Zanes' estate to supply the remainder of the iron cannon.
September 10, 1799 Pay and recruiting money for Colonel Ogden Caleb Swan James McHenry Acknowledges receipt of estimate requesting pay and recruiting money for Colonel Ogden of the 4th Regiment.
February 19, 1799 Paying for the Article Stated to Be Wanted Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton has asked Colonel Stevens to procure the article stated to be wanted and has asked the Accountant of the War Department to pay for it by deducting the amount from the pay of the soldiers.
March 22, 1790 Concerning pensions and settlements Joseph Howell Alexander Hamilton The Commissioner of Army Accounts writes Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton concerning pensions and settlements, offering information from the books of the office.
July 27, 1798 Expedition Against the Insurgents Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon discusses the operations of the War Department during the expedition against the insurgents in 1793 when the Secretary of War was absent and Colonel Hamilton was in charge.
March 10, 1800 Keeping Col. Smith Out of Jail Alexander Hamilton William Burrows Hamilton applauds Burrows for not forcing the issue on Col. Smith's debt to the extent that he would have gone to jail, which would have ruined Smith. Hamilton seconds Col. Troup's advice to use anonymous names for the bail of Smith.