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March 22, 1797 Seeks to Clear Accounts for Several Officers Caleb Swan William Simmons Seeks to ascertain a clear statement from Capt. DeButts. Records show that Capt. DeButts stands charged with the accounts as outlined. Has not dared to reissue accounts and vouchers but will on the first safe conveyance. Will also send accounts and vouchers for officers. Encloses accounts from Lieut. Hyde and Capt. Damler. Capt. Turner has not yet arrived, and it is rumored that he has gone back...
March 16, 1793 The Payment of Captain Wells' Company Joseph Howell Caleb Swan Howell provides confirmation to Swan of the abstract of warrants of the Secretary of War to the current date as well as an account of the money given to Mr. Daniel Britt. Howell also provides a section of the instruction which makes it clear that it was intended that [Lt. Thomas Love/Lowe?] refund to Swan of the money for the Scouts Rangers Militia the amount of money that should have remained...
March 17, 1797 Receipt needed William Simmons Charles Hyde Requests a receipt needed to clear a charge from Hyde's account
May 30, 1797 Stationery & Putty Requested by Colonel Henley Samuel Hodgdon John Stagg Hodgdon wants to know what action was taken in response to the request for stationery and putty by Colonel Henley for the garrison at Knoxville. On the order, it is not clear who is to provide the articles.
December 25, 1796 Updates to Accounts, Letter to Joseph Shayler to be Forwarded Edward Miller William Simmons Miller corrected missing signature of James Blakeslee on receipt rolls, received Bank Bill from John Chester. Bill exchanged with William Plumb and Miller is waiting for note to clear in New York.
January 18, 1799 Report on Weather, Transportation; Boat to Natchez is Safe Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Reports that the boat destined for the Natchez is safe. The river is open although navigation is impeded by ice, which should soon clear. Reports that the Quartermaster General is making estimates.
August 25, 1788 Accounts of Mr. Scott Joseph Howell A.W. Dunscomb Board of Treasury will not admit qualification of Mr. Scott while a charge exists against him. Knows of no other method to clear up transaction than to wait until Mr. Hamilton produces vouchers for settlement.
March 7, 1797 Request for vouchers William Simmons Absalom Baird Requests that Baird provide his vouchers for monies received by him from the War department for the pay of the scouts of Washington County so that Simmons can clear the charge.
[not available] Accounting error Noble Benedict John White Discusses an accounting error and the issuance of a certificate.
February 26, 1790 Articles Needed to Complete the Troops William Price Henry Knox Price lists the articles needed to complete the troops. There are only enough buff cartouch box belts for two companies, as Captains Burbeck and Savage need to have a number on hand and none were turned into the stores when other companies were discharged. Price only has two wall and ten common tents which will stand up to use, although he does have five very large hospital tents if Knox thinks...
December 20, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Abraham Venable Simmons directs Venable to clear his account by submitting a receipt from Francis Tabbs.
May 14, 1799 Encloses List of Potential Officers; Outlines Reimbursement Procedure James McHenry Richard Dobbs Spaight In preparation for officer appointments, has written to Governor Davis with a list of potential names, included here. Questions if it was proper to include Spaight's name. Makes it clear that if officers are approved, they will not receive reimbursement until they raise troops.
May 3, 1786 Settlement of an Officer's Pay William Alexander Joseph Howell The author has been charged with all the money drawn by the officers in his company in 1777 even though the proper receipts were passed through the appropriate channels. Since Colonel Hay was the commanding officer at the time one of the officers resigned, it doesn't seem fair that the author should have that officer's obligations placed on him.
February 17, 1792 Ammendment to the Treaty of Holston [not available] [not available] This document, dated 17 Feb 1792, is an ammendment to the original Treaty of Holston, dated 2 July 1791. This ammendment changes the amount paid by the United States to the Cherokee Nation for "relinquishment" of their lands.
December 9, 1799 Reports Legislative Action from Annapolis William Hindman James McHenry Reports legislative action to loan money to the Potomac and Susquehanna companies to clear the bed of the Susquehanna River. Discussion of removal of seat of government from that location.
January 28, 1784 Receipt of certificate and writing supplies John Pierce John Holt Paymaster General is notifying Holt that he has gratefully received his letter, the certificate, writing paper, money, and a newspaper. Any blank certificates from Philadelphia should also be forwarded.
October 8, 1793 Speech to Six Nations on Peace Agreement Chiefs & Warriors of the Six Nations Six Nations of Indians Account of meeting between Six Nations, John Butler, and Israel Chapin regarding history of war, British aggression, peace among Indian nations and U.S., and mandate to avoid whites and fellow Indians who might try and inspire insurrection and war.
August 6, 1787 Doctor Gould's affairs and pay of the 2d Virginia State Regiment Thomas Bonds Joseph Howell Refers to extract from Letter regarding Doctor Gould's affairs and pay of the 2d Virginia State Regiment. Letter was written to Gould's Colonel and paymaster. Expects to clear up the matter.
October 10, 1798 Relative Rank of Major Generals, Knox's Pecuniary Situation, Etc. Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Alexander Hamilton Wolcott refers to the fact that the three Major Generals for the Provisional Army were appointed the same day although it is clear that Hamilton was intended to be the first Major General. He believes Knox should decline service as his pecuniary situation makes him a likely tool for speculators. There should be nothing done regarding the organization of the Army until deliberate consultations...
April 29, 1793 Large Army of Creeks Coming Against This Nation Piamingo General Robertson Piamingo alerts General Robertson that his Chickasaws will soon be attacked by a Creek army. He hopes that the general will recall past promises of assistance to his nation in dire circumstances such as these.
June 13, 1797 Refund to the Paymaster General William Simmons Bernard Gaines Requests that Captain Gaines refund a sum of money to Caleb Swan, Paymaster General, in order to clear Gaines' account at the War Office
April 25, 1791 Making Peace at Buffalo Creek Thyogasa [not available] Thyogasa says he will seek peace at Buffalo Creek and hopes that his white brothers will do the same.
September 22, 1797 Regarding the Spanish presence at Chickasaw Bluff James McHenry [not available] Regarding the Spanish presence at Chickasaw Bluff - located in Tennessee - and Spanish intentions to reoccupy a post in clear violation of Pinckney's Treaty, which placed the Chickasaws under U.S. territory.
January 10, 1794 Letters for Major General Wayne; Ohio River passable; whiskey for Fort Washington Isaac Craig Henry Knox Received letter and packet addressed to Major General Wayne and officers. All was forwarded in charge of Major Cass' detachment. River is clear of ice and there is prospect of safe passage to Fort Washington. Sending forward some whiskey in charge of Major Cass, addressed to the Quarter Master at Fort Washington.
August 17, 1788 Current state of uncertainty and the Six Nations meeting at the council at Detroit Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox Reports that matters are in a state of uncertainty and will not clear up until the Six Nations meet at the council at Detroit. Mentions that if matters take an unfavorable turn, the consequences will be fatal to the frontier countries. Expresses concern about the cutting off of supplies via the water communications routes.