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April 16, 1790 Morrow's Account and Wolfe's Demands William Price Henry Knox James Morrow has submitted the enclosed account for repairing the carriages and camp kettles. The invalid soldier called Christian Wolfe, who departed earlier without permission, has returned claiming that he is owed provisions and clothing.
March 21, 1794 Account of Christian House Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for Christian House, late private in the 1st New York Regiment.
January 26, 1795 Account of Christian Tapperwine Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for Christian Tapperwine, late private in the 1st New York Regiment.
May 28, 1787 Request for documentation on Christian Kuhn Jonathan Nicholson Joseph Howell Christian Kuhn of Don Hier's troop. Claims to be of Pennsylvania quota, but is not on Nicholson's list. Asks if Howell has any authentic document of states to which the men of corps belonged.
January 16, 1793 Payment to Christian House, captive Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Payment to Christian House, late of the 1st New York Regiment, held in captivity on July 23, 1779 and released upon the peace.
December 8, 1797 Status of Christian Altebran [?] John Steele William Simmons Steele informs Simmons that Christian Altebran (?) is an apprentice and under age and that is the reason he has not been included on the certificate and the recruiting account. Therefore, a request has been made to Major Freeman to deliver him up.
May 22, 1797 Pay of Christian Goode of Capt. Alexander Gibson's Company, 4th Regiment William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $32 is due Private Christian Goode of Captain Alexander Gibson's Company 4th Regiment, being his pay for November 1795 through June 1796.
September 16, 1799 Certification of payment; Estate of Private Christian Kuntz William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payment; $29.80 to Estate of Private Christian Kuntz, in Captain Uriah Springer's company, 3d Regiment Infantry for pay.
August 24, 1795 Reward of Christian Longanecker, for apprehending deserter William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that ten dollars is due Christian Longanecker for apprehending Ebbin Woodrough, a deserter from Captain William Lewis's Company at Hagerstown Maryland, payable to Mathias Miller, assignee to Longanecker.
March 8, 1794 Assignment and Power of Attorney James Thomas Christian Hubbert Power of attorney for James Thomas, late a soldier in the Pennsylvania Line, to Christian Hubbert.
January 16, 1798 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with John Steele William Simmons John Steele William Simmons informs Lt. Steele that Christian Hildebrand's receipt is received.
March 1, 1794 Accounts received of John Swindles John Swindles Christian Hubbert Account document of John Swindles, late a soldier in the Pennsylvania Line.
May 25, 1797 Captain Alexander Gibson payment to Private Christian Goode with deductions for absent without leave Alexander Gibson William Simmons Private Goode receives pay, with deductions for periods noted absent on muster rolls.
January 10, 1784 Pay of Postmaster to the Army Christopher Meng John Pierce Pay of Postmaster to the Army and the form in which the payment is to be made.
May 17, 1793 Power of Attorney [not available] [not available] Christian Snyder grants Samuel Shannon power of attorney.
May 12, 1785 Return of Persons Working for the Quartermaster General Timothy Pickering Henry Knox Timothy Pickering sends to Henry Knox a return of all persons employed in the department of the Quartermaster General.
October 5, 1792 Letter Citation John Christian William Blount Cited in Blount to Knox, 10/07/1792.
September 26, 1793 Shot & Shells to Christian Bridge, Etc. Samuel DeWitt Samuel Hodgdon [Partly illegible] DeWitt announces that he has at last gotten all the shot and shells that were at Elk Landing and Turner Creek to Christian Bridge. The account will be forwarded as soon as it can be made out according to Hodgdon's directions. He wants to know if the money can be had despite the fever that has afflicted many of the public officers in Philadelphia.
April 3, 1800 Obligation to Deliver Two Regiments' Standards in April Christian Gallagher Samuel Hodgdon Discusses advance of $50, delivery of Regiment standards and Battalion colors.
February 28, 1798 Transportation of Goods to the Cherokees, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon David Henley Letter, discusses goods provided for the Cherokees by the Treaty; discusses Indian treaty; mentions an execution in Tennessee.
August 15, 1800 Colors for Regiments and Battalions Christian Gallagher John Harris The bearer will deliver two regiments' and one battalion's colors. The three remaining battalions' colors will be delivered soon not being sufficiently dry to bear rolling. Colonel Hodgdon should be informed of these matters.
May 23, 1797 Statement of Iserloan Casper Iserloan [not available] Testimony in Commonwealth v Christian Hubbard and John Shannon
December 30, 1797 Letter Citation John Steele William Simmons Cited in Simmons to Steele, 01/16/1798. William Simmons informs Lt. Steele that Christian Hildebrand's receipt is received.
September 10, 1801 Contract between Wolcott and White for manufacture of muskets [not available] [not available] Contract between Oliver Wolcott and Nicholas White, Thomas Crabb, Jacob Metzger, and Christian Barnhizle for manufacture of 1000 stands of arms with bayonets and ramrods, fit for service, to be delivered at Frederick Town, Maryland. Articles of agreement subsequently canceled.
January 12, 1784 Quartermaster's Department Business Timothy Pickering Samuel Hodgdon Accounting for clothing drawn by wagoners who moved General Washington's baggage to Virginia. Sale of public public buildings and property. Settlement with creditors. Payment of Assistant Quartermaster. Discuss method of payment for persons hauling wood at West Point. Payments to officers in lieu of transporting their baggage. Speaks of officers having received no pay for six months and no...