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April 19, 1799 Agricultural Arrangements Must Give Way to National Affairs John Mackey Samuel Hodgdon Mackey asks Hodgdon to use his influence with the Secretary of War to get him to insist on Mr. Brindley's compliance with the order that his agricultural arrangements must give way to national affiairs.
February 13, 1795 Your Object Was to Give Trouble & Create Delay McLean & Van Emburgh Samuel Hodgdon McLean and Emburgh express their surprise at Hodgdon's response to the ongoing controversy over damaged arms. It forces them to conclude that Hodgdon's only purpose is to give trouble and create delay. Still they had not concluded that Hodgdon would refuse to pay them at least part of what they are due without dictating prescriptions as conditions for payment.
July 27, 1796 Request for Navy Yard Information & Discussion of Budget Forman Cheesman Josiah Fox Letter, asks for information regarding Navy yard; discusses budget.
July 6, 1798 Women's Letters Pass Through the War Department Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Hodgdon observes that the women are perplexed to find that some of the letters from their friends pass through the War Department. That being the case, the letters should be sent under one cover to only one office.
April 4, 1799 Mr. Mangin's Account Ebenezer Stevens Alexander Hamilton "I have made out Mr. Mangin acct. of what I think he ought to be paid for his services [as an Engineer] & I wish you to examine it & if you approve of the same, you will give an order to pay him...I have not made out the price, it is what the military Committee agreed to give him."
July 5, 1800 Authorizing John Newman to Give Receipt on Whelen's Behalf Israel Whelen Samuel Dexter Whelen, purveyor of public supplies, in extract requests that letter be considered as authority from Whelen to John Newman to give receipt on Whelen's behalf to the accountant.
November 1792 Presents for the Indians James Seagrove [not available] Seagrove lists the articles he requires as presents to the Indians, Though they want gunpowder and lead, he is reluctant to give it to them.
February 21, 1799 The Charges Give Me More Pleasure than Pain John Jacob Rivardi James McHenry Rivardi responds to the charges against him and asserts that a Court of Inquiry will most assuredly demonstrate the malice of any accuser;
July 7, 1786 Claim of Captain Croxall John Pierce Charles Croxall Informs Capt. Charles Croxall that his enclosed account has been received and that he will not suffer from foreclosure on the 1st of August. Still, Pierce has not yet been able to examine into the nature of Croxall's claim and find if there is any money due him.
February 8, 1792 Request for money to a little girl James Wilkinson Samuel Hodgdon James Wilkinson asks Col Hodgdon to give 3 shillings and 9 pence to the "little girl" who bears the note. Hodgdon notes that he made the payment.
January 5, 1795 Concerning Militia William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons reminds Pickering that a decision is needed regarding the claim of the Georgia militia, preferably before the post leaves on Friday.
January 3, 1791 Lear inquires of Ogden to Knox Tobias Lear Henry Knox Letter, asks for info re appointment of attorneyship of New Jersey.
May 12, 1796 Discussion of Financial Disputes Samuel Shore Josiah Fox Letter, discusses receipt for articles; discusses Pennock refusal to issue receipt; asks for forward of pay.
September 27, 1800 Delivery of musket barrels for manufacturing muskets Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Letter, directs delivery of musket barrels for manufacturing muskets.
April 22, 1792 Discrepancies in Capt. Hannah's accounting practices regarding money paid his company in Winchester Virginia General William Darke Joseph Howell Captain Darke explains in a letter addressed to Major Joseph Howell, that Captain Hannah Capt. Hannah did not give credit for the money paid to his company in Winchester. He had but 75 men when they were paid at Winchester and he had no corporals. The money paid was to privates and sergeants in the amount of $166.50. Darke declares that sum should be credited to his account and declares on his...
January 25, 1784 Letter to Joseph Howell Thomas Overton Joseph Howell The gist cannot be deciphered due to the illegibility of the letter.
March 18, 1790 Petition of Lieutenant Colonel Carleton William Knox Joseph Howell Informs Howell that the Secretary at War requests that he give him information on the merits of the petition of Lt. Col. Samuel Carleton.
September 11, 1797 Departure for England, love to the Cherokees and request for secrecy John Chisholm John Rogers Chisholm announces that he is going to England but wants Rogers to give his love to the Indians [Cherokees]. Everything must be kept secret and he must help them keep up their spirits. Chisholm asks that Hugins and Greeson know what they may expect and that they see Chisholm immediately upon his return. He urges Rogers "to keep your secret and mine."
December 7, 1786 Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts John Pierce A.W. Dunscomb Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts to Andrew Dunscomb on the subject of his accounts in the public books.
May 16, 1793 Aftermath of Incident at Traders Hill St Mary's Creek Chiefs [not available] Cussetahs pledge continued friendship. Because so many whites have been killed, do not see that they can influence matters any longer. Ask that the U.S. give a drubbing and burning to the perpetrators listed as Cowetas, Broken Arrow, Uchees, Usichees, Tallasse. Chiefs ask that Cussetah town and people be spared. Proceeded to give directions on how best to go after the Cowetas, while sparing...
December 1, 1798 Men & Women for Whom Passage is to be Paid, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon Commanding Officer, Troops Embarked for Charleston Upon arriving in Charleston, the Commanding Officer of the Troops is to give the captain of the vessel the number of men and women for whom the United States is to pay the passage and the freight of their articles.
March 3, 1796 Treat with the Creeks at Colraine James McHenry Jared Irwin Colraine is selected as the site of the treaty with Creeks over Fort Fidius because the troops at that place are sufficient to protect and give respectability to the negotiations.
February 3, 1786 Estimate of Pay Certificates Issued Joseph Stretch Joseph Howell The recipient is asked to furnish an estimate of all the Certificates issued to settle Army accounts up to December 31, 1785. The Board of Treasury needs this information to meet the requirement to estimate the public debt.
August 23, 1789 Jackson expresses condolences and asks for job Henry Jackson Henry Knox Letter, discusses death of Knox's son; asks for judicial appointment.
February 10, 1792 The Coming Campaign Robert Barr Samuel Hodgdon Barr is going to Philadelphia soon and asks Hodgdon to give him whatever news he has on the operation of the coming campaign. He wants to be on his way out of Lexington early so as to be ready for the campaign. He expects to have a large quantity of goods on hand, perhaps the largest in the district.